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On the value of Light blog service

First, Tumblr profile Tumblr was formally established in 2007, since its inception, it has maintained a very good momentum of development, and domestic since the point of network, Shanda pushed him to launch a class of Tumblr services, this is called the field of Light blog has received more and more people's attention, This article tries to discuss the value of the light blogging service with everyone. Welcome everyone through Micro Bo @web20share and I to discuss 1.TUMBLR brief development history: 2007 T ...

Dot, wide, push-slip blog can not be frivolous

Point (diandian.com), Wide Path (kuantu.com), and ready to send the push-slip (tuiliu.com), the domestic Internet market has emerged from the Independent Entrepreneurial Light blog site, no longer imitate Tumblr. It's like the muttering, the rice, etc. after Twitter became famous.        But, the light blog, can live very well at home? First of all, we must clearly understand the characteristics of Tumblr, and its characteristics of the product quality molded. When using Tumblr ...

Blog Sleep micro-bo cool, light blog to grab a bit

February 29, the domestic first group of individuals founded the blog website "Min Think" officially closed.   A few days ago, Dot network for this dedicated to provide a blog moving tools, the mins bloggers have moved to point Network this emerging light blog platform. Mins Blog Closure is not accidental, dot dot net "looting" also represents the rise of light blog power. Blog in China after a decade of the road, ups and downs, into a state of slumber. Weibo has also begun to cool after two years of exuberance.   At this time, a new face light blog quietly brewing another wave of waves. Blog Sleeping Micro Blog Drop ...

"Light bo" attack to seek the development of differential positioning

This reporter Zhang Wei reported a few days ago, there is news that the founder of the Light blog Tumblr is about to announce a 85 million dollar investment, this round of financing will make its valuation reached 800 million U.S. dollars.  Tumblr in the United States, the whirlwind has also blown to China, a number of large Internet companies to follow, especially the missed microblogging initiative of the Internet companies, began to quickly move to light blogs, seeking new social strategy products. Light Blog Herd, a great repeat of the same year blog chaos and the fate of the mistakes. Since September this year, everyone station, NetEase Lofter, Phoenix fast Bo has been online, plus ...

Popular Photo Application inventory

Photo applications have been in the App Store are very popular classification applications, and with the continuous development of mobile phones, the configuration of the camera is also rising, and now a lot of people do not take a digital camera but the direct use of mobile phone to take pictures, but also mobile phone camera applications are endless, There are many very good photo applications, can even let people who do not know photography can make very professional works, people can't help but Shang applauded; but there are some very 2 B or very spoof of the photo application, I think for some people like to spoof, this kind of photo application should ...

A ramble on the long tail of Weibo

Threemonths Tail (longtail) is very familiar with the relatively unfamiliar people will have, but I believe that, because the Internet, the long tail effect of real in different areas and bring great business effects. Today with a few questions, let's take a look at "Weibo long tail". part1-What is the "long Tail" (longtail) because I am not really an expert in this field, but a learner. So before you do this, let's start by simply quoting Wikipedia and share with you what a long tail effect is. (hereafter quoted from Wikipedia) "Long tail (or long tail ...)

Talking about "mobile end picture sharing"

Background trend The advent of the era of reading images, so that 140 text described Twitter appears bleak, "picture sharing" is predicted to be the next revolution in social applications, since 2010 Picplz reelection Google Harsh popular apps last year Instagram was named the best app in the App Store, and picture sharing has become the hottest social application of the year, with 1 billion dollars a few weeks ago, when Facebook bought a 13-person entrepreneurial team, Instagram, This further confirms the trend of picture sharing. PICP ...

"Move-side picture sharing" Resolution

For "mobile-side picture sharing," perhaps a lot of people do not know very well, below and share with you. Background trend The advent of the era of reading images, so that 140 text described Twitter appears bleak, "picture sharing" is predicted to be the next revolution in social applications, since 2010 Picplz reelection Google Harsh popular application list to last year Instagram was awarded the best application of the App Store, photo sharing has become the hottest ...

Light Blog How to find the development of the spring

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall if the blog industry encounter Winter, in the development of bottlenecks, then the light blog can be said to be in this environment of the transformation, compared to the traditional blog form, to dot dot net led by the domestic light blog camp has abandoned the traditional blog information overload, transmission efficiency is low, Information update slow and so on, instead of more social information exchange, but backfired, in foreign light blog done well under the premise of the domestic light blog Camp is sad sound everywhere, or even a career change. I think that in addition to micro-letter, Micro ...

Powercam, comedy, quick push and other excellent mobile projects recommended

Powercam: is a photo + recorded like the Almighty Warrior Powercam List of features: ★ Have a large number of puzzle templates.   Common-looking, literary and artistic, 2B stylish, which fan do you want?   ★ has the original intelligent self-portrait function--what side to the lens pendulum pose side elongation arm press shutter god horse's most annoying! Come, Powercam can press the shutter of their own, as long as the intelligent Countdown 321 Oh, you can concentrate on the beautiful pose Oh, is the most love of self-portraits! ★ Photo + video, sea ...

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