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IBM chip Research, talent training two not mistaken

IBM spent 100 million dollars with China's 100 universities to do the focus of cooperation, some may open some large data and analysis courses, and some even set up a large data center of excellence. As we all know, China's market environment may not be very adaptable to IBM such multinational companies, or may not be friendly to such enterprises, IBM This thing is very clever, the basic course of generality more or less will take IBM's own product solutions to do some examples, This will have a beneficial potential impact. This is a good thing, it led to China's relevant cutting-edge technology education level, on the other hand, also help the Chinese government to nurture science and technology personnel training. At the same time, this bodes well for IBM's commitment to future chip development. Its development of this chip production process based on 7 NM of this silicon machine production process, at the same time, in this neural computing, quantum computing, IBM will also be involved in the corresponding low-level research and development power, this kind of technology upgrade for the future of IBM's own chip innovation and bring a very strong promotion force. IBM this time using its own sensors, large data, data collection and data analysis finally this overall IT system scheduling of some of the technology and services to help Beijing municipal government real-time monitoring of the atmosphere, sampling, analysis, and ultimately to the decision-making report, to do integrated end-to-end service process. This is the cloud and large data for the people's livelihood is a very important value.

Dell adjusts its cloud development strategy again

Dell's strategy is to further develop the original plan, its launch cloud marketplace Cloud market services, a bit similar to the parity system, the equivalent of a cloud service intermediary portal. Whether its unique strategy succeeds or not depends on the attitude of the manufacturer. In the industry competition in the disadvantaged manufacturers need more channels to further promote, Dell is playing a channel role, Dell's existing enterprise-class users may be marketplace this first or core user, which gives these cloud service providers more opportunities, It also gives Dell's users a better public cloud service, which is Dell's core strategy.

Can VMware's top secret weapons reverse the situation?

VMware's current growth rate may be at risk of a decline, the first phase of the cloud deployment of the boom has passed, VMware is undoubtedly the biggest winner, it has achieved a high market share. As software defines these trends, a lot of powerful software vendors to take this opportunity to reflect their own strength, Nutanix one of the more dazzling, VMware developed a software definition, SDDC This vision is very good, but it can not at a point on a particularly strong breakthrough. Marvin is actually a similar Nutanix solution offered by VMware to OEM vendors, but its pricing is higher for small and medium-sized enterprises. VMware's own product line is still very strong, it is now in fact to expand the horizontal function, the problem includes how to enhance the Vsan itself and its performance manifests, Marvin is actually to solve this problem to do, its preheating effect has been very good. VMware has great potential and we hope to see him in 2014 with a better performance.

EMC FORUM 2014 First Congress

The product lines mentioned in EMC Forum Forum 2014 are key product lines, a very important concept in VMAX 3 is that it is intended to open up a customer's hybrid storage scenario, with the idea that users can have a better collaboration through the primary storage platform within the public cloud and private cloud environments. Can have a better communication of this synergy mechanism. Acquisition Twinstrata let Vmax have and public cloud, with all kinds of public cloud seamless connection of the basis of guarantee, in fact, Vmax itself it did not produce substantial changes, it is a primary storage capacity or in that, joined the Cloudarray, Let it be responsible for a scheduling of this data, will bring to the Vmax a better hybrid cloud application experience. It also has a full flash array xtremio, especially when it introduces a reduced-volume version of the user's access threshold, which is a sensible move. In addition, it has introduced some more lean service and support measures. Isilon also released a new solution this time, and it's about to support Hadoop, which could be a new initiative for EMC in the future toward data fusion. In terms of user experience, the first of its own absolute performance improvement, another point will give users the innovative architecture and the new IT model to provide some better foundation of the guarantee.

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Yang Yanji: Everyone good friends, and to our weekly issue of "So many voices," Thank you very much beloved Chi always come to us to analyze this week more busy things.

Chi: Yes, it's really busy this week.

Yang Yanji: This week is particularly busy, the incident is very much, today there are almost four news topics, especially our IBM is busier, it is first with the domestic university reached a talent training agreement, put a lot of money. In the chip, it has also developed a new chip, there is also a more concerned about the air problem. Let's talk about its talent training, you think it in the talent training of such a great strength, in China this aspect have what idea?

Chi: To add, the host may not have said that the talent is mainly a large data analysis of talent, Specifically, IBM invested 0.1 billion, IBM Love said a billion, now 0.1Billion, is 100 million U.S. dollars with China's 100 universities to do some of the focus of cooperation, some of them may not be the same type of cooperation, some may open some large data and analysis of the course, and some even set up a large number of According to the Centre of excellence, perhaps we can see that but at least it is certain that it is the foundation of these training in faculty and technology, which must be the work of 100 universities, and I believe that there may be some well-known and well established universities that may have higher levels of cooperation, including some of its courses, including some of its experimental centers, Center of Excellence.

