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1, "warehousing and logistics" shun Fenghai to the fresh to the table to add new Spring Festival

A few days ago, Shun Fenghai will be fresh on the platform--hi Fresh special session on the line, in order to enter the Spring Festival Fresh annual market. At present, the main products of the Hi Fresh channel are seafood fresh food, such as lobster, Emperor crab, wild deep-sea species, etc. and in order to promote Hi Fresh, shun Fenghai for the Spring Festival holiday held a series of fresh spring Festival promotional activities. In addition, Shun Fenghai also will be fresh the New Year festival to pay the deadline for the next period to extend to February 11, while the other special session of the deadline is February 9.

2, "Shun" Jing Dong will apply for personal credit license plate stock Q2 online

Pick on Ali, Tencent and other finalists of the first batch of personal credit license, Beijing East also unwilling to do. Yesterday (February 5), Beijing East Finance Vice President Yang Naisheng to the daily economic news reporter revealed that Beijing east has plans to apply for personal credit licence. Stock-raising will also be online in the two quarter, including private equity and public offering, both of which will be involved. "Peer-to-peer also will continue to pay attention to, but Jingdong finance do peer-to-peer things, we have no specific information can be disclosed." ”

3, "Cross-border electricity dealers" in 2015, Dongguan Cross-boundary electricity trader turnover will reach 8 billion yuan

2015, the Dongguan cross-border Electric Merchants Association will strive to promote 1000 Dongguan enterprises to join the mainstream Cross-border electric power platform, the city's Cross-border electricity dealers can count the amount of transactions reached 8 billion yuan, and strive to achieve the number of association members of 800 this year, "and strive through 3 years of efforts to achieve the city's Cross-border electrical business practitioners up to 1 million people." On February 6, Dongguan cross-border electric Business Ecological circle thousand people meeting, the whole event to the industrial chain released as a bright spot to fully show the Dongguan increasingly perfect industrial chain, Dongguan cross-border electric business Ecological Circle debut.

4, "The Electric business Service" The Green City electric trader has dabbled in the financial Sequoia Capital to lead the $6000 million

Greentown Group after a series of equity disputes back to song control, the green City electric business further diversification, business began to dabble in the financial sector. It is understood that the Greentown was founded in 2012 Greentown financial chain of the diversification of the transition, and now the Greentown group in and a sustained "war of words", the introduction of the group in the context of the green City electric business has also adjusted, further diversification, and into the financial business, the establishment of the Internet supply chain financial platform. and prior to song has proposed the idea of building houses, and the establishment of the financial platform, or for the public to provide assistance to build room.

5, "Electric business Service" insurance into the Internet financial new outlet fund busy layout

Over the past two years, the development of Internet finance is continuing to develop in depth, with the cash wealth of the balance of the treasures of the treasure, and the rush of Peer-to-peer network loans, has now begun to burn the insurance industry. Industry insiders expect that insurance will become the Internet industry's new tuyere, not only listed companies have cut into the relevant areas, public offering funds have also been actively layout related concept stocks.

6. "Export Electric dealer" Quick sell pass rectify false storage equipment serious person freezes account

Fast selling will be on March 1, 2015, the storage of goods for special investigation, strengthen the false capacity of the storage card equipment supervision, and the illegal goods, account number of severe penalties. According to billion power network understand, the reorganization is mainly aimed at the false capacity storage equipment and counterfeit brands. A false capacity storage device is a memory card/U disk Class storage device that is actually usable and has a capacity that is displayed by the product's appearance or is detected by the computer.

7, "vertical consumer" traditional retailing industry struggling to catch the last bus of electric dealers

In the pharmaceutical industry downstream of the pharmaceutical retail industry, is facing an embarrassing situation. And 2015 is the new revision of drug management quality Management standards Compulsory certification (hereinafter called the new version of GSP), the last year, the drug retail industry will face brutal shuffle, not willing to upgrade the monomer pharmacy or directly eliminated, or by the large chain to eat. The general manager of a large chain pharmacy in Guangdong said yesterday that last year, the drug retail industry to maintain weak growth, some of the less risk-resistant monomer pharmacies were shuffled, large chain pharmacies to increase Internet services, into the pharmaceutical electricity business. Since the pharmaceutical electrical business has developed more than five years since its inception, it is still a long time before the big chain will catch up with the mature electric dealers.

8, "Electric business Service" Baosteel shares net limit iron and steel electric dealer really fire?

Recently, the steel plate, ushered in a long-lost strong pull, and triggered the wave of the market, is always considered to be undervalued shares of Baosteel. Early 4th, Baosteel shares will be pulled to the limit, and driven Kiulit, hualing steel, wine steel hongxing, Wuhan Iron and steel shares, such as a large number of iron stocks rose sharply. One of Baosteel's leading iron and steel stock rally, the main fuse, from the 3rd evening Company issued a notice, to be with the holding shareholder Baosteel Group joint venture to form a service platform company, "net" to do steel electric business platform. In fact, before the stake in Baosteel, there have been third-party platforms, steel companies, traders and other listed companies involved in the iron and steel platform, in the traditional steel business difficult to make money, iron and steel manufacturers have begun to take the road, the total number of more than 200. Although most platforms have not yet made money, the various capital has also been targeted at this Business-to-business business subdivision area, real gold and silver has hit the market.

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