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Absrtact: While public cloud providers offer economies of scale and more mature cloud computing products, the focus of corporate user investment remains in the predictable future, says Gartner, an authoritative consultancy.

For users, the changes brought about by the public cloud are revolutionary, but the private cloud is also very important. For example, the current domestic medical information reform, the patient information can be in different hospitals to achieve transmission, sharing, call; Hospitals can adopt different it strategies according to different use conditions, and so on, the private cloud model is very consistent with these industries such as medical, financial, tax and other industry users in the future business model.

And manufacturers also attach great importance to private cloud products and technology research and development. For example, at the Emcworld conference in May 2010, the theme of the Conference was to move towards a private cloud; Microsoft also recently launched a proprietary private cloud server operating system; Cisco, EMC and VMware jointly launched second-generation Vblock products; Oracle's cloud strategy emphasizes the importance of private cloud; VMware, Novell, CA, Data Direct and other vendors have also expressed the importance of private cloud.

So what are the factors that users need to focus on in private cloud driving? What errors do users have to avoid?

Standardization is important for the future. For a private cloud, it does not mean a long, closed environment. The future of the enterprise will inevitably move towards a mixture of private and public clouds. Therefore, the standardization of the work of the enterprise first need to consider the issue. For example, in server consolidation, UNIX servers are relatively more compliant with private cloud security and reliability requirements. But it brings closure to the user. Especially in the future, when the enterprise gradually moves towards the mixed cloud stage, the process, the application, the business interface inevitably needs to make the change. All of the public cloud uses a X86 server computing platform because the X86 architecture has a natural advantage in standardization and openness, and as Intel launches the Xeon 5600, Xeon 7500 processor, the X86 server is computing power, high availability, Reliability has been no with UNIX servers. Therefore, in view of the future to the hybrid cloud, the choice of X86 as a private cloud computing platform is a proactive move, it can help enterprise users save a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Second, automation is the key. Private cloud computing environments are not as common as the public cloud, where anyone can deploy their own virtual machines and applications, which, if private clouds do, will inevitably cause confusion to the business. Therefore, an automated process is particularly rare. For example, a user of an enterprise needs to apply for the resources they want, how the private cloud implements these processes quickly and automatically, and so on. In fact, the premise of the implementation of automation is still a need for efficient and consistent standardization procedures. Automation is one of the keys to determining the success of a private cloud, and without a good automated process, the private cloud will be ineffective.

Third, highly virtualized, highly resource-sharing. Private cloud Another key factor is the high level of virtualization and the high level of resource sharing. Virtualization is not just a reflection of server virtualization, network virtualization, storage virtualization, desktop virtualization. High levels of virtualization can lead to a high level of resource sharing. Currently, virtualization based on the X86 platform is a trend across the entire virtualization world, such as VMware, Microsoft, and Citirx virtualization software designed to make the most of server resources, while Intel makes virtualization smarter from the underlying chips. And in storage virtualization, the X86 architecture is also desirable, EMC's newest private cloud booster-vplex the IA architecture for cross-domain storage, and 3PAR vice President Crag says: "The mainstream high-end storage vendors prefer the X86 architecture to some storage systems that are still using the power architecture , the openness, standardization, scalability, and increasing performance of the X86 architecture are most representative of the current technology direction and meet the ever-changing needs of users in cloud computing. "It is difficult to achieve a high level of resource sharing, not just in terms of technical issues, but also in relation to organizational structure." Therefore, in addition to the selection of reasonable technology and products, users need to use these products and technology combined with the organization structure, design a reasonable use of the environment.

Four, the flexible space is big, the expansibility is strong. Cloud computing is actually helping users achieve the need to use IT resources flexibly and efficiently. For the cloud computing platform, it must have a very large elastic space and good scalability. As a matter of fact, products with traditional power architectures do not have good scalability on both the server and storage side, while the X86 servers, cluster NAS, and cluster storage products are highly scalable to meet the flexible requirements of the private cloud for extended space. For example, EMC, VMware, Cisco Joint launch of the Vblock products, can help groups of users to achieve flexible flexibility requirements. Therefore, flexible users to achieve on-demand add or reduce IT resources, architecture flexible private cloud environment is an important symbol.

Users in the private cloud set up the road is not smooth, standardization, automation, virtualization, elasticity is the future of private cloud construction of the four key factors. Without a standardized, open, virtualized, resilient architecture environment, even if it can now meet the needs of the business, but as the public cloud of the revolution continues to move forward, enterprises to the mixed cloud, a X86 based on the private cloud will allow users to remain invincible in the future!

The building of private clouds can also provide a solid foundation for future private clouds to be mixed with public clouds. "Many of the investments in private cloud computing can prepare companies to deploy public cloud computing," said Tom Bittman, a senior analyst at Gartner. These investments are not just technical changes, but also changes in processes, documents, and business interfaces. These changes should be decided sooner or later, which will help enterprises to better implement the decision of cloud procurement, but also very likely to enable enterprises to smoothly move to a mixed cloud. ”

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