In fact, I think IBM is doing a very smart job, it is well known that China's market environment may not be very adaptable to multinational companies such as IBM, or that it may not be so friendly to companies of this kind, because we are not specifically talking about this, in the context of the market with national willpower, We see another route that IBM might take, this route may seem to me to be a curve of the way to save the country, although it invested 100 million of dollars to train China's big data analysis talent, I see it may be IBM this time, invested 100 million dollars, some people may think it is to curry favor with China's government, But I think it's probably going to be a bigger move, and we can imagine that 100 universities, four years later, have grown up with college students, and that they are certainly more or less aware of IBM's technical power and its technical system, and IBM's concept of technology. I believe that although in some courses or how to say, the basic course of universality, but I think it may be in some specific experimental equipment, some specific cases, or some specific technical explanations, more or less will take IBM's own product solutions to do some examples.

In this kind of training, after four years after graduating from this kind of college students to various industries in this field, under their influence in the future you Baobuzzi may have some of this strategy, Shang, purchase, selection, procurement in this aspect of some decisions, will bring some more potential impact.

So, from this point on, IBM, on the one hand, is sure to get some welcome from relevant government departments. In addition it is for the next years, even more than 10 years of China's market layout has been prepared for the Infernal Affairs, may be in this time of the university will be 10 years later some IT executives to do some foreshadowing, in this kind of training in the course of these students may cause a kind of, bring a kind of imperceptible, Effect of the influence of the monasteries. So I think it's a good thing in every way, it has led to the advancement of China's relevant cutting-edge technology education, and on the other hand, the Chinese government has solved a relevant such a leading innovation and technological talent training can not be said to be difficult, but may be a new kind of support, a kind of help.

The 3rd may be a better alternative to the development of IBM's own future business strategy, especially since perhaps 10 years from now, or a few years from now, it may be that the political environment will have a much lower impact on the market. However, even if the political environment is constantly bad or what, but for a lot of private enterprises may still become IBM comparison between the middle of the Chinese market expansion capability.

Yang Yanji: So at the moment, IBM has built up so many basics, though it only uses 0.1Billion, but it then developed a 7 nm and a smaller semiconductor chip with 3 billion, what do you think about the chip that the blue giant used so much money to develop?

Chi: Because in fact this report we have to go over to comb, not to develop a new chip, but to develop a chip production process, this production process is based on 7 NM of this silicon machine production process, We also know that now everyone is talking about the leader of the manufacturing process Intel is plotting its new generation of 14 NM chip Broadwell, probably at the end of 2014, can be officially launched in early 2015, this should be what we currently see human can produce the most advanced production technology, has been commercialized, 14 nm. 14 nm and then there are two more stages, one is 10 nm, there is a 7 NM, the IBM main focus on 7 nm, investment 3 billion U.S. dollars, many people, including IBM think that 7 NM should be silicon chip last generation of production technology, and then perhaps IBM will invest in this carbon machine chip new production, The carbon machine is better than the silicon machine in many physical characteristics, it produces the chip performance also can have the multiplication to ascend.

At the same time, in this neuro-original calculation, and in quantum computing, IBM will also be involved in the underlying research and development, such as it has mobilized a lot of its leading research labs, including those such as Zurich, and IBM, a very prestigious research and development laboratory, will be involved in this kind of research and development process. We also see that this kind of technology is actually very, very low-level technology, it is actually a kind of innovation of a chip, a very effective, or a very important foundation of change, it's this kind of progress can bring a lot of this kind of imagination space to many chip designers, because many times the complex circuit may cause the local hot spot, Or this kind of partial electrical or physical properties impassable such a barrier, but through the production process of some progress may be the corresponding problems will be resolved, this kind of technology upgrade, for the future of IBM's own chip innovation and bring a very strong promotion force.

We also know that some time ago there were news reports that IBM was going to sell its chip manufacturing unit to a company that globalfoundreies the chip, which originated from AMD, and that many of AMD's manufacturing processes originated in IBM, So globalfoundreies the company's technology evolution of the production process in fact, with IBM has countless ties, this time they put 3 billion dollars, I do not know whether it is not selling business will be, must be a certainty to complete the matter, or say how, But we generally see IBM in this area of hardware research and development, its ambition, which also further dispel a lot of people on it, breaking the rumors that IBM abandoned the X86 server business will further give up the hardware, the chip business will give up.

