Research on the technology of IoT based on cloud computing

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Keywords Cloud computing Internet of Things intelligent water resource management system

Research on the technology of IoT based on cloud computing

Anhui University Lishuang

The research contents of this thesis are as follows: 1. The basic idea and method of combining cloud computing and Internet of things are expounded in this paper. 2. Combined with cloud computing and Internet of Things, the intelligent Water resources management system function module was designed, and the rationality of the combination of cloud computing and IoT was expounded. 3. Summarize the problems of the technology development, and put forward their own solutions to the safety problems. The clustering algorithm is introduced into the transport layer, which ensures the high efficiency transmission, reduces the data loss effectively, and classifies the data security level at the application level, and protects the data at different levels. The policy of permission assignment is designed by the idea of the three-layer pattern structure of database. In this policy, the privilege assignment must undergo strict authentication to avoid the security problems caused by illegal users gaining illegal permissions in the traditional system. In addition to support two development is the inevitable requirements of the development of the Internet of things, the object can be classified in the Internet to facilitate the design of users to meet their own needs.

Research on the technology of IoT based on cloud computing

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