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Call the grand literature writer Platinum writers forget language! Your fan base is about to scale up on a massive scale - not just readers but players right now! On July 10, Shanda Literature was formally announced to the public: The original copyright of the writer Xia Yu, "Magic Days", has been officially authorized by Shanghai Fang Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Fang"). "Magic Days" Mobile version of the advent of just around the corner.

According to Sheng Ming Feng, vice president of Shanda introduced, "Magic Days Kee" is the starting point of the Chinese language network Platinum writer forget language following the "mortal Cultivation" after another effort. With the ups and downs of the plot, vivid character modeling and compact peak back story, "magic days," once published on the hit as high as 7.4 million clicks, the recommended number of more than 1.4 million, monthly book recommended and active Reached TOP10; and won the title of "King of 2013 Xian Xia martial arts," has been the source of premium income channel.

"An excellent work embodies the author's thoughts and efforts, but also affects the hearts of many readers. Therefore, when choosing" Magic Days "as a copyright licensing partner for mobile games and conducting detailed negotiations, Shanda Literature To maximize the display of the essence of the works as a consensus, strive for the fantastic novel in mobile games to get the original expression, "Chen Ming-feng said:" inch has a very professional team building, game production experience, I believe they will certainly make Readers and gamers feel a real world of Cultivation. "

Since the beginning of this year, Shanda Literature has been frequently involved in the export of copyright derivative works. A number of literary works have already been exported to the platforms of film, television and games, setting a gratifying market record. Analysts believe this is due to Shanda Literature's implementation of the copyright strategy all along: exploring the export channels for its literary works can not only tap the multilevel values ​​of original online literature more fully, but also expand and extend literary values; At the same time also allows readers to have more ways to deeply understand and understand the work, thereby further promoting the market position of original online literature.

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