3 billion dollars is not a small number, and I think the investment is indicative of IBM's commitment to future chip development. We also know that the chip is the core of IT infrastructure, IT infrastructure inside the soul is actually chip, a variety of chips, we also know that the server inside the chip, CPU, network equipment, storage equipment inside the corresponding processing unit of this chip. So the development of this 7-nanometer chip technology can actually bring us a lot of imagination, it can even be said that IBM's future use of the chip space is also very large, probably not only in this general-purpose CPU, some dedicated CPU, this proprietary processing chip may bring new changes.

From this point of view, in fact, compare us we've actually had a video before. We talked about Hewlett-Packard's discover convention, and we also know that HP is talking about its future new computer code, called Machine, which has a set of memory, using this light path of the processing channel technology. So this kind of big company now may you find it a trend, really will be more concentrated to study some of the underlying technology, in order to bring a more subversive, a greater change, I think this may be a good trend.

Well, there may be a time when our big companies are more focused on the practical success of business, ignoring the old story and the real skills you had when you were rich or who you were. Now we find these companies in the Internet after the baptism of the tide, you will find that many so-called Internet innovation is actually on the surface, really can bring them the foundation of innovation and ability, in fact, inseparable from the bottom of these specific product mix.

For example, everyone says that the Apple phone is good, bring a lot of smart phone this innovation or how, but if you do not have the corresponding hardware, not so small CPU, not so powerful processing power, no good touch screen, no good flash memory of this chip protection, you are simply impossible to achieve such an effect. Now, the storage capacity of your mobile phone is the memory capacity of our PC ten years ago, a mobile phone 64G of this storage space, then you think about ten years ago what the PC is, in fact, a lot of this concept of innovation, business innovation, business model innovation, are your underlying technology product portfolio is constantly accumulating, Cumulative derivative effect generated by superposition of each other.

So this kind of scientific research is strong, big companies are starting to focus on the very bottom of the research, I think for our future end consumers it is actually a very good news. It is possible, then, that the companies ' responsibilities and core values will be further clarified. I don't think it's a humble point, some people who engage in internet innovation may go a little closer to the user, maybe it can bring this kind of goodwill, or the popularity will be higher, but it is undeniable that the same great companies stand behind them to provide such advanced product mix and technical support of such companies, I don't think you can talk about the new innovation and business model, the business model. So we also concluded that the first one has discouraged many of us, not including me, for IBM will give up the hardware of this speculation, unless IBM is stupid, sell the X86 department, if you really want to sell the hardware, you now put 3 of billion, you have money to burn or what, I think I can rule this out and see the determination of IBM hardware.

And it's a very deep determination that it's not the kind of investment that makes some hardware at a very shallow level, but really is the kind of innovation that is rooted in this core layer, at the bottom. On the other hand, we also saw some of the IBM-related friends, you can see the overall environment, we may be in this wave after the sand, each can also see their own positioning, the level of the industry can gradually be clear up, We also expect that both HP's machine or IBM's 3 billion dollar investment will bring a good return and bring us a more imaginative future.

Yang Yanji: Yes, so IBM does these things for our customers to consider, it is also recently in the weather above a little effort, with our Beijing government has agreed to use large data and cloud computing to manage our haze weather, just also have netizens in question said big data how tube weather, trouble you help us to interpret.

Chi: In fact, this press release may be more straightforward, the news said it can help the Beijing government to govern the haze of the weather, I think it should be more precisely to the governance of smog to provide better decision-making support, I think this statement may let more people understand.

In fact, you say server, storage, large data, it will be able to wipe out the haze, it is not possible, it is not a vacuum cleaner, it can not be said to suck all the smog away. But we also know that the role of data analysis and the nature of large data is that it allows us to recognize some of the relevant specific elements of the real world that we exist, which may be around us, but we do not usually have the appropriate technology and tools to detect them.

The host should know that the light we normally see is actually very narrow in the whole spectrum or radio spectrum, in the spectrum of visible light, we sometimes go to see the universe, and if you take this optical telescope, you see it very close, because there are a lot of dust in the universe, there are many of these nebulae, It will prevent you from further exploring the field behind them in an optical way.

But we can use infrared rays, gamma rays, and the associated Ray radio waves to get to the realms of the universe involved. But before we could start with the original, we have a pair of eyes that can see visible light, but then we have the tools to find out that this radio wave actually is just a part of the radio wave, and it's actually going to the highest gamma ray or something. , many of these radio telescopes now come to restore this source of the universe by receiving radiation from the cosmic rays, what planet it is, why it is so red, which planet is how far away from us, or which planet elements in the end is what constitutes, this actually we copied back, Perhaps this large data is the radio telescope in our universe, which gives us a possible new perspective or a new force to see the real environment around us.

