21 days learning the XML parsing and generating _android of Android development Tutorials

This article uses sax to parse XML, and in Android you can use sax and dom,dom to read the entire XML file into memory and then parse it to consume memory, and sax can trigger callback functions at each node based on event-driven processing, However,

Android realizes picture caching and asynchronous loading _android


ImageManager2 This class has asynchronous download pictures from the network, from the SD to read local pictures, memory cache, hard disk cache, pictures using animation and other functions, has been applied in a large number of applications in the

Android TextView Hyperlink Implementation _android

Hyperlinks in TextView can be implemented in several ways:First, html.fromhtml way TextView, in itself, supports part of the HTML format tag. This includes commonly used font size color settings, text links, and so on. It's also easier to use, just

Android based on Google zxing to achieve a variety of two-dimensional code scanning effect _android

With the arrival of micro-letter, two-dimensional code more and more hot, everywhere can see two-dimensional code, such as the mall inside, KFC, restaurants and so on, for two-dimensional code scanning we are using Google's Open source framework

Android with progress on a circular progress bar _android

We still use a small example to see the use of Custom view and custom properties, to take you to define a progress with the circle of progress bar, we should first look at the effect As you can see from the above, we can customize the color of

Android development in the process of getting logcat log information from time to time (with demo source download) _android

This article describes the Android development approach to getting logcat log information in a program. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Sharing a practical example in software development today is a small example I used

Custom Android Hexagon progress bar (with source code) _android

This example describes the Android custom round progress bar, shared for everyone to reference. Specifically as follows: You can also refer to these two articles to learn: "Custom Android Round progress bar (with source code) " " Android with

Android Baidu Map POI search function Instance code _android

Before the introduction of the text to everyone to say what poi mean. Due to the work of the relationship, often in the document will be seen in the poi of the three-letter abbreviation, but has been POI's concept and meaning has not been very

Android realizes gesture sliding multi-touch zoom to reduce picture effect _android


Although there are many online articles, but this effect is few and far between, I sincerely offer for your reference Implementation principle: Custom ImageView The control to the appropriate layout (dynamic layout). Here you need to understand

Android Development Common Classic Code Snippets collection _android

The example of this article summarizes the common code snippets for Android development. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: 1. Picture rotation Bitmap bitmaporg = Bitmapfactory.decoderesource (This.getcontext ().

Android Engineer Face Questions Encyclopedia _android

The following is the time to meet the interview problems to organize, to share with you for your reference, the specific content as follows Java Basics: 1, the reason for the memory leakage 1), resource object not closed.such as cursor, file and

Android SHARESDK fast Sharing _android

First step: Get SHARESDK In order to integrate SHARESDK, you first need to register and create an application to SHARESDK official website, obtain SHARESDK appkey, then download the SDK package on the download page of the SDK, and after

The Android WebView control captures information entered by the user _android

WebView can be called one of the most powerful controls on Android, omnipotent.So there is a need, the user in the app embedded in the WebView input account password, the app needs to capture the account password entered. When the user input

Android webview Optimization Road _android

With the iteration of the app, the embedded HTML5 interface is getting more and more, and the problems caused by WebView this powerful component are increasing, for example: 1, the oom problem caused by webview 2, the Android version is

The Chinese garbled problem _android of the Android string and hexadecimal conversion

Nonsense does not read said, directly to everyone paste code, code with comments, can explain everything, this article is not good, please forgive me. Import Java.io.ByteArrayOutputStream; /** * Created by the Administrator on 2016/2/2. *------

Android Development Animations Animation usage examples detailed _android

This example describes the animations animation usage of Android development. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: One, animation type The Android animation consists of four types:alpha, scale, translate, rotate In an XML

Android programming sliding effect gallery+gridview to achieve the image Preview function (with demo source download) _android

This article illustrates the Gallery+gridview of the Android programming sliding effect to realize the image preview function. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: The Android system has a GridView and gallery two controls,

Android Custom Player Control videoview_android

Introduced Recently to use the player to do a simple video playback function, began to learn videoview, in the screen switch at the same time encountered a bit of trouble, but after the information is finally resolved. In the write Videoview play

Android uses service to implement background send mail function instance _android

This article describes the use of service in Android to implement the background send mail function. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: The procedure is as follows: Import android.app.Activity; Import

Simple example of ProgressBar usage in Android _android

This example describes the ProgressBar usage in Android. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: ProgressBar is often used in Android, and the following examples illustrate how to use ProgressBar. Import android.app.Activity;

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