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As a member of the general webmaster, Shandong SEO in doing site optimization, and everyone feels the site content update is more a headache. In particular, the original content of the site update is in the bottleneck of confusion, but to do a good job of a website, content updates, especially high-quality content update is necessary. So since content updates are so difficult, why should content updates be done?

The original content update can enhance the user experience degree.

Now with the search engine's intelligence factor unceasingly enhances, its humanization also more and more thick, therefore it also more and more resembles a real user. In other words, it is the search engine that simulates the user's thinking and feelings, and simulates it more and more closely with the user. So to meet the search engine tone, do a good job of user experience, is the key to update the site. And the key to a good user experience is the original high-quality content update. Because there are good things to be more attractive.

Second, the original content update can meet the user and search engine desire double effect.

Website content updates, especially original high-quality content updates, can cater to users and search engines like the new content of the heart hobby. Some people say that this is called the same as the common people. That's right, but it's not all right. But from a user's point of view, the new content of the Web site is to meet the user's demand for new knowledge content, the original good content is not not attractive, but the good content of the general users are collected, so they again came to the site must be more good content, of course, in terms of the user's own conditions, Site content whether original or collected, as long as they have not seen, for them is new content, as long as the quality of high, they will not hesitate to income in the bag. In contrast, for search engines, despite the continuous simulation of people's thinking and feelings, but again, he can only be counted as a robot, not a person, therefore, search engines are like people, but not human. So, it has many inferior places, but there are many advantages over human beings. For example, the ability to store memory is significantly higher than people, so the site is more or less repeat the content of other sites, search engines know. If the site new content is not original, then the search engine will have a very bad impression on your site, as time passes, he will not patronize your site. Comprehensive analysis, original content update can meet the user and search engine desire double effect, this is self-evident.

Third, the original content update can increase the number of sites included.

Earlier, the search engine does not simulate people's thinking and feelings, of course, like people like the new high-quality content, and therefore more willing to include your site as soon as possible original innovative content of high quality. Of course, the collection will continue to increase.

Iv. original content Update can increase the weight of the site.

Because the search engine because of your good new content and constantly patronize your website, therefore, its authoritative evaluation of your site will certainly be higher, then the weight of the site will be with the search engines continue to patronize and included, and naturally increase.

To sum up, we are not difficult to boil down, site optimization should pay attention to high-quality original content updates. But it's worth noting that sometimes the original content that we publish on our website does not have a higher ranking than the website that reprinted it. This may seem unfair, but the search engine as a robot, after all, has its limitations, which determines whether the content of the original standard is not the same as people. The above situation, search engines are often based on the weight of the site to judge, so as far as possible to avoid the occurrence of the above, everyone in their original content has not been included before, do not reprint to other high-quality sites, so it is more effective to avoid the above-mentioned search engine false judgments.

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