Windows Server 2003 MSCS cluster Installation Guide

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What is Cluster? There are two common Cluster (clusters) architectures, one is Web/internet Cluster system, which is to place data on different hosts, that is, multiple hosts are simultaneously responsible for one service, and the other is the so-called parallel operation! Parallel operation is actually the work of the same operation, to the entire Cluster inside the CPU to perform a synchronous operation of a function. With the ability to use multiple CPUs, you can speed up the operation. At present, more common in parallel computing functions, usually need to be seen on the "> supercomputer, these supercomputers are mainly used in astronomy, military, Physics, and so on, requires very sophisticated, large amounts of work, and stability is usually used on the hardware architecture above the Unix system.

The following is a detailed description of how to install the Cluster service on Windows Server 2003:

Hardware requirements:

1.IBM ServeRAID revisit Utility CD version 7.1
2.IBM ServeRAID 6M Array Card
3.IBM EXP400 Disk Expansion cabinet
4. Compatible with Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition Server, one for node 1, one for node 2
5. Each service requires at least two network cards

Software Requirements:

1. All computers in the cluster are installed with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition.
2. An existing domain model.
3. All nodes must be members of the same domain.
4. A domain-level account must be a member of the local Administrators group on each node. A dedicated account is recommended.
5. If one of the cluster nodes in the cluster is a domain controller, the other node must also be a domain controller.
6. If the cluster node is the only domain controller, then each node must be a DNS server.

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