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Xiaoman, one of China's Shiber. Every year from May 20 to 22nd, the sun reaches the yellow-diameter 60° as Xiaoman. The implication is that the grains of the Shahi crop begin to grout plump. Xiaoman season, everything is vigorous, rapid growth, breeding infinite hope.

Shenzhen Xiaoman Technology Co., Ltd. (Xiaoman Technology) is an innovative Internet company designed to provide SaaS services and productivity tools for businesses through cloud computing. Mainly for small and medium-sized enterprises, to help customers improve their enterprise management level, improve sales force, resulting in sustained growth in performance, so that enterprises to step up.

Xiaoman Technology This SaaS mode of service, so that enterprises are no longer stranded in the LAN and office computer restrictions, any equipment, anytime and anywhere, so that the use of rental mode is possible. In the 2013, Xiaoman Technology obtained the angel investment of Xiaoping and Sequoia Capital Foundation. At present, customers scale more than 2000.

Xiaoman CRM products around the mail delivery as the center, providing a series of customer management related tools. Mail transceiver, itself is a more traditional function, there are many mature products, but the foreign trade industry is more special, is a heavy reliance on the mail industry, basic all the work can not be separated from. Therefore, there is a very personalized demand for performance and functionality, and Xiaoman technology has done a lot of technical work for these needs, such as mail tracking technology, mass technology, licensed mail marketing technology. This article from the Xiaoman technology CTO Xu Yue interview record.

Shenzhen Xiaoman Technology Co., Ltd. CTO Xu Yue

CSDN: First, introduce yourself and the company, the focus of your current focus, as well as the technical team situation?

Xu Yue: I graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University software engineering major, after graduation in Tencent, mainly responsible for advertising platform product development and project management work, more familiar with the development of large-scale web applications, just with the Xiaoman SaaS services.

Xiaoman Technology is an innovative Internet company designed to help customers improve the efficiency and management of their businesses by providing SaaS-based productivity tools to SMEs, leading to sustained performance growth. In the 2013, Xiaoman Technology gained the angel investment of Xiaoping and Sequoia Capital Foundation fund, just two years, Xiaoman with its innovative products and the ultimate service experience, has been nearly thousands of enterprises and media acclaim.

At present, there are two key points: one is to optimize the system architecture to carry the rapid growth of user volume, to ensure the stability of the system and access speed; the second is to analyze and excavate the large data of the enterprise, and realize the business intelligence.

The current technical team, there are about 20 people, the core developers are basically Tencent's former employees. The main technical direction is large Web applications, as well as enterprise data analysis and mining.

CSDN: As an enterprise-class SaaS service Internet company, why choose foreign trade enterprises as the cut-in point?

Xu Yue: From the inside and outside two aspects. The external aspect is mainly demand, the current foreign trade industry related software, most of them are traditional software, the focus is management, so the use of the threshold is relatively high, not suitable for the vast number of small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises; In addition, the foreign trade industry's work content, the comparison relies on the mail and so on a series of internet services, From the internal, Xiaoman founder and many team members are from the global resources, so the business needs of small and medium-sized enterprises is very clear, there are more extensive customer resources, select here as a breakthrough point, conducive to our faster to iterate and promote our products.

CSDN: As far as I know the current market to do a lot of CRM enterprises, for foreign trade also have, you and they compare the biggest difference is what, or say the biggest advantage?

Xu Yue: First, product positioning. Traditional foreign trade CRM, the focus is enterprise management, but enterprise management is not the current majority of foreign trade enterprises of the primary needs. The key point of Xiaoman CRM is customer's excavation, activation, marketing and management, which brings the enterprise's income promotion and solves the enterprise's survival problem.

The second is to use the threshold. Xiaoman CRM adopts SaaS method, compared with traditional software, greatly reduces the threshold of usage, eliminates the maintenance of the customer's use of the system, and reduces the customer's one-time input to the software.

Finally, the user experience. Xiaoman CRM uses the to C Internet product experience, redefining the functionality of the to B software, simplifying customer operations. In addition, because of the natural advantages of SaaS, customers can be more convenient to work at any time, some complex operations can also use cloud Cluster server performance, but also other traditional foreign trade software does not.

CSDN: From the customer's point of view, why choose Xiaoman Technology CRM, can bring them what benefits?

Xu Yue: Choose Xiaoman customers can be divided into two categories, a kind of foreign trade software has some understanding or even used, because the traditional software is very inconvenient, the use of frequent problems, and Xiaoman CRM does not need to install the server, anywhere open the Web page can be used, in the functional operation is also more convenient, So this kind of customer will soon be able to accept us, there is a kind of no use of foreign trade software, but companies have problems with management and sales and want to improve, and this kind of customer selection cycle is a bit longer, so we will provide a free trial, through the practice to understand how Xiaoman CRM helps them improve management and business processes. We are not afraid of customers to compare, because Xiaoman products are now have advantages, is indeed able to help small and medium-sized enterprises to improve the problem, improve management, and finally bring orders.

