The first domestic business association to use cloud computing in Chongqing

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1/24/2013, the company computer does not install "> Office software, but directly in the cloud service platform to invoke software. This cloud computing technology has been applied to the management of the city Chamber of Commerce in Chongqing. Yesterday, the Sichuan Chamber of Commerce learned from Chongqing, the Chamber of Commerce and June Shield technology company 17872.html "> jointly develop" Sichuan business "cloud service platform, and therefore become the first to use cloud computing Chamber of Commerce organizations.

The so-called cloud computing, refers to the establishment of a unified data center, so that a single client no longer need to deal with complex data, thereby increasing the efficiency of the use of resources. It's like setting up a pool where each user taps the faucet and the water naturally flows out.

The Chamber of Commerce is an autonomous organization, whose main function is to build a resource sharing platform. In the past, this platform is mainly in the form of member fraternity and Chamber of Commerce website, the main disadvantage is that the scope of resource sharing is small, the platform is inefficient. After the cloud service platform based on cloud computing is established, the member enterprises can not only share the Office software, but also interact with the information in a wide range, including social, electronic commerce, network authentication, etc.

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