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Absrtact: Recently, in the beginning of the curtain "2013 Yongxin video Full screen full-media Integration Innovation Development Forum", Liaoning North Interactive Television Co., Ltd. General Manager Shibin introduced the current Liaoning interactive business and OTT business. and share the


Recently, in the beginning of the curtain of the "2013 Yongxin video Full screen full-media Integrated Innovation Development Forum", Liaoning North Interactive Television Co., Ltd. General Manager Shibin introduced the current Liaoning interactive business and OTT business. At the same time sharing the progress of radio and television technology to the cable digital television field brought new opportunities.

In the past, Guang increased value-added services, the need for developers, middleware, terminals, platform vendors to participate in integrated development, and finally through a terminal upgrade to the way the business release, the time period is long, the risk is big. And after the good vision interaction launches the OTT End-to-end solution, radio and television can use this platform, as a more value-added service distribution channels, can also be expanded according to the needs of advertising, radio and television free video content operations, user behavior Survey services, reduce business deployment time, to avoid to increase the business and upgrade the terminal risk, Value-added services can be used as a apk, recommended users to download. At the same time, the value-added service publishing platform for each application digital signature, to achieve controllable, fully protect the interests of operators.

In the cable network users, high-end users accounted for 10% of the market. These high-end users, although the number of small, but the business return is big, the market impact. In the cable network and the OTT market, for this part of high-end users, Liaoning North Interactive will be some trendy high-end applications, such as online K song, local mall, family health care and other good visual interactive OTT platform for technology and content integration, targeted marketing and business operations, the main push high-end community, group users, Large customers, cable network high-end users and operators broadband high-end users. Marketing, Shibin has some experience and planning, "we are mainly business applications driven by the sale of intelligent terminals, through the provision of new and powerful applications, simple and convenient good user experience and perfect follow-up services to pull the intelligent terminal in the market share." We plan to promote 10,000 smart terminals in the year to expand market impact. ”

Using novel independent research and development of the cloud computing interactive VOD SUPERVOD platform, cable TV operators do not need to invest huge sums of money for two-way network change and exchange of interactive set-top boxes, you can realize the new business and set-top box software-independent convenient deployment, complete interactive TV business for all single, two-way user coverage, The real realization of three-network integration and three-screen interaction, greatly improved the end-user experience, significantly improved the competitiveness of cable TV operators, in line with the national radio and television industry development direction.

One-way users can use smartphones, ipads to install "My remote", "My TV" clients, browse and select slices on a handheld terminal via WiFi or 3G/GPRS networks, and broadcast selected video content over a wired network to a TV, smartphone, ipad screen. Bi-directional users can not only through two-way set-top box remote control, via two-way network (wired or broadband) upload channel back to the cloud, you can also use one-way users on-demand way. Platform widely support video on demand, channel back to watch, education and training, television shopping, interactive games and other applications, to provide local medical services, social Security information, recruitment information and other services.

It is reported that northern Liaoning Interactive affiliated with the Northern Broadcasting Group, mainly to do the interactive operation of Wired network, OTT local business operations and market promotion. Based on the current business, there are two operating platforms, one is the interactive cloud computing platform, the second is the OTT local operating platform.

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