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In general, to do one thing, you need to focus, find the main. But today I have to say that website keyword optimization, you need to "avoid the light", of course, this statement is only for the individual with a low weight of the new site, but only to get some traffic optimization strategy.

What is the "avoidance of light" optimization of keywords in terms of speaking, is to ignore the more competitive keywords, and select some of the relatively less competitive keywords, the benefits of doing so, it is easy to optimize up to see the actual Effect, while providing you with a steady stream of power. I think every webmaster hopes to see changes in their website every day, rather than static or backwards, which will give you a great deal of confidence. This article I will do with my site to do the case, the specific share of how I under the "avoidance of light" principle to my site. This article only to share my personal experience, if there is something wrong to say expert correction.

Many times we are a headache when it comes to optimizing your site and choosing your keywords. Why? Because most keyword indexes are good, there is great competition, and keywords that do not have an index do not have any flow, even if they do. If my sister to acne net, mainly on the treatment of acne around the start, if I choose acne-based keywords, no doubt a big competition, not so easy to do, then I choose a relatively minor Of the key words, focus on acne this theme, but I found the index through the search keyword is very, so I gave up, so I choose acne in the next step, and this keyword competition is relatively large, but Index is still relatively good, the lack of the main keyword, then we need to determine the auxiliary keywords, I mainly chose two slightly longer keywords, acne printed small recipe, acne India the most effective way, Why do you choose one of these two keywords because the competition is relatively small, 2 index is not bad, but also contains the primary key anti-acne India, including the main key Long tail optimization when we can reduce some of the work, only need to optimize good long tail keywords will follow the main have a good ranking. Then I have chosen how to acne this auxiliary keyword, why choose this one, in fact, I can get through the word segmentation to get all the other key traffic, because acne and acne although the meaning is the same, but people search habits Different from some like to use acne or acne, so I just added how to acne this keyword.

There are already a lot of keywords available through the word segmentation of the title, but we still need to continue to expand through the description. Although the description is not so important now, it is still useful. I continued to expand in the description of fast, How and how to modify these adverbs, the benefits of doing so mainly based on relevance and scalability considerations, so that through search engines will be composed of a variety of word segmentation many long-tailed keywords, so as to achieve the purpose of traffic.

And then through the tab continue to expand, for example, I continue to expand through the tab page vitamin acne marks, potato acne and India and a series of key, through such a series of extensions, the skeleton of the site is basically completed, and the rest Things to update the article every day to do flesh and blood, send foreign chain to increase weight. After 3-4 months of hard work, I believe your site will basically have good traffic.

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