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What is cmlphp?

Cmlphp is a free PHP open source framework that follows the Apache protocol

Cmlphp is a PHP framework for high load applications

Cmlphp is a PHP framework based on security and performance development philosophy

Why is it called cmlphp?

It's not easy to get a good name, so I used the name of a friend as a child, the most beautiful childhood:

What applications can be developed with cmlphp?

As long as you dare to think, no cmlphp developed, of course I mean Web application

What are the cmlphp requirements for the environment?

As long as it is php5.1 above the environment can be run, including ">apache, Nginx, IIS, Of course, if you use the PHP version is php5.5 and above, the connection database is recommended to use PDO (framework support MySQL extension and PDO extension), Because the use of MySQL extensions in php5.5 has started to hint deprecated, of course, unless the environment is not supported, it is recommended that all environments use PDO drivers

Brief introduction

Not to say what framework features are object-oriented, MVC or whatever, it's been a lot of years ago ... Cannot calculate the characteristic, also does not say what design pattern, what single example, factory, observer, intermediary ... For many developers who do not understand these design patterns can also develop a good product, the road is their own walk, as for the cmlphp use of what design mode, to improve the programming ability is the best way to write code, see Code, Welcome to read my source code:

cmlphp supports distributed database, distributed caching (using Memcache cache driver), supporting files, Memcache, Redis, APC cache, supporting multiple URL modes, supporting URL routing, supporting multiple project integration, supporting Third-party extensions, supporting plug-ins ... cmlphp use independently developed template engine simple and efficient, cmlphp the entire core is less than 150kb, so very light, as fast as possible, you can put it on the run to know:

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