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On behalf of Silicon Valley innovation of the popular fried chicken, Tesla (Tesla) electric vehicles to the domestic, has been located in the high trade circle, overseas Chinese Fu Grass Experience Center. Last weekend to Zhongguancun show A, located in the Haidian book City 3W Coffee Door, whether through the passing, or the admiration to go, have the opportunity and Tesla to a close contact, to talk about my impression:

The last person to see Tesla at 3W was Zheng Shunjing, general manager of China, at that time Tesla domestic store opened the date has just settled, but also began to recruit, the scene to explain to me the small partner is the first group of Tesla Chinese staff, see, he was "the first batch" or very proud of.


The introduction of Tesla should have seen a lot, now show this is model S, is also the representative of Tesla. The body is made of aluminum, weighing 2.1 tons; Why 2.1 tons of total aluminum, which is almost the weight of luxury SUV, because there are 600 kilograms of battery weight.

Tesla is most proud of the 4.1-second hundred kilometers acceleration performance, 38.5 meters of braking distance, next to a friend said, the renminbi about 1 million of the price is not expensive, this accelerated performance in the sports car must be 2 million, cost-effective can also ... I said I was not calm.

Another Tesla can take to blow is, can do 500 kilometers of distance, in the pure electric car is the best results. From Beijing to Tianjin, running back and forth without worrying about no electricity. Lithium battery can charge and discharge 1000 times no problem.


This is the basic performance, in fact, I am most concerned about this 17-inch full touch control, the effect of the control screen? Deliberately went to experience some, first of all a great feeling is that although the screen is large, but completely a plane, looking a bit awkward, because you see most of the car control is very type, in the control is also, but a screen is limited to this point, all function settings and display on this plane.

In addition in touch feeling, experience more fluent, but no iphone that finger and the feeling of the screen fit, there is still distance, may be the surface of the thick protective glass, the entire interface is simple and elegant, gray tone mainly.

To design a 17-inch window in the control interface, Tesla must have been unprecedented, the specific system how to design it? Tesla was planning this:

Control Interface:

There is also a topic bar at the top, more like Mac OS (you'll find that there is a Mac OS or a Windows system that has to exist). See below this is the control interface, the whole car control mainly in this block, the above large box has skylight, table and Chair heating project settings. The bottom left is the opening and closing of the doors. The lower right is controlled by various lights.

And down, and the lower left corner of the control Interface Start button a row of air-conditioning and volume settings, this arrangement and the traditional car control position set is a complement.

(Control Interface)

(Seat heating setting)

Main interface

Turn off the control window, see the main interface, there are "media", "Map/navigation", "energy", "internet", "camera", "Phone" several shortcut buttons, easy to start, the camera is actually reversing the image.

Because this 17-inch screen is really too large, so the main interface is actually a dual-screen display, such as the following this state, the above is a reversing image, the following is the Web interface, now the system does not support Chinese, so open the Chinese interface is still garbled, this rhythm a bit slow ah.

Tesla's built-in map is Google Maps, not offline maps, support WiFi and 3G networks, data need to download through the network, and the same computer, try the next in Zhongguancun this piece, open the map is really slow, with WiFi, and navigation function can not be used. It is said that when the official listing in China, the map will be adjusted, otherwise, really can not use.

Tesla's dashboard is also an LCD screen, but there is no domestic use of similar design of the car to do so fancy, there are multiple models optional and so on. What do you know about the graph on the right? It's about the fuel consumption of a petrol car, which shows the average power consumption over a distance. The total remaining power is then indicated by the number of kilometres that can be travelled.

Turning to Tesla's system about the interface, Model S is the model, the red P is a high-performance version, 85 means the total charge is 85KWh. Now the system is V5.0 version, the system can be upgraded through the network OTA.

China listing process

Tyrants the first idea after Tesla was sure to come, but there were three questions, 1, how much? 2. How to get on the road? 3. When can I buy it? The three questions are not completely settled, and the first experience store in Tesla China now needs 250,000 deposit for the car, but the official price is not set, but only about 1 million yuan. 2, although it is pure electric vehicles, but Tesla according to the current regulations, and petrol car, in Beijing, the card is also need to shake the number. 3, when can sell to also is an unknown, the official said the approximate time is this 3 ~ April. So Tesla is also a futures in China.

Now, Tesla's localization in China is not perfect. At least these are some of the issues that need to be addressed before the IPO:

1, the system of Chinese. 2. How to use the navigation map? 3, the car pre-installed which operator's Internet card? What charges. 4, after-sale 4S repair and maintenance how to get? ...... Tesla looked beautiful, but there was a way to get to the ground, but the bosses had been cash for a long time, and it was said that Lei had booked a car.

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