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The Friday Beijing Rare 8-class gale weather, LSI 2012 Storage Forum held as scheduled. This is the first time the author to participate in LSI Annual Storage forum, in the meeting gap and next to a few people who participated in the forum last year, the participants were far more than last year, the site also has many users of LSI acceleration program and not listed new products show a strong interest.

How do you meet the challenges of storage performance for different applications and data centers of different sizes in the face of small and medium-sized data centers, enterprise-class data centers, large data centers, and even cloud-based data centers? From the forum I see that the answer to LSI is: 12Gb SAS, PCIe SSD, smart cache software, high availability Das, while these four blocks support the 2012 LSI storage theme-speed data center.

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Kelly Bryant, vice president of the LSI company RAID storage business, looked at the changes in the data center driven by the industry, including the massive growth of storage, the Data warehouse, and the massive computing that came with large data centers.

Cloud and mass data pose serious challenges for various forms of data centers, so enterprise-class data centers and large data centers need to explore the ability to "accelerate" from critical factors such as servers and storage devices. Whether it's improving the storage performance of traditional hard disks, expanding the functionality of traditional memory in the server, or transforming the data center storage and storage hierarchy, the focus is on the storage needs of different scale data centers.

LSI has explored various 12Gb SAS breakthroughs and high-availability direct-attached storage (high availability DAS) in this year's Storage Technology forum, as well as how to add more intelligent functionality to the SSD to accelerate applications and data storage for intensive operations.

The HA das can not only solve the storage space expansion, high performance transmission demand of single server, but also meet the requirement of high availability of data storage. LSI Technologists also combine cases to explain the performance of SSDs in accelerating data center work-intensive applications. SSD accelerates applications, eliminates bottlenecks, and accelerates data access.

Now that data centers and clouds are driving the IT infrastructure beyond traditional capabilities, and storage deployment patterns have changed significantly, storage technologies such as 12Gb SAS, SAS advanced connectivity, and SAS switches have become a major part of the data center. LSI RAID Storage Division software strategic planning director Terry Gibbons said: "Departments and small and medium-sized enterprises with SAS to achieve storage integration and connectivity, enterprises with SAS to achieve direct storage of servers, large data centers with SAS implementation of the central storage rack." ”

The Gibbons presentation introduces a case of using Ha-das in a bank business hall and compares the components and costs of traditional ha (SAN) and Ha-das

As a positioning of SMEs, departmental data centers, medium-sized enterprises, remote offices and branches of products, ha-das although not mainstream but the market competitors are not many, is a rather worth digging the market. LSI RAID Storage division's software strategic planning director Terry Gibbons is introducing LSI HA das: "Ha-das provides shared storage and storage controller failover capabilities for direct-attached storage, ensuring that applications are in a continuous state of operation and that applications are more high-performance." ”

Now that SSD is not only widely used in mobile phones and personal computer devices, but also an exciting technical storm in the field of cloud computing, the on-site audience has shown great concern about the future of SSDs. Michael Chang, director of the LSI company's accelerated Storage division, presented a number of typical examples, including accelerated SSD capabilities, server for workload optimization, databases, e-mail, and other data-intensive applications.

Chang believes that application acceleration has three major challenges, first of all, the memory of the write and reliability of the system and equipment to keep pace with the rapid development; second, HDD provides the highest storage capacity, and SSD performance is excellent; third, server virtualization makes storage more difficult to manage and cost. As a result, faster flash solutions can fill performance gaps, and smart flash solutions can leverage both HDD and SSD's own advantages, while simplified flash solutions are key to reducing TCO.

At the end of the forum, Chang revealed some of the details of the new technology that LSI will release over the next few months, including the XD software for database acceleration and the ease of CSA, as shown below:

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