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Today, the iphone has a lot of fruit powder all over the world, and many young people simply use it to buy an apple phone. Like many people, since my hand touched the first iphone, I've really fallen in love with it, making my BlackBerry look like an ape-made brick. I want to hold it in my hand forever, and I did it--until this year's holiday, I started switching to Android. Forgive me, Steve.

If you don't like the story of a loyal fan betrayal, please don't read it anymore. After a couple of years of being in love with my iphone, my attention was gradually drawn to something else, and I personally did not resist that attraction. Ever since my hand touched the first iphone, I've really fallen in love with it, making my BlackBerry look like an ape-made brick. I want to hold it in my hand forever, and I did it--until this year's holiday, I started switching to Android.

I wasn't actually going to use Android until I was disappointed with Apple and the iphone. I still think the iphone has the best design and is one of the best products I've ever used. I have my own MacBook air and ipad, and I recommend it whenever I have a chance. But I have to confess, I really envy you when I find my friends, such as Gigaom's colleague Kevin Tofel, using the Android phone. So I borrowed a trial last fall when I went to Amsterdam to attend a European conference.

The first thing I'm interested in is the big screen of Nexus and other Android phones. I like browsing Web pages, files, and photos, so the bigger the screen, the better. I also like the openness of Android, and I'm wondering if it's a good thing to compare the "walled garden" that runs with Apple's iOS system.

There is no doubt that Apple's garden is more beautiful, and all closed-maintenance gardens are so. It's a great advantage to have very fine maintenance inside, dirty, unpleasant software that's all checked out to make sure it works. In other words, the fences have been overlooked by the beautiful flowers. Sometimes, however, some good things are excluded, such as text, software, and tools that do not meet Apple's requirements to bind to other networks and services. (including services that don't want to pay for Apple, of course.) )

The following experience is a comprehensive reflection of the difference between the two system platforms. I took a photo of an Android phone (Motorola Razr HD) and suddenly thought it might be possible to display the photos on the TV screen. I have a Western data multimedia center that stores all my pictures. Usually I will first transfer the iphone image to the computer via itunes and then import the western Data Multimedia Center. I was wondering if I could get a picture of the Android phone through DLNA directly into the multimedia Center (DLNA similar to an open version of Apple Airplay Wireless transmission network). After 5 minutes, I downloaded a software that directly imported the photos into the multimedia center and then appeared on the TV screen. I also handled a YouTube video in the same way.

Another experience that lit my eyes was to share a Web page on a Motorola phone. If it's an iphone, you can choose between Twitter, Facebook, email and printing options. But in Android, the sharing options list is longer than the screen. You can share everything, both Web pages and software, in almost every way. For me, this represents the level of the two system platforms.

Perhaps you can also use the iphone and ipad to display photos on TV, but to do this you need an Apple TV and airplay, and connect them to the rest of the Apple family (like itunes, to tell you the truth, I hate this stuff). If you're like me, there are a number of non-Apple family of equipment, such as the Western Data Multimedia Center and the running friend Extension System (Translator Note: A desktop-oriented Linux operating system) of the PC, then you will be regarded as second-class citizens, because the apple is usually not talk about these things.

There was a time when I was continuing to focus on products other than Apple, as Liz Gannes in the digital age: Gradually, I used Google's products to replace Apple's services and pre-installed software, such as maps, emails, and so on. The iphone hardware still appeals to me because it's so beautifully crafted and it feels good to hold it in hand. But when it comes to service, Apple is far from the best, looking at things like icloud.

I miss everything about the iphone. Like Ralf Rottmann, he has written a story about his own faithless process-I miss imessage because many of my friends and family are also using the iphone. I also miss Photostream, which allows me to automatically show my photos on the ipad and MacBook Air. But all these features, I can use the Google and Facebook applications to replace, even Amazon S3 system Openphoto software can easily handle photos.

When I describe the difference between two system platforms, I say: In iOS, if you want to do something, you'll find that one or two tools will do your job, and they'll do very well. But if you're looking for something they don't, I'm afraid it's not that easy. In Android, you'll find 15 to 20 software to help you achieve a feature, and many are free. But most of them don't fully meet your needs, and only a few will make you feel satisfied.

For me, the difference is simpler: Apple's design is impeccable, but it limits your choice in every way. And I find these restrictions are more and more, even though the flowers behind the fence are so beautiful. Android offers a "completely free choice". In the final analysis, I believe that free choice and higher openness will prevail, even if at first glance unattractive. That's why I decided to move to the Android camp forever. Forgive me, Steve.

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