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Red Rice Phone

Red Rice is the first son of Millet brand, and the recent red rice mobile phone also to 799 yuan price to market. When it comes to the differentiated positioning of two brands, Lei says Millet faces enthusiasts, while red rice faces the masses. He does not deny that red rice is likely to pull down the millet brand, but stressed that as long as the red rice is a good product, it will certainly be able to promote the Millet brand has a role.

In addition to capturing the market with a subdivision strategy, Lei also admitted that the launch of the red-meter mobile phone was also stimulated by the outside world. Last April-July, some peers continued to accuse Millet mobile phone "profiteering". And this time the introduction of the red rice mobile phone, also be lei as a response: "Anyway I finished is 799, if anyone can do, I would very much admire."

Wear equipment

Outside the red rice, there has been speculation about the preparation and introduction of a variety of new products for millet. For outside rumors, Lei adopt a kind of neither admit nor deny attitude, he said that the past millet gave up a lot of attempts, there are still many ideas in the millet laboratory, but these attempts will not necessarily eventually become product release.

Talking about the current hot wearable equipment, Lei said that he tried the smart hand ring more than 10, Google glasses have tried. But these did not arouse lei purchase desire, he thinks the current wearable equipment's industrial chain is not mature, how the chip continues to miniaturization, how to reduce power consumption still to be solved, "real business still want to take time".

Hundreds of billions of revenue

"Focus is a very difficult thing, we have to restrain greed, can do one thing, do not do the second thing," Lei said, and millet at this stage the core product is still mobile phone. Lei pointed out that the current smartphone architecture has been stable, the next step in the direction of development mainly in the sensor, and related parties links.

Lei emphasizes the most important innovation of millet, is software + hardware + Internet triathlon mode. "Our immediate priority is to run this model smoothly," Lei said, and the internal efficiency of the system has been amply demonstrated, but it will take two or three years for the system to show real power.

Millet set the target this year is mobile phone sales of 15 million units, revenue reached 28 billion yuan. Lei to this outlook said, next year millet revenue will reach 50 billion or 60 billion, the fastest (2015) will reach 100 billion yuan revenue.

Rice Chat No regrets

In the system of millet, rice chat and is considered as a weak link. However, Lei's view and the outside world, he recalled that the original rice chat had had the idea, if Tencent after a year to respond, rice Chat The winning percentage is 50%, if Tencent two or three months have a response, rice chat should be 100% will die.

Lei thinks betting on rice will be a billion dollar business if successful. But then Tencent soon launched the micro-letter, so Lei now the view is that rice chat can survive has exceeded the expectations. Lei to describe the rice to survive under the Tencent artillery "cockroach", he said he would not be frustrated by the rice chat.

Change the world

When it comes to comparisons between Chinese and American entrepreneurs, Lei revealed that he had asked three questions before Elon Musk (Tesla, SolarCity, SpaceX founder): 1. What if the Tesla tram crashes? 2. The biggest difficulty to go to Mars 3. What's your next step? Lei Remember Elon Musk replied that the next step is to change the aircraft industry.

This answer is the embodiment of the difference. "I was asked if I wanted to change the world, and if I wanted to talk about changing the world, we would definitely say I pretended," lei bluntly: "I don't believe that Chinese entrepreneurs today can change the world." But Lei also hopes that in a decade, Chinese entrepreneurs will have the idea of changing the world. (Shu Shi)

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