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August 31 News, China Telecom officially released the Sky Wing cloud computing strategy, brand and solutions, plans to officially launch next year Cloud host, cloud storage, such as series of cloud computing products.

According to Yangjie, deputy general manager of China Telecom, at present, China Telecom cloud computing room area has reached 10 million, the room has 300, more than 100,000 racks. Yangjie also said that China Telecom cloud host and cloud storage products are already in trial business, will be officially operational early next year, can provide high-performance virtual host 20,000 units, storage capacity up to 20,000 GB.

Cloud computing becomes the core of strategic emerging industry

Since the concept of cloud computing, cloud computing industry in China has been the government agencies, telecommunications operators and it manufacturers to promote vigorously. From concept to technology to practical application of the leap-forward development, it can be said that cloud computing will be the PC, the Internet after another information industry changes.

According to IDC Research report: The Global Computing information capacity will grow rapidly with 58% annual growth rate, by 2020, the total amount of global digital information will reach 35X1012GB, the amount of data is unimaginable, if all of this information exists in the DVD disc, The disc folds up more than twice times the average distance between the Earth and the moon. Therefore, it is a general trend to create new technology and operation management System.

According to gartner2009-2011, the world's top ten Strategic Technical analysis report, cloud computing is recognized as a revolutionary technology that can change the human information life. As a technology, its inclusion of virtualization, on-demand scalability, flexible computing features, completely subvert the traditional information technology delivery model, to meet the user on demand, anytime and anywhere to use demand. Due to the unique technical features of cloud computing, cloud computing will also subvert the existing IT industry business model: from buying products to buying services, from purchasing to paying on demand. As an accelerated development of the industry, cloud computing will promote the IT industry from the manufacturing sector to the upgrading of services, and thus drive the rapid development of the entire information industry.

The national "Twelve-Five" plan clearly put forward: with major technological breakthroughs and major development needs as the basis for the development of strategic emerging industries into a leading, pillar industries. Cloud computing will be the core part of a new generation of information industry in strategic emerging industries, and China Telecom, as a state-owned backbone communication Enterprise, will assume irreplaceable social responsibility and historical mission in the development of national informatization.

China Telecom takes the lead in strategic transformation

At the end of 2004, China Telecom pioneered the strategic transformation from traditional telecom operators to integrated information service providers, and as early as 2005, China Telecom's integrated information application service for small and medium-sized Enterprises was regarded as the earliest SaaS (software as service) prototype in the industry. 2009, China Telecom set up the "Wing Cloud Plan" project team, solid advance cloud computing deployment, thick thin hair, has been successfully for the Shanghai World Expo, Taiwan, a bank, Universiade and many other customers to provide a reliable and efficient cloud computing services.

In the long run of cloud computing operation practice, China Telecom profoundly realized: with other IP, IT, information "3I" Blending innovative applications, network support capability is restricting the "cloud computing" technology and product development of important factors, can even say that the network ability is to decide "cloud computing" The core foundation of service scale development. Cloud computing services only with the Wired wireless network seamless docking, deep integration can really bring users efficient, convenient and safe service experience.

China Telecom is not only a fixed telecommunications, mobile communications, satellite communications "Heaven and Earth" Network of telecom operators, but also in the cable broadband, Tianyi 3G Mobile Communications, data center, etc. are in a leading position, China Telecom's leading network capabilities for the rapid development of cloud computing Services provides a solid foundation.

At present, China Telecom's broadband network has covered all areas inhabited by the backbone network width of 22T, the international export bandwidth reached 760G, broadband users more than 70 million; with the "Broadband China-Optical Network City" project started, the next three years, all cities to achieve 20-100m access capacity. By the end of June 2011, Tianyi 3G Network has covered all counties and county-level cities in mainland China, nearly 90% of the township, Overseas roaming access to the global, no matter where you go to the real time to connect China Telecom network, to achieve information within reach.

Build Asia-Pacific's leading cloud computing service provider

Based on the leader of Intelligent pipeline, integrated platform provider, content and application of the strategic positioning of the participants, China Telecom officially into the field of cloud computing, relying on network operational strength, is committed to become Asia-Pacific leading cloud infrastructure services provider, build an open, flexible, secure, standard cloud application environment, aggregation partners, Together to provide customers with ubiquitous cloud services, so that customers stroll the sky Wing cloud, enjoy a new life of information.

First of all, China Telecom relies on the national Data Center infrastructure resources, unified construction and deployment covering the country, the industry's first-class cloud computing data center, "Twelve-Five" period will have the ability to provide millions of high-performance virtual host. Through constructing the whole network unified cloud management platform, realizes one point access, the whole network service, realizes the rapid provision of the resources, the flexible dispatch, on demand, the green environmental protection, each other disaster preparation. Relying on the large-capacity high-speed Internet, transmission network and fiber-optic broadband network covering the whole country, realize high-speed interconnection between cloud data center and high-speed and convenient access for users, so that cloud computing and broadband integration, and realize the network home and service.

Second, China Telecom cloud host and cloud storage services have been tested commercial, will be formally operated next year, a phase provides 20,000 high-performance virtual host, 2X107GB storage capacity, and can be upgraded according to user needs at any time. The pilot cloud platform was upgraded in October 2011 to open Unified Communications, positioning, video surveillance, Machine-to-machine (machine communication), payment, authentication and other network communication and application capabilities to partners, providing a first-class development environment and application delivery platform, to do a good job in the application and the user's bridge and link.

China Telecom Cloud Host service is based on cloud data center infrastructure services and professional services capabilities, to provide customers with on-demand IT infrastructure resources (computing, storage, network, etc.) of it as a whole service. Cloud host will be based on virtualization technology, with rapid deployment, easy to use, on-demand purchase, flexible expansion, and many other advantages. China Telecom has accumulated a lot of experience in the experimental phase, and has provided flexible and stable service for the Expo Pavilion and volunteer service platform.

China Telecom cloud storage is to meet the vast number of users of the storage space needs of the development of online storage management, backup and share the function of cloud computing products, through the cloud storage, can achieve automatic business data backup, home data synchronization sharing, mobile phone that is to clap, multiple-screen access interaction for families, students, business people, Small and medium-sized enterprises to bring security, convenience, high-speed, large capacity of the cloud storage application experience. As long as there is a network where the PC, mobile phone or all kinds of tablets can access the user's data at any time, the network will become the core of people's lives and work.

Third, to achieve research and development breakthroughs. China Telecom relies on Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, the three major research institutes thousands of professional science and technology team, has set up China Telecom Cloud Computing Research Center, "Twelve-Five" period, China Telecom will focus on heterogeneous cloud platform, network cloud load, mobile cloud applications, industry cloud applications, cloud security, cloud broadband products and other topics to research and development drive innovation, Lead the transformation with innovation.

China Telecom will join hands with the industrial chain, serve the government, enterprises and the public, support the cloud migration of the administrative system, deploy IT infrastructure, build the sky-wing cloud computing ecological environment, create cloud industry brilliance. Hope in the near future, cloud computing can be fully integrated into the day-to-day production and life, as water, electricity, the same social public resources, centralized operation, Plug and Play, social public services and enterprises, personal applications in the overall construction of the cloud data center, so that the network omnipotent, so that services everywhere, so that the world can reach.

This February, China Telecom officially launched the "Broadband Chinese-Optical Network City" project, the current sky-wing cloud computing strategy and set sail, convenient, fast, efficient and safe comprehensive information new life has been gradually approaching.

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