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Photo applications have been in the App Store are very popular classification applications, and with the continuous development of mobile phones, the camera configuration is also rising, and now have many people do not take a digital camera but direct use of mobile phones to take photos, but also mobile phone camera applications are endless , and there are many very good photo applications, and even people who do not know how to take pictures can make very professional works, people can not help but Shang applauded, but there are some very 2 B or very spoof of the photo application, I think for some people who prefer to spoof, this kind of photo application should be able to meet the idea of their parody b There are some more literary and artistic photography sketches, oil paintings and other applications so that some like the art of the people simply fondle admiringly, because the feeling can be taken photos of themselves into a sketch painting oil painting is very good. Then let's take a look at these three types of applications, respectively:

1. General-type Photo application:

Instagram ios/android Price: Free

Instagram is currently the most popular camera application in smartphone platforms, free, easy to operate, filter function plus sharing is its biggest feature, it is not just a photographic application, more like a photo album SNS social network, users can share their photos, to make some like-minded friends, It brings a new type of photography. Instagram simple operation should be regarded as one of the highlights of it, a key photo can add a variety of effects to the photo, a variety of special effects filters and frame can allow users to DIY out of their favorite photos, the entire operation of the process is very fool, novice can use. Instagram is so hot. The main reason for removing its easy-to-use operation is its sharing function, Instagram supports the sharing of photos with many of the world's leading social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Simply registering your own account can create your own network album sharing space, whether it is to take photos or share is very simple.

After being acquired by Facebook, Instagram's current number of users has exceeded the 50 million mark. Instagram is a well-deserved king of photographic applications, although in the photo function, more than its strong application, but its photo sharing concept is a lot of applications have not.

Camera360 Ios/android (version 2.2 and above) Price: free

Camera360 is a more comprehensive mobile phone camera application, support iOS and Android platform, including photo enhancement, style processing, high dynamic range of light rendering (HDR), funny mode, moving axis style and other functions, allowing users to take a unique style of photos, It makes up for the defects of the image quality of the cell phone lens, the poor level and the weak photosensitive range, which enhances the visual impact and level of the photo. It provides different styles for different environments, increases the artistry of photos, enhances the fun of users ' mobile photography and shares confidence.

Special effects camera includes LOMO, retro, fantasy, black and white art, dream back 1839, effect enhancement, night scene shooting, streamer overflow style, choose one of them, you can take photos with artsy effect. In a situational camera, you can put your subjects on a painting and download background templates such as outdoor ads and magazine covers. Funny camera, as the name implies is a parody of the heavier model, you can use it to make a variety of surreal things, and even in the photo with the ghost Oh, sometimes can really scare people. The moving-axis camera and the color-shifting camera completely subvert your time and space and visual experience, and make your pictures seem to come from another world. The app also supports the binding of Sina Weibo, where you can share photos with your microblog. The app is also being perfected, and I'm sure there will be more amazing features added.

IPhoto Iphone/ipad Price: ¥ 30 yuan

iphoto is Apple's official launch of a photo application, is also the first to support the originator of multi-touch photography, since the launch of the iphoto, we can on the iOS device through multi-touch technology stretching, such as photo repair and other operations, it brings you a new photo-repair experience. iphoto is a thin version of PS in processing photos, however, the function is not very comprehensive, basically to meet the general user general photo-repair application, unique multi-touch operation allows users to deal with the picture when the experience is relatively good, but also to ensure that the time to modify the photos more accurate.

Apple's official production of the application naturally needless to say, for photography and image processing function is no less than some professional photo application, but it is a little bit weak in special effects processing, for some people like DIY photos, the function is slightly inadequate, in the function of the update is also relatively slow, But overall, this application is a relatively good photo application.

2. To install B spoof must

Oldify iphone/ipod touch/ipad Price: ¥ 6 Yuan

This is with Fatify, baldify with a series of products, through which you will see anyone aging appearance, but also can add a rich expression. Through this application to shoot the effect of the photo can not help but sigh the passage of time, when you will be a bloom of young girls into the old taipo of the people will be what reaction? I'm afraid I'm going to freak out.

With the same series of fatify and Baldify one is to make people fat one is the application of bald, these three applications as a photo application for the most is used to spoof, this application in addition to the April Fool's Day can have a certain market, I am afraid that no one really go to take these applications to photograph.

Taking Pictures with Dinosaurs iphone/ipod touch/ipad Price: Free

This is a fun photo application, want to go back to the Jurassic and the dinosaurs to take pictures? Taking Pictures with dinosaurs can help you achieve this desire, you can add the dinosaur material in the photograph, adjust and then synthesize, a picture that crosses to the Jurassic is so generated. How about a B?

Small series also found a name for the "Dragon Camera" photo application, compared to the above dinosaur photo application is a lot of 2 B, this camera is joined by some east or west has not existed in the dragon, how to say that the dinosaurs were once the earth a bully, synthetic a picture is understandable, But how about putting some of the "dragons" in the myth into some modern-day photos?

3. Literary and artistic Fan edition

Do you like to paint? If you like to sketch, the following two applications may allow you to make a good sketch painting, oil painting, if you tell a friend this is you go out sketching sketch, friends will think your painting level too high?

Powersketch iphone/ipod touch/ipad Price: ¥ 6 Yuan

This is a more practical software, rather than spend a few hours in Photoshop processing a photo, try this application, finger point a few screens, the effect is like magic out. With a few simple steps, you can make sketches, paintings, sculptures and other styles of painting directly. In addition, you can edit the video, so that the video you are shooting or the video of the phone into a sketch or painting, very interesting, literary and artistic.

Sketch Crash (Instant Sketch) iphone/ipod touch/ipad Price: ¥ 6 Yuan

Want to give a sketch to friends or family, but do not feel busy or do not know the painter? Sketch Quick "allows you to capture pictures directly from a photo album or camera, instantly you can convert your pictures into sketches and store them to your phone, or email them to your friends, or upload them to your friends on Sina Weibo, perhaps your friends will marvel at when you learned to sketch this skill. You can adjust the pencil level, the depth contrast, the three-color sketch and the noise switch in the photo setting, and the appropriate adjustments will allow you to make or synthesize a good sketch picture.

These two small applications are relatively more like the following section, Powersketch draw a slightly blunt sketch, nor the latter to adjust the pencil level, contrast, and other functions, the pictures can not be taken to sketch a crash such a genuine effect, but the overall use of this type of photo application will be your photos into a sketch , in front of friends to install a literary youth is good, you can say: I am also a small painter, see my sketch level is very high?

Photography is a popular art, many of today's photo applications can help users to take a short time to make a good picture of the effect, and from the current trend, the mobile phone hardware constantly upgrade, the mobile phone in the future is likely to gradually devour the card camera DC market, The vast number of application developers to refuel, in the photo application of this area of space is still very large.

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