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Recently, according to related news reports, rising officially launched in the domestic security enterprise is the first of the latest product of the "private cloud" technology. For rising, this will mark the rising has become the only domestic security industry can provide enterprises "private cloud" technology and its transformation into product enterprises, at the same time, rising in the high-end enterprise-level information security market, the absolute advantage will be further strengthened, the industry pattern launched a new page, as to its prospects and development in the end how , we will wait and see.

It is understood that rising enterprise exclusive "private cloud" for each individual enterprise construction, to provide exclusive cloud applications and cloud services. At present, it has two main functions: one, for enterprises to provide a safe application software platform for enterprises to obtain security certification through the various types of application software, easy to administrator distribution, management and monitoring. Second, rising "private cloud security" for each enterprise custom-specific security services, enterprise clients do not need to store a virus library, and do not need to carry out complex anti-virus operations, greatly reducing the occupancy of the system resources, at the same time can be the fastest, most timely, the most portable virus scanning and protection.

Industry insiders generally praised rising "private cloud" through the core technology, blowing the international security vendors to contend with the horn, and to the rising of the domestic security software led by high hopes. Marx put forward "science and technology is productivity", and Deng Xiaoping put forward "science and technology is the first productive force", and the rising move can be called "independent core technology is the first competitiveness!" ”

In recent years, such as Symantec, trend technology and other foreign security software manufacturers in the Chinese market has been vigorously expanded and has entered a large-scale deep stage. In particular, the industry's anxiety is that the recent government procurement in the number of domestic software, although some increase, but compared with foreign software giants, its disadvantage is still. When can domestic software and international manufacturers "potence the World"?

With the country's strategic decision to strengthen independent innovation capacity and build innovative country, the domestic trend of positive measures has been promulgated, encouraging the domestic software industry to increase the pace of development, China's independent innovation is booming software. In the face of foreign manufacturers to market encroachment, domestic security manufacturers need to expand market share, improve market competitiveness, to capture a greater right to speak!

Information security is related to the fundamental interests of the State, as a professional security vendors, rising will be the first information security strategy, increase information security technology research and development, support information security industry, in-depth promotion of network and information security system construction. Rising "Private Cloud" of the release, means to and foreign products positive PK, so that the national brand of security enterprises with foreign potence strength.

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