After explaining this principle, we'll see what IBM might use this time, may provide their own sensors, large data, data collection and data analysis eventually this overall IT system scheduling aspects of some of the technology and services to help the Beijing municipal government to complete this atmospheric real-time monitoring, this sampling, and analysis, Finally to the decision-making report these aspects of the integration of the End-to-end service process.

In fact, we also know that for example, one day when Beijing suddenly polluted, you have to pass a monitoring, for example, you can through Beijing in all directions of monitoring points you can monitor the haze in the end in which direction, it is at a kind of speed or spread of a point of view to spread, What is its specific component, what is its elemental composition, it's concentration or what, you can get this kind of information through all kinds of data acquisition, you have some analysis of the data, you see whether the haze is always from which direction, that haze direction is not some pollution, Is there some pollution that we have not found that might be the place where they are actually formed, through some changes in the weather, such as what is low pressure, which is high pressure or what is the cyclone, the pollutants can be brought out.

From the source of this proved, the composition of pollution, as well as the spread of pollution laws, combined with the weather, may give Beijing's relevant governance departments of the leadership can provide a more credible, real decision-making basis. This level of haze will be further reduced when it finally fits in with the Beijing government's investment in the governance of smog and the environment, as well as the support of its respective departments. So that's a logical set of logic that you understand now.

Yang Yanji: I see.

Chi: It's definitely not going to say that the immediate air will get us all right. Not to say that IBM in Beijing to get a data center, the data center is a vacuum cleaner, a come in to the whole of Beijing haze sucked away, not so a truth, in fact, it may let us understand first, if the haze is our enemy , IBM this system allows us to be more aware of the state of the enemy, I know your soft rib, I know you formed the reason, I know exactly the law you produce, may be targeted further to curb its formation or diffusion.

Yang Yanji: So this is also a contribution to the big data to our smarter city.

Chi: Yes, I don't think there's any big data. This set of things is the equivalent of exploring the universe without a ray telescope, it does not have the ability to let us to understand the real world of some affairs, these affairs are not with our touch or with our vision can see clearly, can feel clearly. We may feel uncomfortable, feel uncomfortable, and feel very difficult to breathe, but this is only to say that we are in the real world of a certain kind of element, a kind of performance, we want to see all the performance requires the corresponding technical means, equipment and its analysis, In fact, I think the cloud and large data for the people's livelihood is a very important value.

So, in the final analysis, we've seen the IBM moves, in fact, I think there is a soft, high and low, this is not the level, I say low is to say that can be deep to the bottom of the technology research and development, high is to this relatively high level of application, this close to people's livelihood specific direction of application, So the way to hit the shots is still very diverse, I can also see IBM's response to China's current market speed and attitude, I think this is I very agree, or that the truth, China's current market for multinational companies are not very friendly, but you can be in this environment can further reflect your value, I think this is the embodiment of a manufacturer's wisdom, you talk to these government departments to discuss the people's livelihood, to discuss how to use my skills, use my ability to enhance your this kind of government satisfaction, people's livelihood satisfaction, I think it may be one of the more flattering way, I think it is very useful for reference, I also hope that some other multinational companies do not old tight selling products such a solution, I think if you want to do some high-level government relations, help the Government to solve the problem may be a best solution.


Yang Yanji: So it can be seen that IBM in the domestic market has a particularly clear direction of development, but VMware is quite confusing, always changing its cloud development strategy.

Chi: Is that Dale?

Yang Yanji: Dell, Dell often change its strategy, have been to me dizzy, so it is now the cloud development of this strategy changed, you think it this strategy and the previous changes?

Chi: In fact, it is the strategy of the previous change is not very big, in fact, the original strategy of further development, in fact, the biggest change is a few years ago, Dell began to say it should increase investment in openstack to do their own public cloud, to Aws,google, Microsoft to compete. Not a year after it changed its tune, said that we do not intend to enter the market, we do not own the cloud services, its openstack may be more in the private cloud to use, not into the public cloud. Its public cloud this strategy of cloud services, it turns out that I can help you to better dispatch this public cloud, for example, you are a user, I can provide you with an intermediary service, that is, I can help you better to connect this market several mainstream public cloud, including Aws,windows Azure, Google's computing engine, the brand of America's larger public cloud service providers, I'm using an intermediary service that in turn allows you to enjoy better and more cost-effective public cloud services.

Now it's actually this strategy further, it itself launched a cloud marketplace such a cloud market service, this cloud market equivalent we can imagine, it actually gives you a cloud services free supermarket, you used the parity system, online, a Amoy or how.

Yang Yanji: There, Taobao has its own parity system.

