Sky Cloud technology to build China's first public desktop cloud system

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The good news from cloud technology: Tian Yun Technology Shanghai Pudong Software Park "public Desktop Cloud System project" on November 17 through final acceptance, China's first public desktop cloud was born and has been operating!

November 17 Three o'clock in the afternoon, Shanghai Pudong Software Park "public Desktop Cloud System project" final acceptance meeting in Shanghai Pudong Software Park "> The third conference room of the 9 floor of the company Limited, Beijing Tian Yun Rong Technology Co., Ltd. Senior vice President Wang and project team members Hu Zhenning, Fang Zhiyang, Dong Junkei, Wang Xiaowei and Shanghai Pudong Software Park Co., Ltd. acceptance project team members attended the meeting.

At the acceptance meeting, the project implementation Party "Beijing Tian Yun Rong Chuang Technology Co., Ltd." provides a complete project implementation report, documents, information CD-ROM, after the inspection group of all members of the serious audit, project acceptance Group 618.html "> in charge of Shovenbin deputy party a confirmed the project to meet the final acceptance criteria, And Wang and the general representative of the project parties, in the "Project Acceptance Report" on the signature confirmation.

PU Soft public Desktop cloud really achieve the shortest project time, the fastest collection time, the fastest online, tenants up to the fastest, the realization of rapid deployment, on-demand rental, flexible scheduling, resource management; Establish a model of rapid and successful delivery; Sky Cloud technology to create the first public cloud desktop, and has been operating abroad!

The project signed a contract on June 12, Tian Yun Technology Shanghai team only spent 2.5 months to complete all the works, and received all the works, the first issue of 300 units. Several well-known companies, including SAP and oriental payments, are renting the public desktop cloud and will continue to expand in the future.

(Responsible editor: Lu Guang)

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