1th Android app Android simple single-page navigation _android

This example shows how to add a simple single-page navigation, and then shows how to display all the phone numbers dialed on page 1th in page 2nd. (1) Understand the basic architecture of the Android app through this example. (2) This example to

Image translation, scaling, rotation and _android based on Android

Objective Previously because of the project requirements, which use to the picture of the click Display cancellation, the image translation zoom function, yesterday suddenly want to add the image of the rotation function, on the internet to see a

How to quickly create an Android emulator _android

Debugging a mobile application is usually implemented using a simulator, just because it is too cumbersome to post to the phone every time. Once the application is debugged on the emulator, it's OK to post to the phone to run the verification.

A guide to the use of the GridView grid layout in Android apps _android

0, Common Properties first let's look at some of the common properties of the GridView The number of columns for the 1.android:numcolumns= "Auto_fit"//gridview is set to Automatic 2.android:columnwidth= "90DP"//width of each column, which is

Android uses Viewpager to implement infinite loops (timed + manual) _android

There are two ways to cycle the carousel, one is the use of a timer another is the use of finger-click, compared to the timer to achieve a circular playback easier, as long as the message in the timer to add a few simple pieces of code can be, the

Play to the Android drawable use _android

Drawable every day, but do you have a complete understanding of the Drawable family? Today we are going to study the use of drawable system. 1. OverviewUse the drawable of the cheese know drawable There are many kinds, sometimes drawable is a

Android Programming Menu Implementation Method Example detailed _android

This article describes the implementation of the menu of Android programming. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Options menu that appears when the User presses menu button buttonsContext menu when users hold down the screen

Tween animation effect of Android Basics _android

Android provides two animations, one is tween animation, tween animation through the content of the view to perform a series of image transformation (including translation, scaling, rotation, change the transparency) to achieve animation, animation

Android Learning Notes (ii) telephone dialer _android

Android already has a strong dominance in the mobile phone market and attracts a growing number of enthusiasts. Android's learning is getting more and more hot. However, the registration fee is indeed prohibitive for most people First, new project

An example analysis of MD5 encryption algorithm for Android programming _android

This paper analyzes the MD5 encryption algorithm of Android programming. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Android MD5 encryption is exactly the same as the J2SE platform, because the Android platform supports the

Android uses HTTP request phone number attribution to query code sharing _android

Attribution to the data source Http://webservice.webxml.com.cn/WebServices/MobileCodeWS.asmx The Webxml Web site also supports other requests such as soap and so on The interface is relatively simple Below is the

Screen implementation methods for Android programming (including ScrollView and ListView) _android

This example describes the screen implementation of Android programming. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: public class Screenshot {//Get screenshots of specified activity, save to PNG file public static Bitmap

Android UI Design Series custom dialog Implement various styles of dialog box effects (7) _android

Although Android provides us with a number of components, but not very convenient to use, we developed the APK have their own style, if the use of the system self-contained components, always feel and the application of the theme is irrelevant and

The custom TextView property of the Android UI design series implements an underlined text box (4) _android

In the Android development process, if the Android system's own attributes do not meet our daily development needs, then we need to add additional attributes to the system controls. If a requirement is to implement an underlined text display

Android implementation with a list of maps Poi Peripheral search function _android

First look at the effect of the picture: (with the company near the International Trade Center point) The above is a map, the following is the geographical list, and some only geographical list (QQ dynamic location), this is a very common

Android gets three ways to view Heights _android

This article for everyone to share the Android Access view height of the method for your reference, the specific content as follows getmeasuredheight ()AndgetheightThe differenceIn fact, when the screen can wrap the content, their values are

The lifecycle of activity in Android development and the detailed loading mode _android

This article gives you an introduction to the lifecycle of activity, and if you've learned about iOS partners, the activity lifecycleis very similar to the lifecycle of Viewcontroller in iOS. Life cycle is not difficult to understand. A person's

The realization Way of Android network communication _android

Android network programming is divided into two types: HTTP protocol based, and socket based. HTTP protocol based : HttpClient, HttpURLConnection, asynchttpclient framework, etc. Based on the socket : (1) socket, ServerSocket for TCP/IP (2)

Android edittext Common Properties feature Rollup _android

This paper summarizes and analyzes the common properties of Android EditText. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Android:hint= "Please enter a number!" "//Set the message displayed on the spaceandroid:numeric=

Two methods of implementing ListView dynamic Loading Data paging by Android _android

In Android development, it is often necessary to use data paging, such as to achieve a news list display, or the list of posts can not be displayed in the first load, it is necessary to use a paging method to load data, in Android handler is often

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