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According to the gold Vest Wild Mountain Ginseng Project related Responsible person discloses, as of June 17, starts one months the wild Mountain Participation Project priority intention subscription rate already more than 70%, the intention subscription total amount has exceeded 600 million yuan, the fund to account nearly 200 million yuan. In the golden Vest wild Ginseng Call the hot, the project questioned the voice also began to appear. China Securities newspaper through the media to comb, found that the question of the main focus on three aspects: the number of 2 million trees can be cashed, 2.8 billion yuan in the purchase of funds will be to where and planting wild ginseng whether there is profiteering. June 17, China Securities newspaper with these questions, personally to Liaoning bi-water Forestry Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Green forest) Wild Mountain Ginseng Project Base, in connection with the investigation, and exclusive interview with the bi-water forestry general manager Li Jin-wen, bi-water forestry is the first time through the media to respond to these questions 2 million whether false in the gold vest wild Mountain Ginseng purchase time less than half a month, there are media questions about the 2 million capacity from where? Because the growth process of wild ginseng is very slow, its planting is very different from conventional agricultural products, it is called "Alpine". High-quality wild ginseng growth on the soil, lighting, surrounding plants, temperature and climate requirements are also very harsh, the above two causes even if the artificial seeding of wild ginseng, its 15 wild mountain ginseng Overall survival rate also only 3% of the seeding quantity. Therefore, the media questioned the "2 million wild Mountain ginseng trade need at least 66.66 million wild ginseng as a support." Where does this amount of capacity come from? "Gold Vest has issued a notice in this regard, Liaoning Kuandian" Flyover ditch "wild Mountain Ginseng Project of the sale of assets is based on the evaluation of the relevant institutions issued by the assessment of the report determined. Li Jin-wen told reporters, bi-water forestry has a total of 100,000 mu of woodland, wild ginseng effective planting area of 30,000 acres. This time with the gold vest sales of 2 million 15-year wild ginseng is based on 7 million stocks, that is, the green water forestry only take out less than one-third of the number of transactions. At the same time, Li Jin-wen also said that the signing of the gold vest with the trade is only two of green water forestry planting wild Ginseng Ditch, the company also has a planting wild ginseng ditch and not counted, the conservative estimate wild ginseng total stock should be in 30 million trees, absolutely can pay 2 million of the number of transactions. In 15, the overall survival rate of wild ginseng is only 3% of the seeding amount, Li Jin-wen said, 15 wild ginseng survival rate conservative estimate should be 10%, but there are many of the body is not up to the standard of the gift parameters, 3% should refer to the probability of the gift of timber. Reporter in the field investigation found that the two ditch to deal with the Wild Mountain ginseng age in 5-12 years, the mountains of dense mountain ginseng, if not carefully look at any time may step on. And according to the Green Water forestry is responsible for wild ginseng planting deputy general manager Liuchangqing said, light to see the ground on the number of wild ginseng is also not allowed, because some wild mountain participants in the field long, but not emergence, and so on a period of time before the emergence. And for the reporter to submit a follow-up transaction during each month to provide 1000 of 15 years Wild Mountain ginseng to send the wild mountain ginsengFrom where, Li Jin-wen said, the current transaction of wild Ginseng is 5-year, but the company in 2006 before the purchase of woodland, there have been ginseng farmers began to plant wild ginseng, woodland area of about 700 acres, wild mountain Ginseng in the age of 6-15 years. Bi-water forestry directly from the hands of the acquisition of these woodland, so the number of wild ginseng sent to the main from the 700 acres. In order to protect the interests of investors, the gold vest has increased the repurchase mechanism of the buyer, that is, after 10 years after the consumer can spot transactions, the sale will be the annual simple 6% return to achieve repurchase. But what if the green-water forest is having problems in the past decade? In this respect, Li Jin-wen said, the Green water forestry transactions within the scope of more than 20 square kilometers of wild ginseng forest has been all pledged to the gold vest. Even if there is a problem, the gold vest can take over the land immediately, thereby offsetting the loss of investors. Moreover, the wild ginseng actual sale of the total amount of 5% as a performance bond to the gold vest for safekeeping. 2.8 billion yuan cost accounted for more than 60% due to the wild ginseng purchase total amount of 2.8 billion yuan, a large number, so the planting wild ginseng is the existence of profiteering has become a hot spot of attention. Li Jin-wen said that the wild ginseng return cycle is relatively long, 15, the investment is big, the risk is big. The investment cost mainly manifests in the seed purchase, the planting and the field field. Li Jin-wen Further analysis, the forest ginseng seed per catty not less than 300 yuan, from the beginning of last year has risen to more than 400 yuan per catty. The company planted a total of 105,000 kg of seeds. After two months of cultivation, the seeds can be planted after germination. This is not a small cost, the cost of planting is mainly the purchase cost of woodland, because wild ginseng to the choice of woodland is very picky, even the most suitable for planting wild ginseng Changbai Mountain area, effective planting area can only in 30%-40%. In addition, the woodland has to be tending, whole land. The cost of planting also includes labor costs, 3 people per mu of cultivation, field field, including grass, the first three years to play three times a year grass, grass can not use machine, can only hand, this is a complex work, labor costs are relatively large. Also has the wild Mountain ginseng natural enemy management, for instance wants to hit the mouse, the wild boar. In addition, the finished wild ginseng also to participate in the sun, roof and box, each gift of packaging costs more than 120 yuan. Li Jin-wen told reporters that the company had done in 2009 a more authoritative statistics, the cost of wild ginseng per mu in 6000-8000 yuan. Only 1 trees per square metre of wild ginseng, per mu about 20 trees. But this does not include the company's staff costs, the company's day-to-day maintenance of the operation of the expenses. Rough calculate, each wild ginseng cost account for its value 1400 yuan of 60–80%. Therefore, wild ginseng planting is not a profiteering industry, the opposite risk is still very large. The funds are mainly used for wild ginseng brand building because of the bi-water forestry is a Beijing bi-water Manor Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was established, and the bi-water forestry also set up bi-water industrial Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Green water industry), mainly engaged in tourism, real estate development So investors suspect that the green water forestry sale of wild ginseng is to castCapital Real estate development. Li Jin-wen said that the Wild ginseng project proceeds will not be used for real estate development, wild Ginseng is the company's leading industry, the company will continue to the Wild ginseng brand Well, if conditions permit, will expand the scale of operation, improve market competitiveness. This is the main use of the Wild Ginseng Project income amount. "Wild Ginseng There is no leading enterprises appear, bi-water forestry as the largest wild ginseng industrial base, stand out Bounden" Li Jin-wen said, the current national Wild ginseng have no brand, only the Green water forestry registered "overpass ditch" brand. Therefore, do a good job of wild ginseng brand is not only the company's business, but also the whole wild ginseng industry things. Second, the company will continue to inject water industry, bi-water industry is the Green Water Forestry 2009 founded wholly-owned subsidiary, main real estate development, sales, tourism resources development. Li Jin-wen told reporters that tourism and real estate projects were the responsibility of the local government. At present, the key business of bi-water industry is tourism development, in the next 5-8 years, the green water industry will be the bridge Ditch Forest Park played an international well-known scenic spot, the total investment in 1.8 billion, has now invested 8, 900 million, will be higher end boutique route, set real estate, leisure vacation, tourism and conference business integrated Tourism Real Estate project, Add highlights to local tourism. At the same time, the operation of the project will bring 2000-3000 jobs to the local area. In addition, the company will increase its commitment to local philanthropy.
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