Chi: Yes, there is parity, it is a bit like this parity system, that is, you want to buy a product, and then you get to this price system you can find a cheapest supplier, this product may be the cheapest in Beijing, the product may be the cheapest cat selling, you as a consumer you can in it this piece directly on the list, And then go straight to the purchase.

It is said that Dell has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with 11 cloud service providers, can in its this kind of cloud of free supermarket, can provide corresponding this kind of service system, you can in Dell's cloud marketplace go to order, understand this meaning, if you are to use cloud service such a customer, You do not need to go to AWS or how, direct, you first come to me to see, after reading I give you very detailed shopping guide, these services have, you decide after you in 11 cloud service provider inside you choose one, you can directly in my marketplace inside to order.

This is actually the equivalent of a cloud service intermediary portal, this is my summary of a very important concept, Dell this time to conclude that they have become a cloud service intermediary portal, through which to enable customers to connect the 11 mainstream cloud service providers. So it might be equivalent to one, if you apply a movie circle, it is quite a broker's role, you want to find someone to shoot the film, you first to me, I talk to you about the price, and then talk to you about a package price or how, I put the back of the person to sell, basically is such a truth.

In fact, it is also seen that Dell in several major IT giants, its strategy is indeed quite unique, whether it is really a strategy to achieve great success, in fact, it depends on the giants of this attitude to it. Is that some of the Giants to the end, like Aws,gce,google calculation, and Microsoft's Azure, if they open the door, I do not work with you, is it a great setback for it. If you are working with you, you may be at risk of a big discount, perhaps, which is something Dell needs to consider.

On the other hand, what is its strategy in China, which is worthy of our attention. China has a lot of such cloud service providers, is not Dell in China has become a cloud manager, this is not easy to say, we are also very concerned about Dell's cloud computing development strategy in China.

Yang Yanji: So you say it compares the products of 11 manufacturers to everyone.

Chi: Not to mention, the supermarket, you come to me, you come to help me list, what do you think good, this is equivalent to parity site, you think it is cheaper I go where, of course, we personally buy things may be more to see the cost of things, but as the enterprise users may be in addition to the price factor to see other, your service level , your type of service, you have chosen directly on the platform provided by Dell on the list.

Yang Yanji: It is really good for users, users at a glance, but like these suppliers of their own risk?

Chi: The supplier is actually saying that if you need to promote further, you certainly need a lot of channels, at this time Dell's free supermarket for these cloud service providers is actually equivalent to a channel, you from this channel with Dell to reach some of the agreement, I am the specific agreement model I do not discuss. However, after this calculation, I think if I am a cloud service provider, if I in this industry competition has been in a disadvantage or not less strong position, I may be willing to work with Daley, one more channel. And I think it's more attractive to say that this marketplace, in fact, can make these cloud service providers may have more opportunities, or more direct access to Dell's customers, Dell's existing enterprise-class users may be marketplace this first or core user, These users are also likely to be a target for these public cloud providers. It is Dell's core strategy to allow Dell users to enjoy a better public cloud service through the purchase of a free supermarket, with the help of Dairyun intermediaries.


Yang Yanji: Why are you rushing to say VMware, because it's this Marvin, and I don't know if its weapons are really going to make a change in the virtualization growth it's slipping into? Because we've mentioned Nutanix before, it's a technology-king company, Marvin and Nutanix products are also antagonistic, I can not use the word how, corresponding, you can say the two companies in this respect, or Marvin is not really can VMware bring some good prospects for development?

Chi: Well, we can comb it, actually Marvin this topic before I remember talking, in fact, we also saw some news reports, some analysts feel that VMware's current growth rate, that is, there is the risk of a decline, meaning that we are in the first clear, VMware is not falling, but it is growing faster and riskier. This is because in the original this, I said the first phase of this stage of development may have passed, virtualization, this cloud of the first phase of the deployment of these may be the upsurge has passed, in this upsurge VMware is undoubtedly the biggest winner, it has achieved a high market share, Including its virtualization management platform vsphere, and its vcloud this suite.

And, of course, it's EUC desktop virtualization, end-user computing, and VMware has been a great success. However, in the future, you will find that as this software defines these trends, the software definition of VMware is the most loudly and earliest, such as the Software definition Data center, but this software definition actually gives the industry a lot of space or imagination. Many of these powerful software vendors have been able to take this opportunity to show their strength, in this respect, Nutanix is in a sense that we prefer to define it as a leading infrastructure software vendor, a dazzling one in the trend of software definition. On a generic hardware, for example, the general hardware on the X86 platform, you are in the general hardware to do their own leading development, this is actually to tell the truth is that your VMware is not around, why say that hardware it can do some very focused things, is the chip is my own, such as IBM it this big machine, Mainframe chip is my own, architecture is my own, so said the software development environment is my own, I play in the inside, if my family alone, others do not want to compete with me, because this system I do not open, I do not want to play in this you can not play, but now the situation is not the same, the hardware is universal, the standard , then who developed on the top of things, others can not interfere, we will eight Immortals crossing each show its ability, you have the capacity to develop.

