From the source to analyze the Android view container viewgroup_android

This time we are going deep into viewgroup, understanding the work of viewgroup, and will explain more about the view of the relevant knowledge. In order to be flexible in the future use of custom space beatings a step closer to the foundation. Want

The key points of realizing right sliding destroy function in Android app _android


Today to bring you a right to slide the effect of destruction activity, activtiy with the movement of the fingers moved, the effect is still relatively rare in Android applications, in iOS is more common, such as "NetEase News", "Food Jay", "Taobao"

Android implements a pop-up box that can enter data _android

A previous article that describes how to define a pop-up popupwindow from the bottom of the screen-- "Android animation the bottom of the actual screen pop-up Popupwindow,"and then suddenly remember the pop-up box that was previously written with

Android Development uses Jsoup to parse HTML pages _android

The examples in this article describe how Android uses Jsoup to parse HTML pages. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: This section is mainly to explain Jsoup parsing HTML pages. Because in the Android development process,

Android imitation QQ sliding pop-up menu Mark Read, unread message _android

In the previous "Android imitation micro-letter sliding pop-up Edit, delete menu effect, add Drop-down refresh function" , has taken you to learn how to use Swipemenulistview this open source library to implement the slide list pop-up menu, next,

Android Service Services Detailed (i) _android

This paper analyzes the service of Android in detail. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: First, Service introduction Service is a solution for running the program backstage in Android, and is designed to perform tasks that

Android realizes multimedia recording pen _android

Notepad involves only the storage of string, and there is no difficulty in reading, direct display with TextView can be. The main thing to do is to use SQLite to do a collation of the data.The recording pen needs to consider a relatively more: such

Android realizes the Mail sending function with the attachment _android

This article explains the implementation of the Android mail based on JMail based on the function of sharing for everyone to refer to, the specific contents are as follows How to send Mail on Android: The first: with Gmail app client, the

Android uses HttpURLConnection to implement get POST JSON data with download picture _android

Android6.0 the Apache HTTP client all the packages and classes are marked as deprecated no longer recommends that all HTTP-related data requests and submissions be implemented through the HttpURLConnection class, The reality is that a lot of Android

The fragment_android of Android learning

What's Fragment? Fragmentation (Fragment) is a UI fragment that can be embedded in an activity. One, the simple use of fragments Create two layout files: //left_fragment.xml //right_fragment.xml All

Example to explain the AIDL internal process communication interface using _android in Android

First describe what we want to achieve, and we want to use the Click button in one application to manipulate the music playback function applied in another process. In the figure, when we click "Play", the system will go to the remote call we

Android Dynamic Loading activity principle detailed _android

Initiation process of activity Loading an activity will certainly not be like loading a generic class, because the activity as a component of the system has its own lifecycle, there is a lot of system callback control, so it is definitely not

Android Custom Camera Detailed _android

Almost every app will use the camera function, the following small series to share the content of the cloud Habitat Community Platform for your reference, interested friends to study together! Two ways to start a camera 1. Direct Boot System

Quickly understand Android password encryption (i) _android

Nonsense not to say more, directly to everyone paste code. Import Java.util.Random; Import Javax.crypto.Cipher; Import Javax.crypto.SecretKey; Import Javax.crypto.SecretKeyFactory; Import Javax.crypto.spec.PBEKeySpec; Import

Android How to create a simple TCP connection using the socket _android

This article illustrates how Android uses the socket to create a simple TCP connection. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Both in Java and in Android programming, communication is an important part of it. Have connected

Analysis of some problems of receiving UDP packets by Android simulator _android

In this paper, some problems of receiving UDP packets by the Android simulator are analyzed. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: The Android emulator is unable to receive UDP packets The code is as follows:

Basic methods for parsing XML format data using DOM in Android applications _android

Dom is easier to master than sax because she doesn't involve callbacks and complex state management, however, DOM implementations often keep all of the XML nodes in memory, making it inefficient to handle larger documents.XML Basic Node typeNode-dom

An example of using Recyclerview to implement Gallery Gallery in Android app development _android

What is RecyclerviewRecyclerview is one of the components in the Android 5.0 materials design, with CardView, palette, and so on. Look at the name we can see a clue, yes, its main feature is reuse. We know that Viewholder can be reused in adapter in

Android programming gets the geographical latitude and longitude instance _android

This article illustrates the latitude and longitude of Android programming to get a location. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: In the Android application, you can use Locationmanager to get the location information of your

Android pop-up window Implementation method _android

An example of this article describes the Android pop-up window implementation method. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Directly on the code: /** * Window--Beginner's Guide * @param cxt * @param ID Resource number *

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