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In the Internet Conference, once again see the ant as Science and technology founder Shang, on its virtual display glasses product project status of the exchange. The game helmet, to be the "Chinese virtual reality product", will be kickstart on May 14 in the U.S. public-chip website, and will be produced in August this year.

When Facebook bought Oculus for 2 billion dollars, I invited Shang to interpret the virtual reality product. At the same time, the VR, which he did at the end of 2013, also began to receive domestic attention. According to him, his project has won a round of financing by the Tsinghua Department's Investment Organization, the specific amount has not yet been announced.


Is it difficult to kickstart in the public?

Shang VR Virtual helmet reality game helmet products and a lot of new intelligent hardware entrepreneurs, the adoption of the first research and development, and then pre-sale, sales of the model, so it is more suitable for the public. Choose Kickstart this well-known platform, financing only on one hand, and more importantly, I hope this project can go to the world, more people see.

One thing I'm curious about is, is it difficult to kickstart as a Chinese project? Shang gave me the answer is not difficult, but very cumbersome.

In order to kickstart, they prepared for 2 months before and after. Mainly in the documentation and presentation of video requirements more time-consuming, requires a full English. Eventually they will land on the kickstart on May 14 to start the pre-sale.


Experience four generations of products

I can see that Shang is more confident about this product and likes to compare it with Oculus Rift, the star product that has been proven worth. The product, he said, is the third virtual reality game helmet to be marketed globally after Oculus and Sony have adapted a product to a PS game.

Compared with other features of Oculus, it can be fully compatible with PC, PS and other game terminals, can achieve 1080P resolution, each eye can accept 1 million pixels of the screen, with 100° field angle, 9-axis sensor.

The Aspheric lenses (Aspherical Lens) were used to calibrate the distortion, and the inner view screen was equivalent to 200 inch TV screen by using 2 aspherical lens for refraction and refractive. According to him, through the SDK to software developers, can also be used to control four-axis aircraft.

Shang's products have gone through 4 development phases, and now the third version is presented, with a resolution of 720P and a weight of about 600 grams. I saw the final version of the industrial design, the shape is very cool, eventually in the 300 grams within the weight, with 1080P display.


(The full logic of the Ant View VR)

Price is not expensive?

At the same time, there will be two different versions, the wired version and the wireless version. The price is 300 U.S. dollars and 500 dollars, which is on the kickstart of pre-sale prices. August after the domestic mass production, will be the official sale.

As a virtual reality helmet product, 500 dollars is almost 3000 yuan, is not some expensive? This is my question, Shang says the 200 dollar difference is mainly in the wireless module. According to him, the video-radio transmission module He uses is similar to the professional wireless monitor used in film and television filming, and is a product developed by Israeli companies with a cost price of about 200 dollars.

Where is the revolutionary impact?

After the short-lived boom of virtual reality products, what is the revolutionary? At least, whether it's Oculus Rift or Shang, the VR product is just a game helmet. This is another question for me.

Shang that, in the case of virtual reality game helmets, the revolution is really not big enough; in the foreseeable future, they are the first to mature the product. After that, we will consider working with the game company to launch a tailored game; Oculus is the same way.

But the real revolutionary product is in smart glasses, and now its products will be the basis of smart hardware products. According to him, they are also developing a smart hardware that will be launched at the end of the year. He told me that the glasses weight would be within 200 grams, to achieve 150° angle of view.

Innovative power and soil of intelligent hardware

Although the mobile Internet Conference is not a session of smart hardware, it gives me a big impression that after a year of heat, it is now flat. Whether it is the dynamics of the wind or innovation is declining, followers in the reduction, and slightly like Shang do such a differentiated product, it will attract a group of investors to follow, in a live sharing, around its exchange card is not the media but investors. So as long as you have good ideas, and can be put into products, now there is a more mature soil and growth environment.



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