VMware developed a software definition, SDDC This vision is very good, but it may be the product line is also more, it may be the development of power, it can only be fully advanced, but it could not at a point of a particularly strong breakthrough. So this nutanix is actually a very strong breakthrough in server San software definition storage, and it's all about this basic mainstream virtualization platform, which is a simple introduction to the server San, which is equivalent to centralizing the local storage of servers to synthesize a large storage pool. Quite previously centralized storage is equivalent to saying that the server shares a rack with the storage, so to speak. Of course it's a presentation. Storage may still be centralized storage, but it is distributed in different servers, by the server's local storage to host, it can be unlimited expansion, theoretically can be unlimited expansion, you add the number of servers can add the corresponding storage capacity. And then if you're dedicated to that kind of storage server, you're equivalent to your installation is a large horizontal extension of a storage, in fact, this flexibility is still very high, which is theoretically analyzed.

Nutanix we've seen it the biggest now the number of nodes in this production environment is thousands, VMware's Vsan is its direct opponent, currently 32, is the verifiable node is 32, we can see that it is 30 times times the difference. So said to the user's attractiveness is no doubt, in fact, everyone's hardware is the same, are X86 server, is the software is different, you can not be tied to the user to buy your things, everyone is X86, I chose a lot, Some time ago we talked about Dell's and Nutanix's OEM partnerships, installing Nutanix software on Dell hardware to form a new hyper-aggregation system.

Conversely, Marvin is actually vmware to provide OEM manufacturer this kind of similar to Nutanix solution, it is actually a more complete package solution, you installed Marvin this set of things later, these storage virtualization, network virtualization, computing virtualization is all there, And also give you a good management platform, in fact, OEM manufacturers are happy to see it, the key lies in the ability of Marvin itself can reach this competitor, beyond the level of competitors, this may be further trouble VMware this aspect.

The latest news says Marvin may not be released at the end of August, they may say, I do not know why, of course, it must be prepared for the company, some people say it is not good at small and medium-sized enterprises, This kind of super aggregation system is a very big help to the small and medium enterprise, because it is relatively simple to deploy, the extension is also very easy, one one is extended down, the horizontal extension goes on OK. VMware We also know that its products are always tall, the general small and medium enterprises may be ...

Chi: Maybe its pricing is really high for small and medium sized businesses, but we have to admit that VMware, anyway, I asked some customers, may complain about the cost of VMware, but for VMware's product performance, the functionality itself has little to complain about.

So VMware's own product line is still very strong, it is now in fact to expand the horizontal function, your own ability performance is your vertical embodiment, you this functional expansion is a horizontal, in terms of Vsan, it is really hard work, It's actually an important gap with Nutanix in Vsan. Because storage is very important, you can't always highlight the virtualization of some things, calculation, this calculation and storage will be parallel, in the middle it will be connected to a network, so how to reduce nxx this virtual network configuration difficulty , how to improve the scalability of the Vsan itself and its performance is a challenge in front of VMware.

Marvin in fact is to solve this problem to do, you use my Marvin this suite, your server can be as nutanix as the scale-out, can do high-performance this server SAN storage architecture. This may be everyone to Marvin a hope, now we are also looking forward to when we can see VMware Marvin Lu Shan True, but I think the Marvin Preheating actually has been very good, in fact, has caused a lot of users even certainly also include OEM manufacturer's attention, We also believe that some of its core OEM vendors have already got the Marvin Test, this kit.

Or the truth, whether it's Marvin or not, or Nutanix, or another manufacturer, their products feel that the more likely the user's choice, this type of products, super aggregation of products for users is also very helpful, ultimately, this competition, the birth, Continuous development, evolution, and ultimately the benefit of our end customers.

Yang Yanji: You said that VMware is also a particularly tall manufacturer, its Marvin how to occupy the market of small and medium-sized enterprises?

Marvin Small and medium Enterprises market in fact, I think it should have a more cooperative strategy with OEM partners, like these small and medium-sized enterprises may be more sensitive to cost, some functional requirements may be relatively weak, is not for small and medium-sized enterprises to specifically launch a new version of the Marvin, I think it should be necessary. Including its vsphere, vcloud have these versions for midsize enterprises, I think Marvin must have, but this has to be step-by-step, need this, because it ultimately delivered to the user is a systemic thing, so it must be with the OEM manufacturer has a very close partnership, OEM manufacturers can also according to the different product lines it provides to customize the corresponding products, I think because the OEM is actually a new SKU, a new model or a new inventory, a unit, I think this requires VMware and OEM manufacturers think about it, But I think I have a cautious optimism about this.

