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Absrtact: In the last episode of Gmic Innovation Contest, we mentioned the Karois of making smart watches Watches, the Puteko of augmented reality and the card of the electronic Gift card team. I will also bring you three more interesting team presentations and interesting ideas and concepts.

In the last episode of Gmic Innovation Contest, we mentioned the Karois of making smart watches Watches, the Puteko of augmented reality and the card of the electronic card team. I will also bring you three more interesting team presentations and interesting ideas and concepts.

1) Splitforce

Splitforce is a tool for providing A/B testing for mobile applications, where application developers can optimize the functionality and user experience of their applications for key business metrics. You do not need to resubmit applications in the application store to directly test variations of native applications. By tracking and analyzing the impact of each variant on user behavior, developers can make product and design decisions based on data. Currently, Splitforce supports native iOS applications and applications based on unity and Android.


At the beginning of the speech, the Splitforce people gave us a big pie, saying that their A/b test could help the user raise 125% of the income (OMG to kneel), because by analyzing the following three results, the user would get the most satisfying and intuitive answer:

Ratio (Rates): The percentage of users who complete a target (such as completing a purchase or registration) after determining a specific target.

Time (Timing): Used to find out how much time a user spends in a particular area of an application, or how long it takes a user to buy a product.

Quantity (Quantities): Provides information about the number of times a user tries to complete a task, such as trying to reach a game level.


Existing A/b tests, such as Google, are doing very well, but none of them have tried to assemble users for analysis, for us, testing and analysis is not a technical model, more like a business approach, to help users achieve profitability. At the same time we can help users to complete localization, and test results will be more intuitive way to show.

2) Foodloop

Foodloop team on stage to ask everyone a question: how many people are willing to buy the supermarket quickly expired, discounted prices of goods? Nearly half of the audience raised their hands. Then he said, "Yes, Foodloop is the one who gives this information to people who need it." We are mainly working with retailers to use their own apps to send information about this kind of food to consumers in real time.


From the Foodloop video you can see that they have built a GS1 DataBar that stores information, and from GS1 can find all the GTIN (Global Trade Code) codes corresponding to the fast-expired food. The GTIN code is compiled by the exclusive EAN (article code) of the commodity, which is the string of code that the waiter scans when we pay in the supermarket, so it ensures the uniqueness of each item and the system of information.


To tell the truth, Foodloop most touched me is the concept of environmental protection and high operability. Here are the data they gave about the food waste in Germany.

In Germany, every year, one technologists tons of edible food up in the ends. This corralates to€25 billion worth the High-quality products maximally destroyed the year. The German food retail industry alone trashes 550,000 tons of food this way. Hereby that are close to the expiry date are especially affected. This means there are more than€1.5 billion in avoidable food waste in the retail sector.

If the technology and practices are maturing, there will be a significant improvement in reducing food waste. They are now working with nearly 10 multinational supermarkets, including Wal-Mart. The speaker looked calm when asked if he feared that a big supermarket like Wal-Mart would one day start experimenting with the same thing:

Our advantage is that we can connect all the retailers with one application, and some big companies want to add our apps to the retail system of the existing supermarkets. We also have Gswan (Gujarat State Wide area receptacle a remote technology for exchanging information such as data, sound, and video) to work with retailers around the world.

3) Viscovery

Viscovery (Creative Clear) is an operational identification technology developers, providing Consumer-to-consumer and business-to-business mobile business solutions. The main use of image recognition to complete search, purchase, information acquisition and even language translation. The most intuitive example is when you travel, see the special want souvenirs, you can use the mobile phone to identify, so that online purchase. In addition to working with other business partners, Viscovery is also actively developing its own outreach products.


The timing of the viscovery is a coincidence, because the technique of action identification, or specifically, facial images, images, voice, or any technology that can help identify it, will become a trend. This remark is not my nonsense, but from the IDG capital Partner Feng Li. In his view, the Internet recently popular several directions are: soft and hard combination, virtual reality entertainment and recognition technology.

Talk about here, by the way to add the relevant content. In the mobile internet era of the investment model Revolution Round Table, Nolia substituting Partner-lu guo__ also gave its own more promising three directions: Local Service (grounding gas service), hardware and mobile digital entertainment. Is it possible for us to understand that these areas will be favored or at least trusted by investors?

In addition to the 6 items given in the context, there are four interesting teams in the innovation competition, including two games, Come run with me and Monster Castle, the former is more focused on children's learning, the latter is the red fruit male drama; and do picture + story + Social Graphics (36 Krypton has been reported) and Smaas that want to integrate all the social products that are already in it.

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