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In the 80 's, Steve Jobs's Sculley Pepsi president, "You want to sell a lifetime of sugar syrup, or follow us to change the world" is full of a thick feeling of meaning. The phrase became famous after Apple's success in the smartphone world. Today, entrepreneurs say "feelings" such as the story suddenly more. This includes the hammer in the IT field the founder of Luo "I don't care about winning, I'm just serious", but also includes the traditional media field in the east early President Churbing in the digital political news products on the official launch of the popular sentiment text. These two examples are very well-known examples, more feelings and stories, all over the road, big and small entrepreneurs.

Feelings of the first, entrepreneurial start, this is the current hot startup companies logo. Entrepreneurs are not only telling what their products are, they are also loudly declaring: "Why do we create this industry!"

The origin of feelings and entrepreneurship

In addition to the iphone's real sense of subversion of the previous generation of products, it must be admitted that today many entrepreneurial projects are actually a small step of the previous product update. Even the most popular mobile phone, such as millet, is followed by many Android smart machines after the product. Some dissatisfaction with existing products, in the past, many people also muddle along. But today, there are so many people who want to lift their sleeves and say, "I'll do it."

I once mentioned in an article titled "Picky" that I have seen a lot of young people (or close to a few) who started their own business, that they had a good family, a carefree life and a good education, and that they could have gone into a large enterprise to get a good job. But they started a business. Of course, seeking wealth is one of the motivations, but after a few conversations, you'll find that being picky is also a very important motivation: being picky about existing products.

Subjectively, every era has the so-called "do not yield uncompromising intolerance" of the Restless, objectively, entrepreneurship this matter has become more and more easy (this is not to say that successful entrepreneurship is easily). It may be thanks to the new economy of the Internet, the cost and threshold of entrepreneurship is falling sharply. In the past, you have to produce a product also worry about where to rent a store for sale, today, whether it is built on the site, or Taobao open shop, there is not much cost. Not much money, a spadger spite industry can be created, and then start, go.

Yes, starting a business today is sometimes easy: a decision can be made one night. Especially for young people, dare to dare to do regardless of the original is their characteristics, a low threshold so that a lot of young people also have this possibility to start a business. And one night can make up the matter, usually, really and "sensibility", "feelings" related.

As the previous article said, although we will focus on Luo, Churbing such as the uncle, but the fact is, the lake and the river with cavity blood, a force to go to the end of the work, there are a few, but also, the majority of young people. This era, to give young people their parents have never had the opportunity, is the fundamental origin of entrepreneurial feelings.

"Fan economy" under the entrepreneurial sentiment

Say feelings is very easy to get recognition and sought after, the truth is also very simple: for the existing product dissatisfaction, there are always people. But the real hands to do is a few, more, in the eyes of these hands to admire the people, nature will highly agree. Psychologically, people are always more or less envious of those who have done what they want to do without being able to do it easily.

Dissatisfaction with the root cause of the product from the "industrial era" of the assembly line production, it always meet the widest range of public needs, but will ignore the demands of the minority. However, in the era of mass media eminence, this kind of appeal cannot be effectively expressed.

Social media, greatly accelerated the feelings of entrepreneurial attention. From the entrepreneur point of view, although they do not have a large amount of marketing input, but as long as a micro-bo, micro-letter, etc., including the so-called "from the media," grabbed a microphone. When their words are beautiful enough to attack an existing product in place, yes, they do not need a lot of advertising fees, they can get a very impressive spread. From the audience point of view, they can also through the existing social products, to find their favorite "Idol" to be supported. As a result, the depth of communication required by the entrepreneur becomes possible.

That's what the fan economy is all about. However, so far, I personally find it difficult to agree that this is the "fan economy", it should at best be a "fan marketing." Because whether it's an entrepreneur speaking, or an audience listening, or expressing support or disapproval, it's all about spreading--and there's not a lot of other dimensions involved in the business, like production, like warehousing, like capital arrangements.

However, fan marketing does add a lot of attention, which can be beneficial in some situations, such as getting bargain bargains to upstream suppliers, such as getting better investment conditions for investors, and having a great deal of attention, always better than anyone ever heard. Fan marketing is successful, it can be said: a good start.

Resort to feelings, is only one of the fans of the economy. such as Cang jing empty entrepreneurship to do underwear this thing has so a trace of sentiment ingredient, but more sense of concern, actually and feelings have little relationship. Resort to feelings for the entrepreneur itself is not high demand: not necessarily how much visibility, not necessarily how beautiful the face, not necessarily need how strong background. This is why many entrepreneurs like to play this card: There are always some feelings can let you express, always some feelings can be echoed.

However, the feelings of communication is not a true sense of feelings. As the ancients of China said: listen to their words and watch their lines. It has never happened that a successful business can be built by a few words on a social network.

Feelings can do good business

See what feelings. What are you talking about? Or really on the operation of the enterprise.

Basically, market economy (or simply capitalism) has gone through four stages, namely primitive, management, technology and finance. Developed western countries, such as the United States, have come to the financial stage. China, which has only been implementing a market economy for twenty or thirty years, is far from evolving to that point.

