The first Enterprise Services "cloud" landed Wuhan Cloud computing Alliance was born

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(Changjiang Daily reporter Yang Yi) in the "cloud" concept flying in the moment, Wuhan's first Enterprise Services public "cloud" landed. Yesterday, Wuhan Jianghan Economic Development Zone Management Committee, Mobile Wuhan Branch and Wuhan Henwy Information and Communication Co., Ltd. signed an agreement to build "Wuhan Fire Phoenix Cloud Computing industry base", beginning in May this year, will provide various cloud services for enterprises in central China.
According to the introduction, the base has been recognized by the State Ministry of Industry as the "national SME Information public Cloud service Platform Wuhan Branch Center."

Businesses can buy services like tap water

The so-called "cloud services", in short, is to focus a large number of data in the public "cloud server", rather than a single office computer, users through the Internet to store, read data, can get rid of office hardware equipment and environment constraints, anywhere, any time remote application.

Mobile Wuhan Company responsible for the introduction of the Phoenix Cloud base will provide all kinds of information applications, mainly including data storage, centralized operations, hosting, a card and so on.

Simply put, a business can outsource its own servers to professional management, or do not buy a server, directly rented "cloud", can be in 10-100 trillion full fiber broadband transmission of large files, smooth online fax, video conferencing, or in the mobile phone built-in information card, both as access cards, and can play attendance, can also shop in the Park supermarket.

A few hours to complete the work, such as the drawing to the animation, in the "cloud" can be completed in a few minutes, managers out of the field, can also use their own mobile phone or ipad, check Office information, or operation of logistics management, such as return.

In the cloud base, these services are based on storage space or traffic charges, similar to the purchase of "pay mailbox or tap water."

Yesterday, the reporter learned that the fire Phoenix base will be responsible for operations and platform support, Wuhan Henwy is responsible for investment and service applications, Jianghan District from policy services to support. Jianghan District related officials said, in the three-party contract, "Wuhan Cloud Computing Alliance" was born.

It is reported that the alliance is mainly composed of five forces: Government agencies-go-between, research institutes-to provide technology "shells", operators-build technology platform, information operators-to provide services content, small and medium enterprises-users.

This March, the first Wuhan Cloud Computing Federation Congress will be held, by then, hundreds of various types of enterprises would gathered, jointly promote the Wuhan Phoenix Cloud computing industry base development.

At present, the base of the first phase of the project settled in Jianghan Economic development zone, the total area of 12,000 square meters, can accommodate 50-60 cloud computing related enterprises settled in. At present, Beijing Shenzhou Digital Online Technology Co., Ltd., the Great Wall Broadband Network Services Co., Ltd. Wuhan Branch has been stationed intention. May, Wuhan Fire Phoenix Cloud computing industry base can be officially online operation.

Previously, the city has just passed the "Wireless City" construction program, the 2012 Wuhan Mobile 3G Network will cover the Central city, 2013 coverage of the whole town. In the future, more local enterprises can access the cloud computing base through the Wuhan Mobile wireless network, conveniently obtains the service.

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