Microsoft sums up cloud computing to classify services in three categories

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Microsoft SkyDrive is a product similar to Amazon, Google, Dropbox and Apple services, and today's Windows Live SkyDrive group Project manager has summed up its cloud-based service status in a blog and grouped user cloud services into three categories. The article said that about 17 million people upload 360 million files a month, 5 million different devices each month to connect to the SkyDrive, most used to save files and photos, cloud storage is accepted by the public, but the fact is, more photos and files are still stored on the PC.

Microsoft's shipping services are grouped into three categories:

The first category is the "File Cloud", which is a type of Dropbox that can save and synchronize files on the Web.

The second category is the "Device Cloud", which is represented by icloud, which hides the user's basic file structure so that people can use it across devices.

The third category is the "Application Cloud", Netflix's ">onlive and Spotify are considered to be such systems, It can show more personalized content.

Microsoft believes that future cloud capabilities should make storage simpler and more secure, and that there is a certain amount of space available for free, while supporting a variety of device access.

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