The implementation method of multi-level tree menu of Android improved _android

Generally in Android to implement the tree menu, are used Expandablelist (also have the master himself inherited ListView or LinearLayout to do), but expandablelist generally can only achieve level 2 tree-shaped menu. The examples described in this

How to use the embedded checkbox in the Android MVP mode ListView _android

Use of embedded checkbox in MVP mode ListView This article is written a small demo, how to embed a checkbox in the ListView with the use of this article and the previous embedded button similar to the same, using the MVP mode of writing code, this

Deep analysis of UI main thread and child thread in Android _android

In this paper, the UI main thread and child threads in Android are deeply analyzed. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: When an Android program starts running, a process is started separately. By default, all activity or

Ways to import address book contacts to the Android emulator using the ADB command _android

The example in this article describes how to import address book contacts to the Android emulator using the ADB command. Share to everyone for your reference. The implementation methods are as follows: Using the commands provided by ADB, you can

Android Open Source Component Slidingmenu sideslip Menu Use Introduction _android

Many Android apps now have a sideslip menu that works fine. There is a Slidingmenu open source Library on the GitHub, which is convenient to use. Slidingmenu GitHub Address: Https:// GitHub said that the sliding

Use the user agent to identify security practices for the Android device type _android

As Android devices grow, many sites are starting to device Android devices, while Android's mainstream devices are mobile phones and tablets. Web site in the adaptation through the user agent (user agents, hereinafter referred to as UA) and how to

Declare-styleable Property Reuse Scheme for custom controls in Android _android

The recent exposure to the Android custom control, which involves customizing attributes in XML, is also very simple, but it is written to show that the code is not perfect, and that the attribute redundancy is found in the Attrs.xml file, So you

Introduction to lightweight development kits for fragment write parameters in Android Fragmentargs _android

Android development can sometimes cause headaches. You have to write a lot of code for something as simple as building fragment. Fortunately, Java supports a powerful tool: the annotation processor (Annotation processors). The problem with fragment

How Android saves an activity state _android

The example in this article describes how Android saves activity state. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: If you want to save information about an activity (for example, a variable of a class instance) without having to

Android Double-click the return key to exit the program implementation method _android

This article describes the Android double click Return key to exit the program, is a very useful Android program development function, share for everyone to use for reference. The specific methods are as follows: First, the realization of ideas:

Android Debugging tool Usage details _android

This article is mainly for you to explain the use of a variety of Android debugging tools. 1. View the current stack 1 function: Add code in the program so that you can see the current function call relationship printed out in Logcat. 2) Method:

Android Service Component Detailed _android

Service components are similar to activity components and can be said that service is an activity with no interface, Of course, the life cycle of service and activity is still a certain difference. Service components are generally used where the

Android System Detection Program memory footprint various methods _android

1. Check System total Memory Copy Code code as follows: LIUHX@UC ~ $ adb Shell Cat/proc/meminfo memtotal:840868 KB memfree:457344 KB buffers:1744 KB cached:203064 KB swapcached:0 KB active:234932 KB inactive:129644 KB Active (anon)

Android (Android) achieves 3DTouch effect _android

This blog to do the effect of the map: To a low quality moving diagram: The effect is not very good, in fact, the fuzzy effect should be like the first picture above, the following will release the code, interested can try to run a look at the

Share several Android development useful program code _android

"WebView loads local HTML, native apk HTML, and remote URLs" Copy Code code as follows: Open the index.html file in the asset directory in this package Wview.loadurl ("file:///android_asset/index.html"); Open the index.html file

An introduction to Android Learning Flux architecture _android

Introduction to Flux Architecture The Flux architecture is used by Facebook to build their client Web applications. Like clean architecture, it is not designed for mobile applications, but its features and simplicity allow us to use it well in

Android implement intent method to open various files _android

This article is an example of the Android implementation of the intent method to open various files. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Import; Import Android.content.Intent; Import

Android Wear Timer Development _android

Remember that in December 2013, there was a series of articles about how to develop a smart watch app that allows users to record stopwatches time in football matches. With the advent of Android Wear, it's a good idea to develop one of these apps in

Android Dynamic Add fragment instance code _android

1.fragment1 Layout and code Layout Code package com.example.administrator.jreduch06; import android.os.Bundle; import; Import; Import

On the serialization of Android _android

Cause of serialization The reasons for serialization can be summed up in the following three situations: 1. Permanently save the object, save the object's byte sequence to the local file;2. The object is transmitted in the network;3. Objects are

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