Yang Yanji: So hopefully VMware's Marvin will bring more virtualization growth and make it grow faster.

Chi: Yes, can this growth offset its already mature product, or the development of a very fast, but now is very mature market brought about by the decline in the growth rate of this one, cancel each other, even to go to work, that the first stage has stalled growth, It has a new product line or a new good product portfolio that can lead VMware further, and we know that VMware's turnover in 2013 is about 5.1 billion dollars, and I think it has a lot of potential, and we hope to see a better performance for VMware in 2014.


Yang Yanji: The last thing we're going to talk about this week is about the EMC conference, or the Seoul, and it's a very good place to pick. The EMC conference is also a product of a series of software hardware, and it has acquired a twinstrata company, which is bound to its own Vmax, which is the docking business of what is a public cloud, and you say is it going to have other new moves in the public cloud?

Chi: Let me be clear, certainly not to say there is any such a public cloud this aspect of the intention, it may have plans, but may be held in this Seoul of EMC Forum Forum 2014 did not specifically disclose, this time we can see that the new product line is a key to some of the product line, First, we're going to talk about it. This first layer of Tierone storage product line Vmax,vmax 3 This generation came out, and it's an important concept in it is that it wants to get through the customer's hybrid storage scenario.

So, this performance, model, I do not have to say that, we can go to see our frontline editor Liu Jie on the scene, we are in our storage channel on the first page of the corresponding entry, the specific model I do not say. Just say from its idea, actually hope to be able to get through, let the user in public cloud and private cloud environment inside, through main storage platform can have a better collaboration, can have a better communication this kind of synergy mechanism.

In fact, many times we depicting mixed clouds, actually, a lot of people are talking about whether I'm going to turn the virtual machine over, it's all about computing a mix of resources, but a lot of people might overlook a point, including someone who may have just entered the field, and you're mixing it up and your virtual machine is gone. How your data is stored, there is a way that the virtual machine will pass, but the data is back to my data center, but we also know that the bandwidth inside your datacenter is different from your Internet bandwidth.

Another way is to say that my data is migrated to the public cloud with my virtual machine, so that they can perform better in the public cloud, because in the public cloud, the virtual machine and its data are together, are similar to the local storage access that architecture.

But this time the problem comes, if I use a set of storage, in the public cloud where the use of a set of storage, the data interface APIs between them these will definitely need these aspects of the scheduling, you in this respect, it actually you public cloud so much, then you this primary storage to deal with so many storage, It's a really troublesome thing. In the end, why should I focus on this, because I think the first hybrid cloud is the future direction of development, on the other hand I think this storage as a tierone, you as your performance, in fact, you are more than the previous generation of good many times to make sense.

So I'm not going to go into that at this level, it's a change in application mode that may be more important, it may lead to a better use of mixed cloud environments.

One of the key nodes is that it buys a company like Twinstrata, it does cloudarray this product is doing a cache, does a buffer actually lies in its cloud and its main storage between a buffer, a buffer barrier. So, this time I just need to follow the buffer of a demand to connect my corresponding storage and public cloud on it. In fact, this let Vmax have and public cloud, with all kinds of public cloud seamless connection of the foundation of the guarantee, frankly speaking, in fact, Vmax itself it did not produce a substantial change, it is a primary storage capacity or in that, but it added to the Cloudarray cache intermediary equipment speaking, There are cloudarray to be responsible for this data to do a scheduling, because the data first through the Cloudarray to do some distribution, do some of this deployment to the public cloud or to deploy to this private cloud, this is from the Cloudarray to be responsible for management.

But when combined with Vmax, it may bring vmax a better hybrid cloud application experience. I think this is one of the very important objectives of EMC's acquisition of Twinstrata. Of course Vmax itself must also have some specific design for some scenarios related to the application of the hybrid cloud, so this is an important step.

Next it has a full flash array Xtremio, this time with a relatively new release, in particular, it is the introduction of a relatively reduced version of the capacity, not to say that the feature reduction version, is a reduced capacity version, providing 5TB starting capacity, In fact, this can prove that the full flash array in fact, it is the market demand span is constantly widening, I think it's a sensible move for some of these small and medium businesses to be interested in a full flash array, and it's appropriate to launch some Low-volume versions to reduce the access threshold for these users.

In addition, we have introduced some more lean service and support measures, for example, seven years to maintain this price unchanged, there are some this you have to feel that its performance does not meet its specifications, you can choose to return within three years, but also to achieve 95% of the use of capacity life of SSD can be carried out, EMC can provide you with a free replacement or something, and it should be free.

