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Dell has launched the PowerEdge M-Series Blade server solution to innovate standards for energy efficiency and flexibility in data centers. The PowerEdge m family of products employs Dell Energy Smart technology and has 30 industry patents, not only to "> Help customers simplify IT infrastructure and meet the environmental challenges of the data center more effectively. The new m1000e Blade server rack is now available worldwide, at a price of HK $46,818, and the price for blade servers is HK $27,522.

The PowerEdge M series consumes 19% less power than Hpbladesystem C-class products and 25% per watt performance (1). Compared with the Ibmbladecenter H series, The Dell PowerEdge M series has a 12% lower power consumption and a 28% higher performance per watt. The Dell PowerEdge M series uses energy smart technology to ensure that customers improve server performance while significantly reducing the cost of power consumption. The product also uses lead-free design, can be called a comprehensive green IT program, help customers further reduce the impact on the environment.

Millind Yedkar, Director of Enterprise product Marketing at Dell's Greater China region, said: "In the past, a number of blade servers provided only one dream, but rarely really helped customers cope with the ever-increasing cost and complexity of data centers." The Dell PowerEdge M Series delivers unmatched energy efficiency, flexibility, and exceptional system performance and ease of management to make the customer's dream come true. It provides the operational performance required by the customer, lowers overall power consumption, and lowers the complexity of the data center and reduces the footprint of the server. ”

The PowerEdge m1000e is a 10U rack that can be installed with up to 16 blade servers. Optimized for Dell's PowerEdge M600 and M605 blade servers, it can support two Intel four core Xeon processors or two AMD four core Opteron processors, respectively. The M600 and M605 blade servers take up 60% less space than standard 1U servers, greatly easing the problem of data center space tension.

In addition, The Dell PowerEdge M1000E offers the industry's most advanced connectivity options, offering flexible and low TCO product choices for data centers of all sizes, including:

Dellpowerconnect M6220 Upgradeable Ethernet blade Third-layer switch, four 1Gb ports, optional upgrade stack port or 10Gb port, three Cisco Ethernet switch option-pure 1Gb port, 1Gb Port plus stack port, or 1Gb and 10Gb ports plus stack ports-for selection. Cisco InfiniBand switch Options will also be available in the future; two brocade 4Gb Fibre Channel connectivity option, customers can choose standard FC4 switch or low-cost port aggregator to achieve simplified configuration and connectivity of San fiber network QLogic and Emulex FC4 host bus adapters and Mellanox InfiniBand mezzanine cards, providing Fibre Channel and Ethernet conversion modules for customers ' existing network switching facilities, including Ethernet conversion modules that transmit speeds of up to 10/100/1,000MB per second.

More flexible and secure investment protection-an ideal platform for virtualization applications

The Dell PowerEdge M series combines the Flexio switching technology to support the upgrade of the switch interconnect, which enhances the flexibility of the system. With this technology, customers can discard fairly wasteful replacement upgrades to protect and optimize customer investment in server systems. With this technology, M series users can flexibly design their web-connected blade server environment according to their specific infrastructure needs. At the same time, this technology can help users to easily add or change the network stack and uplink transmission capabilities based on changes in technology or business needs.

The Dell PowerEdge M series is an ideal platform for virtualization applications that allow customers to consolidate their data center applications and improve usage without sacrificing performance. New product implementation in a blade server rack configuration of virtual machines and physical machines, it can simplify the deployment and management of virtual environments.

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