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Tencent's earnings for the second quarter of 2012 showed net advertising revenue of 879.7 million yuan (139.1 million U.S. dollars), up 62.9% from the previous quarter, and 71.7% per cent over the same period last year. This is the first time in the last quarter Tencent network advertising revenue over Sina, Sohu became the domestic leader, Tencent network media revenue once again broken record. Tencent Company Network Media Business Group president, Group senior executive vice President Lau finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Tencent gained strong year-on-year revenue growth in the second quarter of 2012, mainly by the contribution of the new platform and in the main advertising industry to increase market share driven by the new platform, including Tencent video, Tencent Weibo also includes the basis of the social advertising platform, and so on, these high-quality platforms produced a huge amount of data. Data make Tencent become the domestic "big data" era, the most imaginative space and development potential of an internet company.

The challenge of Big data

The data is new oil and it will bring incalculable marketing value. The arrival of large data has bred the digital media model, the core resources is obtains the real-time, the massive, the effective data, the legislation body is the big data analysis, the profit source is the accurate marketing.

Lau that this is the golden age of collecting data: "Everyone is willing to let the world know his personal affairs." ”

It was the best of times and it was the worst of times. Data real-time collection processing is a huge challenge. Tencent has more than 783.6 million QQ active accounts, 469 million microblogging users and more than 100 million video users, 597.6 million QQ space users. Apart from mass users, Tencent N products xn platform xn a terminal xn user relationship of the huge service matrix, resulting in unstructured, fragmented, and massive.

In addition, the industry chain is also focused on the large data. "In the coming Big Data era, the industry chain of the network industry will also have a restructuring change." "Well-known internet people Xie on many occasions, the rise of the WEB2.0 model, so that the production and dissemination of information and product and service promotion more rely on the interaction between users to achieve the separation between the site and users." Various separation trends have created a huge challenge to the operation of network companies.

Facing the difficult problem, Lau admits: "In the large data age, there is no lack of information, but the lack of professional integration of information, analytical capabilities." ”

Test data mining capabilities

This is an industry-level challenge. Lau said that the next focus of Tencent's network media business group is to integrate and break through the large data age, to build up the professional ability of data mining, to understand the user's behavior, to provide scientific data base for satisfying users ' needs, and to match the most appropriate brand marketing model, and to better serve advertisers.

"Tencent will invest heavily in data mining expertise to provide brands with the best time and the right place to expose them." "Lau said.

Tencent has its own data mining team in all major product lines. At the product level, this year Tencent began a series of internal integration, revision. April through Tencent Weibo and QQ space, launched a wide-point platform, July Tencent homepage Revision, Lau can be clear, Tencent Network Media Business Group (OMG) will provide users with "a never seen user experience", at the same time with other business groups to carry out a full range of data access, excavation and interpretation.

As for privacy concerns, Lau said: "Precision advertising based on data mining provides companies with accurate user portraits, that is, the crowd." In addition, Tencent has tiered protection of user data, underlying data and basic user information. ”

The road to big data is not smooth, but Lau said: "The road to the lonely, but also to continue to go." ”

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