What is Web 3.0? What is Web 3.0?

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The term Web 3.0 contains a number of meanings that summarize the various directions and characteristics that may arise during the development of the Internet, including the conversion of the Internet itself into a generic database; cross-browser, browser content delivery and request mechanisms; application of artificial intelligence technology; Semantic web; geographic mapping Network Use 3D technology to build a website or even a virtual world or a network principality.

Web 3.0 Features:

First, the WEB3.0 API (Application programming Interface) is global, that is, xmlwebservices;

Second, the speed of the Web3.0 to 10G, all the applications do not worry about speed;

Third, Web3.0 is a technical framework or operating system.

Web 3.0 is proposed for Web 2.0, and the more famous first mention was in an article on Web 2.0 in Jeffrey Zeldman's blog in early 2006.

May 2006, Tim Berners said [2]:

"People are constantly questioning what Web 3.0 really is. I think that when scalable vector graphics are used extensively on the Web 2.0-everything is wavy, folded and seemingly angular-and an entire semantic Web covers a large amount of data, you can access this incredible data resource. ”

──tim Berners, A ' more revolutionary ' Web

At the TechNet summit in November 2006, Yahoo founder and CEO Jerry Yang made the exposition:

"There's a lot of archiving and discussion of Web 2.0. The power of the network has reached a critical point, thanks to the performance that the network level can achieve. We also see that the last 4 years have seen more rich devices and more interactive ways of interacting with the web, not just in hardware like game consoles and mobile devices, but also at the software level. You don't have to be a computer scientist to create a program. This phenomenon is beginning in the Web 2.0, and 3.0 will deepen, is a true public carrier ... Professional, semi professional and consumer boundaries are becoming blurred, creating a network of business and application effects. ”

--Jerry Yang

At the summit, Netflix founder Reed Hastings elaborated a simple formula for defining Web terms:

"Web 1.0 is dial-up, 50K average bandwidth, Web 2.0 is 1M average bandwidth that Web 3.0 is 10M bandwidth, full video network, which feels like Web 3.0." ”

──reed Hastings

August 7, 2007, Google CEO Eric Schmidt attended the Seoul Digital Forum was asked about the definition of Web 3.0, Eric Schmidt joked that "Web 2 is only a marketing term, and you just invented the Web 3.0 marketing terminology." He then talked about his specific views:

“ ...... (Web 3.0) The method of creating the application will be different. So far the advent of Web 2.0 has been largely a response to a concept called "AJAX" ... And for Web 3.0 My prediction will be a patchwork of applications with some key features: applications are relatively small, data is cloud, applications can run on any device (PCs or mobile phones), applications are very fast and can be customized, In addition, applications spread like viruses (social networks, emails, etc.). ”

──eric Schmidt

Since the end of 2006, the word WEB 3.0 is gaining more and more attention, and is also the focus of more and more controversy, this phenomenon is continuing to 2007.

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