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December 12, the world's first large-scale conference to explore the industry Internet, 2014 CVW. The industry Internet conference was held in Beijing and was synchronized through the big screen of New York Times Square. The conference was made by the Asia Letter Group, the cloud base and the Chuang-Zhuang economic and Technological Development zone jointly hosted more than 5,000 global it and traditional industry leaders and elites who are concerned about the development of Internet and traditional industries, and explored the evolution of "Internet access to traditional industries", "traditional industry internet" and the technological model and business innovation of industrial Internet.

In the afternoon of manufacturing @ internet forum, Suzhou Tiandi Cloud Network Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Mr. Huang Jinchong brought "navigation GPU cloud computing" keynote speech, sharing the development history of GPU cloud computing.

Moderator: The next one is welcome to Suzhou Tiandi Network Technology Co., Ltd. CEO Mr. Huang Jinchong, he shared the topic of cloud computing.

Huang Jinchong: Thank you, host, the following want to share is a bit different cloud computing. We may have heard a lot about cloud computing introduction, application. The GPU cloud computing that may be used by us over the years.

Suzhou Tiandi Super Cloud is a member of our group, we have a head office in Beijing. Our role in the group is to provide cloud computing server research and development, production. So this is one of the things that I want to share with you in general, what are the so-called GPU calculations, and what is GPU computing? Is the combination of a GPU plus a EPU accelerator. is what we call GPU computing. Then GPU Accelerator, its manufacturers, we have heard, that is, nvidia. It is from the previous game cards, to the graphics card, to the current performance of High-performance computing cards to help improve our computing capacity, and the amount of calculation. This is the one I'm using to describe what we're computing on the GPU, is like a pizza delivery, when we ordered a pizza delivery, send a family to our hands, this is the process of our GPU, he received a task, is a calculation, calculated down a task. After the GPU, it is a lot of delivery to send to many families inside, this is the GPU function. But the task that the GPU receives the graph computation, will give the GPU acceleration card operation, he can do next task. And so the results of the calculation, it can return to GPU,GPU in the original task to go down, this is the basic GPU computing concept.

Because the NVIDIA has 2010 years to launch the market, to now have 5 years time. Now for the design, there is a product associated with our cloud computing. Like we used to use PCs before, a user is a PC. In the previous GPU product, is also a user to face a computer, and then apply its server inside the EPU accelerator, do related operations. That GPU product is now combined with cloud computing, there are several related applications.

One is the cloud interaction, and we have a relationship with consumers, is the cloud game. Now before we play the game, often because of insufficient bandwidth, there will be pictures postponed, will card. There is no sense of fluidity in playing games, and this GPU acceleration can solve this problem. In addition, the rendering of graphics, as well as video encoding, decoding. In the application of online shop, there are some video.

In the use of cloud games, there are many manufacturers have been doing this application, such as the layer of broadband through, as well as Tsinghua Tongfang, China Telecom, has launched a cloud game-related products, services.

There are some cloud game providers coming through the set-top boxes, so our GPU-accelerated servers are in the back-end section, this set-top box and backstage connection, in this cloud game, show on our home TV, or PC we can experience this kind of no postponed cloud game at home.

Another way to experience this cloud game is through different terminals like mobile phones, ipads, or PCs, and that architecture is through a virtual set-top box concept. In the use of radio and television, is the transfer code, there are not part of the wire, the current application in this respect.

This is our decoding of some customers using GPU acceleration to do some codec software. In the design of the application, GPU acceleration has a synergistic function, such as the designer, after our Chinese designers finished design, because of jet lag, to the U.S. designers to do the part of the design. So a job can cut a few parts, so that different groups, or different countries, designers, in different time areas, to complete this work. This is another feature of GPU acceleration. Before the GPU application more is the university, the Scientific research unit, but also has the meteorological Office, the Observatory, these uses many, calculates the quantity to be more application.

Because there are many researchers, continuous efforts under, now in the application, there are more than 200 kinds of applications, can be used to speed up the GPU function. We animation, simulation can be used to accelerate the GPU part.

Because the GPU this product in the community with less, so I use some successful cases to introduce you to this GPU in the Internet some of the relationship, previously on my report.

Thank you.

(Responsible editor: Mengyishan)

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