Android-app the use posture of incremental updates _android


Briefly Incremental update, literally, is to download the added part to achieve the purpose of the update, which is actually the meaning. Principle With an old APK installation and a new APK installation package using the Bsdiff tool, execute the

Android applications use ListView to page to display refreshed content _android

Click the button to refresh1, the effect is as follows: Examples are as follows: The Add Data button on the above can be replaced with a progress bar because there is no data, so I added a button to add to the database for testing; Typically, the

An example sharing of network resources for downloading URL addresses in Android _android

to obtain network resources through a URL and download a simple instance of a resource: Package; Import; Import; Import; Import

Android Imitation UC Browser up and down scrolling function _android


In this paper, we will add a text box to the right side of the Sideslip menu, and can make the text slide up and down and the menu scroll. It is recommended that you take a good look at the distribution mechanism of the Android touch event, which I

Detailed Android asynctask mechanism _android

In Android, there are two ways to solve thread-direct communication problems, one is through the handler mechanism, and one is the asynctask mechanism to be explained in detail today. Asynctask    Asynctask, a lightweight asynchronous class

Android Programming Development TextView Text display and modification method (with TextView attribute introduction) _android

This article illustrates the TextView text display and modification method of Android programming development. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: A. A new activity and Layout First create a new activity_main.xml in the

Android Four Components Service (service) examples of detailed _android

This example describes the service usage of the four Android components. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: In many cases, some applications that have little interaction with the user, we typically have them run in the

A tutorial on using Shareuserid to get system privileges in the Android system _android

Android allocates a separate space for each APK process (for example, only access to files under/data/data/'s own package name), and generally prohibits access to data between apk. With the shared user ID, multiple apk with the same user ID can be

Example sharing of the MIUI tab switching effect in Android app _android

1. Overviewha, today to bring you a viewpagerindicator production, I believe that when you do tabindicator, most people have used tabpageindicator, and many well-known apps have used this open source indicator. Have you ever thought how to implement

Custom dialog usages in Android programming _android

This example describes the custom dialog usage in Android programming. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Dialog is a set of pop-up prompts in Android that works very well, but its style is a stereotype, and sometimes we

Android uses Recyclerview to implement custom lists, click events, and Drop-down refreshes _android

Android uses Recyclerview 1. What is Recyclerview Recyclerview is a new Widgets in the android-support-v7-21 version, and the official introduction to it is that Recyclerview is an upgraded version of ListView, more advanced and flexible.

LinearLayout linear layout of Android layouts _android

LinearLayout are linear layout controls: either horizontally or vertically Common Properties: Android:gravity------------Set the content position above the control itself Android:layout_gravity-----Set the display position of the control itself

Android app imitation QQ material design style immersion status bar _android

I. Overviewrecently noted that the QQ version of the use of immersion status bar, OK, the first statement of the effect of the picture: Well, here's the thing.First of all, only greater than or equal to version 4.4 supports the translucent status

Android's most basic asynchronous network request framework _android

In this article, we're going to write a basic Android asynchronous network request framework to understand the basics of network requests in Android. Due to the limited personal level, there are inevitably omissions and fallacies in the text, I hope

Android Alertdialog Implementation Sharing dialog box/exit Dialog/download dialog box _android

I. SummaryThe window is usually used to prompt the user for some sort of action, for example: Click the Share button, window Sharing dialog box, double-click the Return button, window exit dialog box, download files, prompts download dialog box, and

Android Alertdialog A variety of dialog box usage examples _android

Target effect: program run, show a few buttons of figure one, click on the button to show figure two to figure Six dialog box, click on a dialog box or button, will also show the corresponding toast output. The 1.activity_main.xml page holds

Example sharing of cool horizontal and annular progress bars in Android applications _android

I. Overviewrecently need to use the progress bar, faith does not repeat the principle of making wheels, on the GitHub on the search for some, see a few feel more good-looking progressbar, such as: Daimajia. A simple look at the code, the basic is

Android Simple phone management and SMS Management app authoring Instance _android

Android Phone Manager (Telephonymanger) Example:Telephonymanger is a service class that manages phone status and network information.To add a permission: Logical function: Package com.example.telephonystatus; Import

An advanced instance of a property animation propertyanimation in Android _android

0, the basic review propertyanimation, property animation, as the name implies is the use of object property changes to form the effect of animation. The class of the property animation can be represented by animator this abstract class, usually

The fragment class in Android uses advanced _android

0. ReviewFragment represents an action or part of the user interface in an activity. Multiple Fragment in an activity can be grouped together to form a patchwork of user-interface components that can be reused in multiple activity. A Fragment can be

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