CSDN: At present, "Xiaoman CRM Foreign Trade version" of the customer size, there are no some heavyweight customers?

Xu Yue: At present our customer scale is around 2000, these customers from all over the country, there are many are their respective industry "leader", there are these heavyweight recognition of customers, but also xiaoman development so quickly a reason, other enterprises have heard that a certain enterprises are also using Xiaoman system, will identify with us.

CSDN: Can you tell me more about the construction process of this platform architecture? What technologies are used, and what do they do separately?

Xu Yue: Xiaoman CRM Products, is around the mail transceiver as the center, providing a series of customer management related tools. Mail transceiver, itself is a more traditional function, there are many mature products. But the foreign trade industry is more special, is a heavy reliance on the mail industry, basic all the work can not be separated from, so the performance and function have a very personalized needs.

We have done a lot of technical work on this. such as the Mail tracking technology, traditional mail after sending, in the case of the other party did not reply, completely unaware of the other party's response to the message, and through our mail tracking technology, can be in the recipient without sending a read receipt, you can also know the opening of the message, this kind of foreign trade, such as heavy reliance on the mail, Brought great help. such as the bulk of the mail technology, traditional mail mass, customers need to apply for a large number of mailboxes, a lot of time and network bandwidth, while the delivery rate is not high, sending speed is also very slow; Xiaoman CRM provides licensed mail marketing technology that allows users to send mail quickly and efficiently through our cloud servers, No need to apply for a mailbox, also do not occupy the network bandwidth of customers, currently through Xiaoman CRM, send millions of of marketing messages per month, while maintaining more than 70% of the delivery rate, which for the traditional software is "impossible to complete the task."

Another is the performance problem, because the foreign trade industry is the software heavy users, every day each user visits more than 65 pages (compared to micro-blog, about 5 pages), an average of tens of thousands of mail per customer, thousands of customers, so the product performance requirements than ordinary Internet service is much higher. In order to meet the needs of users, we have done a lot of attempts, including

Replace traditional relational database with Key-value service, enhance storage layer performance using Distributed Web server cluster and storage cluster, reduce system single point of use incremental material release, reduce load time extension caused by new release release

There are a lot of similar technical optimizations, although most are similar to the average Internet product, but because enterprise services require more stability, the system upgrades need to be smoother and therefore more demanding for the entire technical team.

CSDN: Where is the customer's concern for this SaaS product? What are the problems that everyone is concerned about? What methods did your team use to overcome these difficulties?

Xu Yue: The main concern, of course, comes from safety. Traditional software is deployed on customers ' servers, customers feel better, and when SaaS is started, customers are concerned about whether it's safe to keep their data in the cloud.

For this problem, the first is homeopathy, and now on the internet a variety of services such as cloud, training users to use the cloud service habits, so now most customers are gradually accept cloud services this way. We often say to clients that the traditional software is like putting money in the house, and cloud services is the equivalent of putting money in the bank, which is the best of both, and the client will understand.

The other is our security system to build. From the transmission, we use HTTPS transmission, to ensure the security of the transmission process; From the data, we provide the segregated database storage for the paid customers to ensure that each customer does not interfere with each other; from the product, we strictly implement a variety of protection against attack specifications (including Csrf,xss,sql injection, etc.).

So far, we have not had a security incident, which is the basis for customers to trust us.

CSDN: What can you add to the creation of SaaS for enterprise-class products? For example, how do you get a better user experience?

Xu Yue: The general view is that SaaS is simply porting traditional software to the cloud. If you do this, you are making wheels, and maybe some things are not as good as the original wheels. As a good SaaS service, it is necessary to consider this scenario in the cloud, how to improve the value of users and bring about "qualitative change".

For example, we have a mass mailing. The traditional mass-mailing function is to save the user to edit the recipient's work by mail, while the key problem is delivery rate and delivery volume, as well as the follow-up of the two marketing, these traditional software has not been resolved. The user may not be satisfied with just porting this functionality to the cloud. In order to improve the experience of mass, we do a lot of work, such as through the licensing email marketing, to solve the problem of delivery rate, through the distribution cluster to solve the problem of delivery rate, through tracking tags and the corresponding follow-up two times marketing, improve the efficiency of the mail marketing. After these several optimizations, our mail marketing and the traditional software has the qualitative change, this is the SaaS wins the user word of mouth the key.

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