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Online games have been from the original legend to dominate the world, developed to today's various online gaming situation. Many "> Gamers have joined the virtual world of cyberspace, not only playing these online games, but also setting up servers for these online games. But these set up the game server because does not have the very good hardware support, causes many players simultaneously on-line time card machine's situation to occur. Therefore, the choice of a hardware server, it has become the current set up network game server users the most important things.

For the network game required hardware server, the most important thing is to run very fast, that is, the data processing ability is strong, this is mainly by CPU, memory and hard drive decision.

CPU processing capacity of the server will be the preferred network game server. At present, the server in the market according to support the number of CPUs to divide the level of the server, single CPU server basically can not meet the needs of network game servers, so we choose a dual-CPU server to set up network games. For four CPUs these servers, the price is too high, can not consider.

Memory is also a very important aspect. Because the network game needs the uninterrupted processing data, but the data needs to exchange processing in the memory, therefore chooses the network game server memory must be big and fast.

The choice of hard disk is relatively easy, because the server on the market with the hard disk only IDE interface, SCSI interface, SATA interface three kinds of interface hard disk. SCSI interface Hard disk is our first choice, because this kind of hard disk data processing speed, and CPU share is low.

Network game Server In addition to the need for CPU, memory and hard disk speed and other characteristics, but also need to consider the network card, for the choice of network card is best to use gigabit NIC, so that will not cause network bottlenecks appear.

The last is the choice of server models, this network game server if you want to keep thousands of people online does not card, the need for network bandwidth is far greater than ordinary ADSL to provide 2MB bandwidth, if the use of optical fiber to connect to the home, the price is more expensive, so generally managed to telecommunications. At present, the server on the market has a tower, rack-type, blade. Tower Server because of the large size, in the telecommunications need to rent a large space to manage, the price problem has to be considered. Rack and blade small size, suitable for hosting, this kind of server, although upfront investment, but with the rent to telecommunications to compare, it is very cheap. So when choosing a server model, it is recommended that you use a rack or blade server.

Of course, the network game server needs not only the performance requirements, in the stability also need to request, because online games are generally uninterrupted work.

Through the above understanding, I believe that you have to buy a network game server or have a basic outline of it. At present, many netizens want to set up the network game server can reach thousands of people at the same time online without card machine, our IT World Server channel for this situation to recommend several servers for reference.

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