Oracle launches first cloud operating system Solaris 11

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Oracle recently announced the launch of the industry's first cloud operating system Oracle Solaris 11.

Oracle Solaris 11 meets the security, performance, and scalability requirements of cloud-based environments, enabling customers to run the most demanding enterprise applications in a private cloud, hybrid cloud, or public cloud. Is the industry's first fully virtualized operating system, providing comprehensive and built-in virtualization capabilities for operating systems, networks, and storage resources.

In addition to the built-in virtualization capabilities, Oracle Solaris 11 is also available for Oracle VM Server virtualization based on x86 and SPARC systems, providing deployment flexibility and allowing for safe, operational migration.

Oracle Solaris zones Virtualization can extend each physical node to up to hundreds of extents and cost only 1/15 of VMware, and there is no human limit on memory, network, CPU, and storage resources.

New, integrated network virtualization enables customers to build high-performance, Low-cost Datacenter Topologies in a single operating system for maximum flexibility, bandwidth control, and visibility.

Oracle Solaris 11 delivers comprehensive management capabilities across the infrastructure, covering operating systems, physical hardware, network and storage, and virtualization tiers.

New networked cloud management ensures customers always get the latest version of the Solaris Update from Oracle, and active services help customers maximize uptime.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center, now included in system support, provides converged system management that enables centralized control of hardware, operating systems, and virtualized resources across the enterprise.

Oracle Solaris ZFS provides a data and storage management base for Oracle Solaris 11 that delivers extreme data integrity, tiered storage pools that support flash memory, wire-speed encryption, and the scalability to store and manage unlimited amounts of data.

With the Oracle Solaris ZFS data de-duplication feature, customers can reduce storage requirements in virtualized environments to the original 1/10.

Oracle Solaris 11 provides "default security" features, including startup, role-based root access, and audits that have little impact on the cloud and traditional data centers.

The built-in encryption acceleration feature in Oracle Solaris 11 improves performance by 4 times times compared to IBM AIX encryption.

Oracle Solaris and Oracle applications are designed and tested together and can be used together to provide support for faster failover, higher reliability, and up to 10 times times of application performance improvements.

To improve the performance, availability, security, and manageability of Oracle Database 11g, Oracle Fusion middleware 11g and Java applications running on Oracle Solaris, the Oracle Solaris Development team has been working on collaborative development.

Enhancements to the new Oracle Solaris 11 include optimized shared memory management, improved I/O, integrated resource management, and cryptographic uninstallation.

Oracle Solaris 11 is an ideal platform for running business-critical applications in a virtualized, large-scale scale-out and vertically integrated environment based on a range of SPARC and x86 servers. Customers can:

Run any of the more than 11,000 applications currently supported by Oracle Solaris 11 and can provide guaranteed dual compatibility through the Oracle Solaris Dual Application Assurance program.

Move existing Oracle Solaris 10 environments to an Oracle Solaris Zone to protect existing investments with the latest Oracle Solaris 11 enhancements through the VMware and WebPart tools.

Oracle Solaris delivers high performance that is important to customers:

Oracle Solaris 11 currently has the latest world record of test results for the SPECjvm2008 benchmark test. SPECjvm2008 is a common multithreaded Java benchmark test. Oracle Solaris 11, together with Oracle HotSpot Java virtual machines and Oracle SPARC T4-2 servers, has achieved up to 41% (1) of the benchmark results achieved compared to previous test results with Oracle Solaris 10.

Oracle Solaris has a world record benchmark for running multiple enterprise applications, including the 10 world records that were recently made when running on Oracle SPARC T4 servers.

The latest version of Oracle Solaris delivers a secure, fail-safe boot environment that can be safely restarted, upgrade 4 times times faster, and system restarts 2.5 times times faster, providing cloud-scale lifecycle management and leveraging Oracle Solaris ZFS's powerful capabilities.

Oracle Solaris 11 has been used in production environments in over 700 of the world's top companies and deployed in thousands of Oracle Sun ZFS storage devices and integrated Oracle Exadata database cloud Servers x2-2 and X2-8 and Oracle Exalogic Middleware Cloud Server system.

Oracle Solaris 11, Oracle Enterprise Manager OPS Center, and Oracle VM Software are also included in the system support of all Oracle Sun servers to provide customers with built-in cloud capabilities.

Oracle Solaris 11 is certified on both SPARC and x86 platforms, according to the findings of the Open group on November 8, 2011, and the certification results comply with the UNIX 03 product standards.

Oracle Partner Network (OPN) partners can find new Oracle Solaris 11 tools and resources in Oracle Solaris knowledge areas, including Oracle Solaris Remote Labs and Oracle Solaris development plans. The OPN partner's introduction is provided in the "Oracle Solaris 11 Introduction" section later.

Oracle also provides new Oracle Solaris 11 training to help customers and partners take advantage of Oracle Solaris 11 's best functionality and upgrade to Oracle Solaris 11 from Oracle Solaris 10 and earlier versions.

"Oracle Solaris 11 is the most significant operating system version of the past 10 years," said John Fowler, executive vice president of Oracle's Systems division, at the launch of the new product. Oracle Solaris 11 delivers built-in servers, storage, and current network virtualization, the industry's first cloud operating system, to help customers simplify enterprise IT deployments, improve data center asset utilization, and, in a secure and scalable cloud or traditional enterprise environment, Run Oracle and other enterprise applications faster. ”

"Oracle Solaris provides us with a unique opportunity to support the industry's largest and leading enterprise software offerings on the industry's best UNIX systems for both SPARC and x86 servers," said Thomas Kurian, executive vice president of product development at Oracle. Our multiple development teams work together to design, test, and support advanced solutions to solve the toughest problems facing our customers. ”

Oracle announces that its key software products Oracle Database 11g, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle Application products can be run on Oracle Solaris 11 for both SPARC and x86 systems and optimized for this.

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