The typical characteristic of the original stage is resource contention. Capitalist countries in the standard sense have experienced such a stage: the Colonial War. The contention for resources can sometimes be described by the word "plunder". The important consequence of this stage is: if the scramble for success, there will be huge profits, so basically belong to extensive. The cost of pursuing meticulous operations may be higher than competing for resources, as it includes not only the cost of capital, but also the cost of time.

After the end of the Second World War, the large-scale colonial war is no longer possible, the capitalist countries in the resource struggle (whether domestic or international) basically come to a close, how to make full use of the resources have been competing for the hand to maximize the operation, become the important proposition of this stage. Thus, the management of capitalism emerged. At this stage, there are a number of star professional managers, such as Welch, such as Gerstner, who are not really corporate owners, but they have indeed brought the company to a very brilliant peak.

If you want to operate a thing very carefully, feelings will certainly arise. This can also be said to the upside, there is no certain feelings to do support, meticulous operation of the durability of a thing need to play a big question mark. In fact, when it comes to managing capitalism, the business is more or less idealistic, not totally mercenary. An interesting example of this is that corporate PR, which is almost the same age.

But professional managers, after all, are professional managers, professional sometimes equal indifference, because professional managers in the service of the enterprise is hard to say how deep loyalty and parental feelings for children. However, because of the slow progress of technology, to achieve the high-level position of the enterprise, few young people can really enter the bureau.

The advent of the High-tech Internet has all of a sudden raised the value of wealth in rockets: a business empire that took generations to build could only take 10 years today. The 1 billion dollar club is full of the first generation of founders in the real sense of the business. Technological capitalism is not entirely an alternative to managing capitalism, but it allows founders to dramatically increase the speed at which business empires are achieved, while at the same time improving the requirements and possibilities for more refined management.

When the founder in the leading their own enterprises, feelings in the role of the enterprise has become an instant big increase: Parents are always to their children full of endless love. This real sense of the enterprise full value chain of grinding, it can be said, until the stage of technological capitalism, the general become a possibility. However, it is still the sentence: feelings of light is not enough to say.

Hammer Phone Luo the so-called "craftsman spirit" is a feeling. This spirit is a reaction to the industrial era of assembly line production: The assembly line once completely destroyed the craftsmen and their handmade workshops. In any case, he would like to thank the new economic era, because in the industrial age, and even in the former industrial age, a teacher who teaches English, how much more likely to produce a device?

True feelings, the operation of the enterprise is of great help. However, in this day and age, it is still not enough.

The core drive of contemporary enterprise

Actually: Finance. The two words, and feelings of the relationship, unfortunately, limited. Because investors are not the public, their rational composition is far beyond the perceptual component.

More than one person has asked me what I think of the hammer phone, and frankly, I have no idea about the T1 phone that is on sale today. Whether this phone really achieves the Luo so-called feelings, is not too important, it is important to Luo in t2t3 and even tn the iteration speed and scale. Luo in explanation T1 shipments less time used a word, called: capacity climbing.

What is a productivity ramp? is to increase capacity. There are two ways to increase production capacity: generation after generation of mobile phones to sell more and more good, hammer company gradually increase orders, increase the size of orders to show the effect of the scale, unit cost is declining, and finally reached the "cheap beauty" goal, as well as the upstream suppliers powerful voice. The second way: To obtain a strong capital injection, each order, more than the last order has a significant increase in speed to achieve the "cheap beauty" speed and a strong voice to obtain.

Under the Red Sea of a smartphone, the first method is obviously too slow, it is possible to die half way, the second way to Thery the siege. T1 price to reach 3000 yuan, this is more expensive than similar mobile phone prices can only get small audience response. The Craftsman spirit is OK, but the craftsman's craft of producing the style is obviously out of fashion. In particular, in the mobile phone industry.

The evolution speed of capitalism is a number of levels, the original stage is the longest, the management stage but after the war to the new economic eve decades, the technical phase is just beginning, financial capitalism came immediately. Because technology itself is not productive, it has to become a mass product. The post-industrial era is not a total rebellion of the industrial age, which is still inherited in terms of size. Only technology and finance are added, and the scale is rising much faster than any other era in history.

China's market economy, very quickly in a sense is also passively, into the "management, technology, finance" mixed era. In the original stage we have experienced, enterprises are more or less with original sin for resources, this stage is not completely past but has come to an end. Today's enterprises are more demanding for the principals, but even more difficult to start a business. Management technology financial three dimensions must have a good performance, in order to be in this piece of the sea to foothold.


Feelings, is a good weapon. Because it can bring attention, attention, and personal belongings will be closer to it (this is the industrial era of mass society left a mark). As mentioned earlier, the Rise of social networking has brought great convenience to the public and the gathering of fans based on specific feelings.

Feelings can pry into a business start when all the needs, but this is only the beginning. Feelings throughout the operation of the enterprise, but also conducive to the operation of enterprises, but this is only part of. Contemporary society, no feelings of enterprises will die, there are feelings of enterprises, but also need other.

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