So for Xtremio is very good news, anyway, through some investigation report Xtremio actually is now the market share of the first full flash array, it further to do this after-sales service support this aspect of the card in terms of, I think the effect is somewhat similar to the millet phone in the mobile phone market for this price of the card bit, so similar to this configuration, this performance of the cell phone, millet It card for example, no more than 2000 yuan, may go to the terminal when not more than 1000 dollars, 800 dollars, if you follow this competitor, Because we also know that the full flash array has a relatively low threshold, which is lower than the traditional disk array threshold.

So you can see now a lot of this startups innovative companies, startups a lot, do a full flash array, that is, these large enterprises have been collected several, a lot more. The old-style storage vendors We know like IBM have their own, and NetApp has its own full flash array. So the full Flash array competition is very hot, I believe 2014 is definitely, including 2015 is definitely full flash array is the year of the bayonet, maybe everyone in the happy enclosure, hope that in this start-up era, the initial stage can occupy their own territory.

Xtremio this time to do such a release, this strategy, may also be a bit, the follow-up of some manufacturers you have to refer to such a system, unless you think you in this market brand influence is definitely greater than this kind of price factors, you can ignore. Otherwise, I think any one that does a full flash array will have to focus on the EMC package and the support strategy for this service.

Like mobile phones, unless your brand like Apple, Samsung, you can sell Sanchichi more mobile phones, otherwise you see a lot like other mobile phones, Lenovo, Huawei, ZTE, step by step, or cool pie, you see a lot of pricing range, you can not say completely affected by millet, but I think Millet gave a very large frame of reference , equal to push we can refer to I think Xtremio this release is similar to such an effect, but is not really able to achieve such an effect, we have to wait and see the change.

Third, we see it as the traditional file storage platform, Isilon also released a new solution this time, Isilon we can see that it is going to support Hadoop, the future may also support OpenStack Swift object storage, According to EMC, the underlying storage architecture and system actually doesn't change much, but it deals with different types of data, and it has changed the way it handles the Hadoop platform, The object should store its underlying isilon. This storage system has some independent strategies for responding independently. So for Isilon they are now called data platforms, we know it isilon in fact, the typical positioning is a file platform, it is called the data platform, it may be a future EMC to data fusion a new initiative.

So, specifically, I think we can go to see our related reports, so I now just put some major products released here to do some brief share with you.

Yang Yanji: So it's also a series of products, and it's a big support for EMC in the face of the public cloud. You said a lot of technical aspects of the problem, I would like to ask the user what these products to the user what new good experience?

Chi: First of all, experience I think I just said, the first of its own absolute performance of the promotion, this is beyond doubt, I do not have to say more, several times the capacity of Ascension, several times the performance of the upgrade, several times the expansion of the ability to upgrade, this for us is actually the most direct and obvious benefits. Another advantage I think is that it may be indirect, it may give you a user, or for your users want to do some innovative architecture, or the adoption of a new IT model, it this model to provide some better foundation of the guarantee. There are two aspects to this guarantee, one is to let you from scratch, you may use these devices before you can not have this ability, another level is that from the point of view, the ability to be gifted is to say that you have the ability, but I can now make you do better, make it easier for you to use, and manage more effectively, Including this acquisition of Twinstrata company, it used the Cloudarray, the name known as the Cloud Array cloud array, the meaning of this array is very obvious, this array is actually in the cloud, then your access to it is equivalent to the cloud access, Or the access to this hybrid cloud as a node. This kind of advantage I think may be latent, but may be more far-reaching impact.

We know a lot of times when users in the procurement, before the box at this stage, performance is the first, I want performance or how, of course, may also be combined with the price reference. The future may be more of a reflection on this architecture, because if you have a more advanced architecture, performance is relatively unimportant, for example, someone bought a particularly good performance, but I structure than its cattle, then I am sure the overall effect is still better than you, may want to synthesize a comparison, I'm sure this is a better one. For example, I now prefer a hybrid car, which may cost more than you, but it may not be as powerful as your car, it's not as good as your car, but my car may be more fuel-efficient, more stable, may bring this kind of comprehensive experience will be better, in the long term I this comprehensive use cost may be lower, I'm just taking this as an example, and I think it's often true that this kind of it change is architecture first, after the architecture is established, you can think about the price/performance of the specific product, which is a natural or many of the CIO's current view, so I think two aspects, one is the revenue it brings to the customer, One is the improvement of performance itself, which is incremented by generation, which is undoubtedly a kind of ascension. The second is a kind of promotion that helps users establish new architectures and ideas, which I think is an experience that EMC Forum brings to us.

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