Android Custom Component Listpopwindow_android

First look at the effect: The effect is this, look at the implementation, in fact, it is not difficult, is to open up for small partners to use, if there is unreasonable place, I hope everyone will correct me.1. Custom PopwindowFirst of all, we

Android Dazzle Dancing Sky Snow effect chart _android

Today Sunday, not suitable to go out, too cold, Vulgar said: 1929 not shot, Sanji go. Our application can also have some winter effect, teach everybody to do a snow animation effect, reference. Main (1) Hide the status bar and display the

Android Custom View Process parsing _android

Android Custom view, mainly inherits view, then implements OnDraw this method, to draw. 1. Write your own custom view 2. Join Logical Threads 3. Extracting and Encapsulating custom view 4. Use XML to define styles to affect display

The Android development tutorial uses a combination of shape and selector _android

Shape and selector are often used in Android UI design, such as we want to customize a fillet button, click on the button some effect changes, we need to use shape and selector. It can be said that the role of shape and selector in beautifying the

Examples of Android selector and shape usage _android

Shape and selector are often used in Android UI design, such as we want to customize a fillet button, click on the button some effect changes, we need to use shape and selector. It can be said that the role of shape and selector in beautifying the

Android does not need root to implement APK silent installation _android

Android's silent installation seems like an interesting and tempting thing to do, but in common practice it seems difficult to install silently if the phone does not have root privileges, because Android does not provide the intent call that is

Android creates snowflakes and raindrops for romantic effects _android

This article on the basis of the implementation of snowflakes, according to the flying snowflakes, to achieve the effect of rainy days, using the Eclipse Android version, specific content as follows Snowflake Effect Chart: Specific code: 1,

Android image upload to achieve preview effect _android

First, the specific analysis, the implementation of the function, which needs analysis is essential, demand, logic cleared, then on the handwriting code, the idea will be very clear. 1. Multi-image upload first have to choose pictures (here The

Android Imitation micro-letter group chat head _android

Work needs to achieve the image of the nail-nail group head of a function, is the personal head together to display, looked at the market on the app like micro-letter group chat Head is a combination of the head of QQ is not, others seem to have no.

Android Library Project Usage issues

1. When you create a new Android library project or convert an existing project into an Android library project, if the project source code has the following statement: int id = View.getid (); Switch (ID) { Case Action1 (); Break

Fragment Traps in Android

Previously done a project, fragment nesting High German map, when again into the fragment, there will be strange phenomenon. Nested maps will appear slippery situation, at first thought it was a gold bug, after a study, finally determined that this

Android Input method Extension of remote Input method

In recent years, the Internet television began to hot, music video tv, Millet TV, the recent Archie art is also a lot of recruitment to do Archie Art television, of course, there are more attention to Apple TV. In fact, this trend is very normal,

Android in the SimpleDateFormat detailed

SimpleDateFormat is a simple format that requires passing in the specified parameters, including parameter names and formats, to match the string to parse; Android api: How to

Android Virtual Machine detailed

The virtual machine used before android5.0 is the Dalvik virtual machine, which is optimized on the basis of the JVM. After android5.0, Android adopted a new virtual machine art, this article mainly compares the Dalvik, the JVM, the art. A. Dalvik

How to parse JSON data with no key in Android

Sina Weibo has some of the JSON data as follows, you will find that this is a number of groups, but the array does not have a key, the object in the array also has no key. How to resolve it? Fastjson encounters this nameless array set nameless

Android earthquake (seismic display) project detailed

Environment: Android Studio 0.5.2, gradle 1.11, Kindle Fire Time: 2014-3-24 Fixed location Information exception: The earthquake project, mainly reads the Survey (subscription source)

Android Memory Management Overview

It is believed that the Android practitioner who walks over the steps, everyone will encounter oom situation. How to avoid and prevent the emergence of oom, for each programmer is indeed an essential ability. Let's talk today about the management of

Memory Optimization in Android development

One, Android application memory optimization In the process of developing Android apps, there are often memory pressures, such as oom, or frequent GC. This article is not intended to cover all aspects of memory optimization, just to introduce

Android uses DOM to parse XML files and show them

This program realizes using DOM method to parse XML file from network side, display in list, and realize click to enter related page. First we create a class that implements HTTP requests and the acquisition of XML file nodes, where the HTTP

Android Activity Preliminary

The activity is the user interface of the Android application, and the interface we see is the visual display of the activity. An activity is a container for a control, a Button,textview label, a drop-down list, and other controls that can be placed

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