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September 24 afternoon, Suning easy to buy executive Vice President Li Bin suddenly issued such a micro-blog: Dust settles, tomorrow is doomed to shock the electric business industry Day, the industry is a big event for the consumer is a big deal, for Suning easy to buy more important, followed by the September 25 morning temporary suspension, Suning in the afternoon on the external release of the acquisition of maternal and infant Electricity website Red Child News.

For the "8 15" electric business after the increasingly boring business industry, Suning easy to buy and acquisition of Red children apparently also set off a wave of waves. is pushing the line under the "Go to electrical" suning appliance acquisition of red children, obviously can make up for the mother and child product sales of the "short plate", while suning next in the platform expansion, and capital mergers and acquisitions of the action to complete the year's 20 billion yuan goal is also an important support.

It is noteworthy that in the past one months, due to the "8 15" electric war and the electric business caused by the credit crisis, coupled with the NDRC investigation and punishment, so that the electric business sector large-scale price wars never erupted. At the same time, Jingdong Mall, Suning and other electric dealers also have a certain reduction in advertising investment, for the second half of the year to focus on the annual target of several major electric companies, it is clear that the decline in industry attention to complete the year's goals become difficult.

In fact, Suning's 20 billion sales target was only 5.9 billion completed in the first half of the year. Jingdong Mall 60 billion of the annual goal of the first 8 months only completed 24 billion sales revenue.

According to the reporter understand, the upcoming National Day Golden Week, Suning, Gome will be more energy in the offline promotion. And the cat, Jingdong, suning and so on will be the next largest campaign aimed at the "11 11" promotion, however, in the credibility of the electrical business crisis in these promotions can reach the goal is not known. As a result, it is another strategy to do so on a large scale through mergers and acquisitions or platform cooperation.

Tough year-round goals

For the first half of the tax-containing income of 5.9 billion yuan Suning easy to buy, the second half of the industry is often the first half of the twice times more than, from this point of view suning easy to purchase to achieve the annual 20 billion yuan sales target seems not difficult. However, the research report from the investment institutions, Suning easy to buy 20 billion yuan target difficult to achieve.

According to the latest research report on Guotai Securities, in the first 8 months of data, suning purchase even if the four-quarter continued to promote the price war, the annual sales revenue of about 15 billion yuan, and the entity store's overall revenue of about 103.5 billion yuan.

Under such circumstances, it is an important means to achieve the whole year goal to complete the merger of the bid statement by a series of mergers and acquisitions. However, as a result of the August online price war in the false promotion and other dishonest behavior, which includes easy to buy, Jingdong and other price war participants in the brand image have been greatly affected.

Research institutions easy to view the relevant data show that the August 15 price after the war, due to Suning, Gome offline stores to participate in more sales growth transferred to the offline. In late August, the electric business enterprise basically did not launch the large-scale price war, this also lets the electricity which relies on the advertisement to pull the flow to increase the sales the sales income growth rate has dropped sharply since September.

It is noteworthy that, although the National Day Golden Week is 3 C, department stores and other products of the sales season, but for the electric business giants, due to the express company holiday and other objective reasons, this golden week is actually "the Golden Week under the line." Min, deputy director of Suning Market Management Center, said, "Suning line on the promotion is synchronized, but the line should be the main, while other electrical sites are basically abandoned the National Day Golden Week promotion, the electric business is more concerned about one months after the Double 11 promotion. ”

Paller Consulting Senior Director Luo Qingxi pointed out that "due to the credibility of the electrical business crisis, the effect of double 11 promotion is not clear, even if the effect is very good, in accordance with the past double 11 sales accounted for the annual income of 10%-15%, Suning easy to buy, Jingdong, etc. to complete the annual sales target is still very difficult. ”

Even in the 8 15 electric war is considered to be the largest Bowser network (micro-BO), due to logistics conversion caused by a large area of delivery delay, its September start of the "cry, 33 days" promotional, even if the CEO personally fitter promotions, the effect is far from expectations. It is clear that the credibility of the electrical business crisis has begun to affect the overall sales.

A shortcut to mergers and acquisitions

For the physical store stage did not have a merger, in the acquisition of this mode of expansion has always been cautious suning appliances, the acquisition of Red children is clearly a bold attempt in the field of electrical business.

For this merger, the outside world also has different views. A deputy vice president told our reporter, "Red children not only diversified expansion encountered difficulties, now including the founder of the original entrepreneurial team has been basically gone, is an empty shelf, and technical integration is very difficult, Su Ning at this point in fact, the significance of the shot is not big." ”

But Paller Consulting senior director Luo Qingxi told the newspaper reporter, "for suning Tesco to complete the end of the 1.5 million SKU target, relying solely on its advantages in the 3C field is not enough, and the beginning of the new business to complete the construction of the procurement team can not do this in the short term, mergers and acquisitions is clearly the quickest way. ”

For Suning Tesco, the acquisition of Red children, as well as the next possible in the apparel, footwear and other areas of mergers and acquisitions, as well as with Van, Tesco and other in the field of electric business is the cooperation of the negotiations, are its rapid expansion of SKU and sales scale of the established strategy.

Suning through the acquisition of red children can increase the size of 1.5 billion yuan sales, and then through the "11 11", "12 8" a series of promotional hopes to December to achieve the daily sales breakthrough billion of the sale scale. According to the reporter understand, suning mergers and acquisitions of red children, the fourth quarter will be combined online promotion, online sales revenue target is 1 billion yuan, to 2015 Suning Maternal and child products sales target is 10 billion yuan.

Also for the proposed 60 billion tax-containing revenue target of Jingdong Mall, 8 15 promotion of its brand damage is the largest, coupled with some of the supplier's platform for the anti-water and competition of the cat's interception, the first 8 months to complete the 24 billion yuan sales revenue of the Beijing east to complete the annual target looks more difficult, Will Jingdong take the pace of mergers and acquisitions?

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