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China's "The Richest gardener", one hand created the pan Shiyi and Shi Yuzhu's wealth legend behind the big guy-Deutsche Bank Asia-Pacific investment banking Chairman Cai, in the first quarter of the Star World Festival, from a macro perspective to share the future of manufacturing upgrades.

Cai pointed out that if China's Internet is all directed at retail consumption-to buy cheap, for convenience, our nation will surely be finished. He pointed out that because of the backward circulation, government control of the financial industry closed, many areas of medical education has not been open, so the Chinese network has played a pioneer, first broke the barriers and achieved reform.

He believes that the next step, China should use the network of technology and convenience and various means to the depth and breadth of production to enter, learning apple, learning Tesla. Because "this wave of industrial revolution does not take the Chinese to play!" ”

The following is a transcript of the speech.

Cai: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. I don't take part in this kind of program, but this time I came. Two things I've done recently: the first thing is Alibaba's listing, and we've spent the most enjoyable moment in the world of Ali's time. The second thing, just participated in the Hamburg Summit, participated in the German small and medium-sized conference, I feel very deeply.

The first thing I want to tell you is that Ali went public at the same time, we think a lot of, especially for us such a so-called bank thinking about what? With Alibaba's listing, China's internet circulation, consumption, retail industry, the climax has arrived, it is almost over.

I do not believe that there will be a Ma Yun, all the people follow along means to die, because not Ma Yun died, this is a band, we see throughout China's network, in the past almost 15 years inside, the first solution to the communication, the second solution to the consumption, the third solution to the circulation, and finally resolved the financial, These are retail consumption.

But I wonder why the United States invented the Internet, but not Alibaba, only Amazon? Amazon's IPO was what we did, and if China's Internet is all about retail consumption – buying bargains, convenience and so on. I think our nation will be doomed. Of course we have to go this way, we are not denying it, our first step has passed, but not too much, we also know where to go, this is a dividend, this is China's "non-reform dividend."

Due to the backward circulation, the government control of the financial industry closed, many areas of medical education has not been opened, so the Chinese network has played a pioneer, first broke the barrier, and realized the reform. "Non-reform dividend" is my invention, this dividend to today we enjoy almost, things can not be cheaper, fake also can not sell, we convenient enough.

So what to do today, today all of us on the basis of all the hard software and the network fully developed on the basis of mobilizing all the network to the productivity, learning Tesla, learning Apple. Human is a production, a circulation, a consumption, we now have to enjoy here, enough!

Let's turn around now. Why I went to Hamburg to see very feeling, I saw six small and medium enterprises meeting, saw the car exhibition in Paris, 3D printing car 4500 cost, the car has come out, I launched nearly 400 Chinese entrepreneurs to Germany to find small and medium-sized enterprises, see can sell us.

The Germans told me that Chinese money really much, you tyrants, you developed, I do not care! Finally, the vice president of the German Industry and Commerce conference told me: Henry, their small company is constantly developing in the 4.0 industrial Revolution. That's what I said. 3D printing, intelligent production, composite materials, Internet of things and a lot of medical equipment.

I see a shocking telemedicine thing, like "mosquitoes" so large, first injected into the vein, the American operating table, the operation in Germany, you can bypass the heart, without surgery or anesthesia, remote can be achieved. Just one little thing that the Chinese don't have.

We enjoy the glitz of the Chinese people, we enjoy the growth of today's GDP, we enjoy the fun of tyrants, we enjoy all kinds of today's everything, we have to think about what is the real strength of the country, what is called productivity. We promote 2000 years of human development civilization, all social progress, political evolution, social development, everything is driven by the promotion of productivity, including the Western parliamentary system, national system.

But we ask ourselves, we Chinese, how much do we spend our minds, with the network of technology and convenience and various means to the depth and breadth of production to enter? Especially the depth, I tell you, this wave 4.0 of the Industrial Revolution, I spent two years, Italy's northern, Austrian, northern Switzerland, eastern France, including Israel, which formed the fourth generation of the locomotive of the Industrial Revolution, but we note that this wave of the industrial Revolution does not take the Chinese to play!

We also indulge in network circulation consumption, retail convenience, this of course, this undeniable, improve people's lives, undeniable, but do not forget, in the horse cloud company listing the day, I and the horse always said, today is still apple, not the network right. So we are an industrial country, a post-industrial country, a manufacturing powerhouse, with so many people and so much market, our country's national conditions should be manufacturing.

But very sad, now the first small business can not do, I could not find a second Wang. The second small business has a lending rate of more than 10 20, while the US is 1 to 2, and it depends on whether to cut interest rates. So all small and medium-sized enterprises, Jiangsu and Zhejiang area, either run away, or the Shadow bank.

Second, we have the scars of history. The people in this country and region are used to it, we just rich, we are greeted by the arrival of four, the first is called after industrialization, the second is called internationalization, the third is called urbanization, the fourth is called informatization. This "four" has taken 100 of years in the West, China is very lucky, we 20 years together to flourish, urban reconstruction, 3.0,4.0 this mobile phone, soon 3G, 4G all to China, the four corresponding arrival, the entire Chinese people's GDP exploded, where to go?

Now this issue for a long time, industrial upgrading industry upgrades, how to upgrade, the lack of two things: the first mentality, we have no one in the Alps under the snow, quietly do a small parts, a lifetime to do 200 years, there is no this mentality? Are there any people in Taiwan? Very few, all very impetuous. Second, do we have an ecology? Also very few, Ren from the United States to develop a few scientists, in Shenzhen, do a lot of things to research and development, they still go back. Because there is no such environment.

But I think all of this, to this day, we still have time, we still have time, because we have such a huge network development base, our hardware 3G, 4G also to, we also have so many smart entrepreneurs, today we come together, like today to say creators, manufacturers, such as "Create a guest planet" such a program, I don't want this program to be a show, I hope this show is a model for the Chinese government to see what they are doing.

Later on the stage of those creators, I admire them, I am very touched that most of you are manufacturing, never forget that manufacturing is our fundamental! If this wave we can not keep up with the so-called 4.0 Industrial Revolution, what is called the 4.0 Industrial Revolution, is very simple network, not simple, said simple in fact not simple, Network + robot (35.670, 0.65, 1.86%) + automation, right? We call intelligent production. If we don't catch up with this wave, we're screwed! There is no chance for this nation to replicate.

In the past, Americans and Europeans had come to China to make joint ventures. Now they have gone, because he doesn't need China's cheap labor, because your labor is not cheap. Second, they do not need China's smog, today, Beijing is such a haze, but also a marathon, it is really embarrassing. Many of our scandals have been reported in the press, and he said I don't believe you Chinese, do you copy anything intellectual property?

Well, don't say anything about it, we as banks, we now have capital, we are now young entrepreneurs, we are moving the direction of development from the original retail consumption (changed), last year I just did Alibaba, they are pioneers, congratulate them, but can more people go back to the manufacturing sector?

I would like to begin today with the program "creator Planet", call on the people, mobilize capital, mobilize resources, to the production of in-depth March, the Chinese have the ability to create more things, we are not known as the four major inventions, of course, they admit not to admit do not know, we push is so pushed right, we can also have more inventions out, Because we have too many smart people. But I hope you do not want to get rich immediately, we have one or two batches of fools, one or two batches of engineers, like many Germans, 200 years to do a small product, do a deep depth you can not imagine, we need originality, not immediately rich.

Forget your rich heart, forget those richest men, also forget us these people, we do not have much use, the core problem is quietly in a product, with new network technology, and constantly march, one day God and wealth will find you, we will support you!

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