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Lin and her husband (1/8) Yangcheng Evening News May 24 reported recently for the new novel "Kill the Heartbeat" propaganda, expectant mother Lin came to Beijing, accept "retreat" before the last interview. Over the next year or so, she will be relieved to enjoy the time with her baby and her husband. Lin has been with Ken siblings for 5 years, the former married, the latter also wrote the grievances in micro-blog words. Now looking back on that relationship, Lin very calm, "two people together the key to see the appropriate." In fact, I am also very difficult to do, the shortcomings are a lot of, thank him for tolerating me so long.  "Marriage diamond ring Bride No" heart "important" Yangcheng Evening News: How did my husband come after you? Lin: He has been growing up in the United States, very direct, contact three or four times feel can continue to contact, soon after.  I want to thank the "kill Heartbeat" director, is his "metamorphosis" devastated, let me that period of time special needs of people care, so that the husband has the opportunity to take advantage of. Yangcheng Evening News: How did my husband propose?  Why is marriage so low-key? Lin: It's too cheap for him not to propose. As a child will fantasy romantic marriage proposal way, now think insipid is happiness.  My personality is relatively low-key, plus the other side is not the insider, so the wedding just want to quietly and relatives, family to celebrate.  Yangcheng Evening News: Is he taking care of the wedding details? Lin: The place he chooses, it's paradise on earth, I've always wanted to go.  I am lazy, the wedding details are his care, very simple and warm.  Yangcheng Evening News: Did he give you a diamond ring?  Lin: Expensive gifts and dowry all have, but I think those are not very important, some things can buy themselves, this heart is the most important.  Yangcheng Evening News: Do you think the female stars marry into the Giants is to find a good destination? Lin: My husband is really not a big club, unless ... He's got a lot of money stashed away, I don't know. He's just working steady, and I'm making a lot of money myself.  [Page] Lin and the rich Husband (2/8) plan after the family as the main filming auxiliary Yangcheng Evening News: Why the original "kill Heartbeat" this play? Lin: The script appealed to me, but I didn't expect it to be so hard.  There is a scene I want to struggle alone in the deep water, no double, although there have been diving training, but the real water is not the same, and there is life risk.  Yangcheng Evening News: Male lead FAI think you play in the performance is quite good, have the opportunity to sprint actress. Lin: I have not seen this film, can sprint actress, it depends on the director evaluation.  I used to be not afraid of thriller movies, but I do not want to see, one is because there is a baby, two is afraid to recall the filming process, now the mood can not stand that kind of stimulation.  Yangcheng Evening News: Do you have any restrictions on your work after you get married? Lin: I am not married into the Giants, the husband did not limit me, in-laws are also very open. Later work will tie in with the family, will not give up acting career.  At present only want to receive the work which likes, the martial arts play will be more careful. Yangcheng Evening News: Does the old guild mind you taking on some kind of role in the future? Like sexy.? Lin: Will anyone ever ask me for a sexy movie? I'm a mother. My husband has seen my film before, saying, "Wow, it's hot!"  "I'm afraid the idea will be different after marriage."  Yangcheng Evening News: What are the arrangements for future work? Lin: Comeback at the end of May, until the birth of children, the middle will not attend any public occasions. I couldn't control my work time before, and now I can do it on my own schedule.  [Page] Ken Lin former love photo (3/8) Old Love again meet Zhu Xiao days no good Mind Yangcheng Evening News: Your husband and your ex-boyfriend is different? Lin: Former friends said that the Sun extrovert man is suitable for me, I also thought that two people together happy, or the other party is a handsome boy to be good.  Until I met a responsible, secure husband, I understand these are the most rare, other things are not important.  Yangcheng Evening News: The previous emotional experience of your marriage has an impact?  Lin: When you reach a certain age and socialize a few objects, you probably know what you want.  Yangcheng Evening News: Now do you think the ex-boyfriend Zhu Xiao Day is not suitable for you? Lin: With a person together, there is no good problem, the important thing is suitable. Can not say that others do not fit me, in fact, I am not suitable for each other, my shortcomings are a lot of, thank the former friends to tolerate me so long, in fact, I am very difficult to engage.  I hope the other side is perfect, but I am not very good, not qualified to ask others.  Yangcheng Evening News: Do you mind if you meet Ken? Lin: There's nothing to mind.  [Page] Ken Lin old Love photo (4/8) boudoir Naïve Shu Qi like the handsome boy Yangcheng Evening News: Shu Qi is your boudoir, want to introduce her boyfriend?  Lin: No, the best (man) I got it, haha, or see if the husband has friends to introduce her bar. Yangcheng Evening News: How is Shu Qi's character?  What kind of man do you like? Lin: She likes to talk, very cute, like a child is very naïve, but not easy to believe the kind of naïve, she is very accurate. I think she prefers cute guys, haha.  She should find a mature, stable, safe, can let her a lifetime of good men.  Yangcheng Evening News: Will find Shu Qi as a child godmother? Lin: She's got a daughter.  I am looking for a friend who does not have a daughter and a son who has no children, because I am more selfish.  Yangcheng Evening News: What is the most worried about pregnancy now? Lin: I hope this child is a daughter, if it is a son to regenerate, born to the daughter so far.  Mother-in-law when the husband wants to be a daughter, the result is son, very disappointed.  Yangcheng Evening News: Later will let children into the showbiz? Lin: Not at the moment, because it's too hard. [Page] Lin the new film (5/8 sheets) [Page] Lin will be shut down at the end of this month (6/8) [Page] Lin to the new film (7/8) [Page] Lin Alvine eminence (8/8 sheets)
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