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Sina Weibo officially opened short video strategy, will focus on the development of the official "second shot" to help users more convenient to shoot, share short video. At the same time, Sina Weibo announced that 2014 will invest 10 million to encourage original, seconds to get talent after signing to obtain the creative fund.

Xu Liangje, Sina's co-president and chief technology officer, said mobile internet is ushered in a full-scale outbreak, the recent issuance of 4G licences means a more complete network environment, whether social or video has entered a new stage of development, users to create, quickly share short video threshold will be greatly reduced, it is in this context, Sina Weibo launched a second shot, homeopathy opened a short video strategy, hoping to work with Third-party partners to explore the business potential of mobile video business.

Hundred star in seconds shot

Second beat is Sina Weibo's short video application, allowing users to take a 10-second video from the mobile phone, quickly share to Sina Weibo and other social platforms, users can also directly in the mobile phone Weibo release box to evoke the second beat application.

At present, the second beat the user's comments, praise and other behavior and micro-blog completely synchronized, users can see the micro-Bo friends to share the short video, but also in the micro-BO mobile phone dedicated short video square to see more exciting content.

In the latest version, the second shot in addition to supporting personalized filters, clips, add borders and music, and other functions, the first implementation of local video upload, is currently the only local video to support the application of a short video upload.

Second shot in charge of Han Kun said that from August on line, the second shot has attracted Xu Jing, Dan, Tian, Jiane, Chen, Gong and other hundred star settled in, the stars will not only through the second shot released real-time dynamic video, and will be synchronized to share to micro-blog and user interaction.

"Diving Prince" Tian become Super Milk Dad, in the second shot on the first show is to challenge Hua less "10 seconds Good Tongue", and to the Netizen play through the "Daddy where" fun link. Tian's first show second shot video by netizens on demand 6.49 million times.

In addition to star users, the second shot on a number of people to participate. Han Kun revealed that the second shot will be invested in 2014 10 million Yuan Creative fund to encourage 10 seconds original video content, users become a second shot signed up to the people, you can get the creative fund. Those who shoot interesting, creative video of the second beat users, or the courage to show their own certain aspects of expertise, talent can apply to become a second clap.

For users concerned about the flow of the problem, micro-blog said that the second shot per video only 10 seconds, upload 10 seconds video only consumes less than 600K flow, the equivalent of 4 or so pictures, neither video playback is the most likely to appear in the cotton problem, also will not cause too much flow of trouble. And with the growing popularity of 4G networks, the threshold for users to use short video will be lower, and the second will be a new trend in social networking.

Create open short video platform

In the international market, the two Big Short video applications Vine and Instagram rely on two social platforms of Twitter and Facebook respectively, the number of users has reached tens of millions or even broken billion.

This shows the nature of the combination of short video and social media: on the one hand, short video for social media to contribute to better quality, more creative original content, the social media platform in the form of text, image-oriented media forms effective supplement; On the other hand, social media provides a channel for the rapid spread of short video, Make Quality content more easily mined and disseminated.

Xu Liangje stressed that the key to moving short video is not to play but to share, only microblogging such a social platform, it is possible to nurture a second shot such a short video application. For Sina Weibo, short videos are important micro-blogging media, as important as pictures and music, in line with the social media features of Weibo.

Sina Weibo will invest more resources in the future, he said. To help users more convenient and quick to create and share high-quality short video content, in addition to focus on the development of "second beat" products, but also to the developer to open a short video upload interface, to support more segmentation of the best short video applications, so as to create an open short video platform, Together to explore the mobile end of short video business opportunities.

The latest data show that Sina Weibo has more than 500 million users, more than 76.5% of users through the mobile side to visit Sina Weibo. On the Sina Weibo open platform, there are more than 570,000 third-party developers, more than 60,000 websites with Sina Weibo to reach a partnership covering films, Tourism, shopping, music and many other fields. Second beat is not only Sina mobile as the first overall strategy of the important advance, but also micro-BO short video strategy is an important carrier.

Market Research Institute CSG recently released the "Short Video user Research report" shows that the existing Internet users to use the proportion of online video has reached 82%, the second only to search engines, e-mail and online shopping important network applications. Industry insiders believe that with the issuance of 4G licences, users, sharing short video applications will be more convenient, the domestic short video of the "Spring" has come.

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