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In the winter of 2013, a man from outer space swept Asia-Pacific countries, named from the stars you also get a lot of female friends love, the two leading role in China is also making money to be soft, then, this story about the boyfriend from outer space love stories why have so many people's favorite?

1 Goddess's "deified" movement.

All along, the Korean dramas are basically idol drama image, and in the Korean drama has always been the heroine, most of the girl next door is the image of a low education, career, but also from the bottom of the family, affinity and ordinary, all over and over are shortcomings, but there is a real sense


The reason is in order to let the female audience to be able to pass into oneself!

Even Jinsanshun such a woman can bring to such a handsome man, so many women feel that they may be able to meet such love.

Dream-making is the beginning of this time. (for the otaku to see the youth comedy is the same, the male lead are quite ordinary and poor virgin)

It should be said that Korean dramas in this angle is quite successful.

The heroine usually chooses the new girl, does not need the acting, but asks the truth, certainly the appearance is lovely, but very few has the beautiful goblin,

Cute, no threat to the female audience, sexy, but not.

But "you from the Stars" rarely chooses the heroine of a national goddess.

How can we make the ordinary female audience to June such no corner of beauty 170 of the height of generation into the sense?

That is--vigorous, spare no effort to "deified" movement.

Peeling goddess of Halo, let the goddess landed in every room, one is the plot let her fall into the bottom of life, the second is the details of the incomparable life.

This results in two effects:

One, I said from a malicious point of view, to meet the mortals "you also have today AH Goddess!" Little Vicious Mind,

Second, from a good point of view, the audience has a "actually Goddess talk about love and we also ah" identity.

What are the writers doing?

Like "Notting Hill" the most touching line, is a female star tearful to the bookstore owner said:

In fact, I was a girl, standing in front of the boy I like, begging him to love me. ”

"Star You" in a great length, let June active confession, initiative, regardless of self-esteem, repeatedly hit the wall, the stalker,

lovelorn drunk, send a humble text message, cry loudly scold, deportment completely lost ... Everything is "deified".

"Star You" is a very difficult to reproduce the play, to a large extent, is June, with more than 10 years of time to create a goddess,

Take off this layer of halo, more than 10 episodes of drama is enough.

It can be said that more than 10 years of savings a full use.

The star that landed, not the professor, the goddess.

Not the story of Cinderella, the story of her wicked sister in Snow White,

The bad temper of the princess, first to become Cinderella, to have the Prince and knight to save.

2 No career of the Prince, only the Queen's career.

Watching "star You", I think of a exposed age of Korean dramas, "Cheerful girl success."

Time has been relatively long, the plot also memory blurred, I remember probably the main line is,

A grumpy arrogant second generation, was plotting to lose everything, in distress when meet ordinary female master, summon up the courage to create brilliant story.

Is it like the male version of "star You"?

In the "Cheerful Girl Success" era, the hero's life and career is the main line of the story,

In my name Jinsanshun, the heroine wants to start a business with the hero,

And to the "from the stars of You" era, the actor did not cause (of course, he did not need it), all the heroine, how to wash the wrong, escape from danger, return to glory, is the main clue of the story.

The story has been completely centered on the heroine's life, her ups and downs are all.

Isn't that fun?

3 childish setting of characters

Everybody is praising "star you" the character setting, certainly is very successful.

However, if you have seen "this man from the Earth," will feel, in fact, the setting of the character is relatively naïve.

Love life is blank, a Shine, only pure admirer of the 30-year-old female star?

Even the first kiss is not, only a life and death of the young girl (very important), the way to express love is probably high school boys level of 400 years of aliens?

Feel their emotional mind is basically 20 years old, up to 30 years old, not to mention 400 years old.

But it doesn't matter.

Only pure, can be beautiful,

Only childish, can refuse,

Only fairy tales, can yy.

We don't care!

It's been a long time since there's been an exciting idol show.

Already thought he was too old to watch the man on TV.

Late at night watching "star You", will be very relieved to think "originally I have not old still have the ability to move!"

A long time ago, the teacher in the film class, talking about the idol drama, in fact, very cruel.

The cruel thing is that you are not without dreams, someone has created the dream, put it in front of you,

And you can't touch it, that's cruel.

See "Star You", there is that sweet sadness, we still have a dream but that is only a dream.

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