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With the "Agile development" process and the team atmosphere of Craftsman culture, Security Bao CTO Tony Lee led the leading professional team to establish a reliable SaaS model of the cloud service prevention system, attack prevention services from small and medium-sized customers to gradually expand to the first-line internet enterprises.

CSDN: What kind of circumstances do you join in the safety treasure Enterprise?

Tony: I've been a good friend for over 10 years with my partner, we have discussed many times before doing this project, we want to do some things together, also made some small try, and finally decided to do safety Bao this company and this product, also fortunate to get the innovation factory and the support of the teacher, Always from the angel a turn to B round has been supporting us, so thank you very much for the innovation of the factory teacher.

CSDN: A lot of people know the safety treasure enterprise, but for the composition of your team is not too understanding, can you give us a description of the current composition of the technical team?

Tony: Our technical team has now fully adopted the "Agile development" development process, which I personally like and support a concept. The main operations are: we will divide the team into an Agile development team, each team will have products, low-level research and development, front-end and operations, as well as security engineers, even including sales, including a complete product team. Each of these agile development teams will make a number of FireWire decisions, do not need to wait for the leadership of the reference or discussion, is to achieve rapid decision-making, rapid response to customer needs. This is one of our main forms of organization.

CSDN: In the course of work, what are the principles that you observe?

Tony: I may be a little bit of a drag, maybe everyone has decided what to do, how to do, I may be the one to pull people, and then take a step back, think, why must do so, there is no better way.

In other words, I pay more attention to avoid inertia thinking, as CTO, we meet a lot of decisions every day, and in every decision, if we use inertia thinking, too accustomed to past experience, first, sometimes overlooked a better choice; the second is that it is possible to overlook more important issues, Why do you do it? So in every new environment or scenario, we have to think for ourselves, and it's important to rethink these questions. This is a habit I have followed, a principle.

CSDN: Security companies may be unique compared to other industries. Compared to the CTO in other industries, what are the differences between the CTO of a security company?

Tony: I think the difference can be divided into the following two areas: first, we will have a very professional first-class safety research team. Security, as a special industry, contains a number of things to attack and defense, to study the latest vulnerability escalation technology and hacker attack prevention technology. Second, the construction of a reliable cloud computing system, including some security products and services, into a SaaS service model, so that users can rely on us, rely on our services, trust us.

As the CTO of a security company, my values will be fully reflected in both areas, and the first thing I ask of the team is how to achieve a highly available and reliable cloud service product. It is certainly a very important part of creating a function that brings great value to the user. Equally important is how we guarantee the high availability of user services, which is one of the most important priorities that I cannot avoid.

CSDN: In the process of leading the technical team, what kind of technical culture do you want to create?

Tony: To sum up, I want to shape the culture of a craftsman. The process of a craftsman is a process of creation and a grinding process, so I want my team to keep their creativity.

Whether it is research and development or product, or operational dimension, in fact, every node of the construction, each line of code, each function of the development, is actually a creation from scratch process. Then after the creation, we still have to constantly grinding, diligence, Ascension, is to sink the heart to the heart without MO to constantly improve the performance of products, stability, functional efficiency and so on. These are our responsibility to go to the 1.1 point to do it better, so this is to be able to sink the heart to do things of this culture, summed up is the culture of craftsmen.

CSDN: Can you share some of the key technologies involved in your product?

Tony: Our products have two main features: first, safety protection, this is a very professional field, but also we are very prominent a feature. The fast-changing hacker attack method has put forward the better request to our protection; The second feature is that we are a SaaS service, a service for cloud computing, and most of the cloud computing technology is characterized by intensification and centralization. Because one of the most fundamental cores of cloud computing is pooling resources and sharing them, which is more efficient than traditional approaches. But when we solve a problem, we should also accelerate the service of the user while solving a security protection. In the acceleration process, we have to carry out a distributed service, which conflicts with the intensification of cloud computing, so the system we create is distributed. But this is in the management of a lot of difficulty, how to achieve high performance, stability and high protection, this is our main technical difficulties.

Csdn:11 month 28th, we CSDN been attacked by DDoS, thank the Security Treasure team to give us some help, please introduce us, in this attack, you do what protection?

Tony: This is an increasingly mainstream approach, we call it a DNS reflection attack, and a reflection attack called MPT. The attack was an amplified attack using some of the public services on the Internet as a springboard. We have a professional defense against DDoS attack Customer Center, whenever we encounter a large-scale attack, we will switch customer service to the high-defense customer center, by them to intercept, filter. We have a lot of computing resources to resolve this attack for users, which is one of our products, we can in this cloud accelerated mode, when the user is attacked, we can intelligently switch to high defense mode. It's all in the clouds.

CSDN: Excuse me, what is the main focus of your company's current products? In addition, the next stage of technology product advantages focus on which products?

Tony: We've been serving small and medium sized businesses for the past three years, very popular in this customer base and have accumulated a lot of customers. Later we realized that some business than small and medium-sized enterprises are slightly larger corporate customers also need our services, therefore, from 2014, we began to integrate business, to target a number of first-tier, front-line internet companies, to push our products to them, this is where we are now the direction of the main push.

This year we have launched a private cloud and public cloud hybrid cloud offering a powerful cloud protection that protects the privacy of users. This product has been launched from the beginning of the year to now, has been a first-line internet users love.

CSDN: Do these users ' environments belong to a mixed cloud or a private cloud?

Tony: Mixed clouds. There are two main reasons: one is that their entire security service is provided and managed by us, and the second is that when they are attacked by DDoS, we will switch their cloud services to the Cloud Protection Center, which has a smart interworking.

CSDN: In the market competition, what do you think is the characteristic of security treasure?

Tony: I think our biggest feature is that we are the first team to make the SaaS model. The SaaS model combines well with enterprise-class services such as security protection, acceleration, and from the outset, from our philosophy, product design, and future direction, we all think about how to turn security, acceleration, and some enterprise-class services into a SaaS model.

CSDN: In the process of being a security chief CTO, which job do you think is the most bright and fulfilling? Is there some stories to share?

Tony: I don't think we're a success. One of the things I feel deep in myself is the idea of agile development. Over the past 10 years, we have developed ways and means to develop the potential of software engineers. Engineers implicitly mean a manufacturing process, but software development products are a creative process that requires engineers to iterate over their products creatively and quickly, so this concept needs to change, and the reason for change is agile development.

In the 2012, I pushed this agile into our development process, and later our team was completely transformed, in an agile way, to embed this agile concept in our team culture. Breaking the traditional boundaries, including product managers and research and development between the different roles of the exchange, sales, pre-sales and product team, operational communication, agile concept is to achieve their seamless work together, the departments have no communication barriers, which we feel successful one thing.

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