Android Alipay Payment Package code _android

The will definitely use Alipay to pay for the Android payment, and it's very hard to do it according to the official demo, so we need a simple package. The encapsulated code is also very simple, that is, the demo of the Generals network to extract

The creation process of fragment subclasses and their preferencefragment in Android demo _android

Fragment How to createThere are two ways to use fragment: Static mode and dynamic mode.1. Static modeFirst step: Define a fragment subclass first. public class Examplefragment extends Fragment { @Override public View Oncreateview

A tutorial on creating fragment components in Android app development _android

You can think of fragment as a modular part of the activity, having its own lifecycle, getting its own events, and you can add or remove it when the event is running (a bit like the one you can reuse in a different activity). Child activity "). This

Android performance optimization and data optimization methods _android

Android performance optimization-layout optimization Today, continue Android performance optimization with a coded detail optimization. Coding details, for the operation of the efficiency of the program also has a lot of impact. Today this topic

Android implementation Custom Sliding drawer effect Menu _android


The Andoird uses Android's own components, like Slidingdrawer and drawerlayout, are drawer-effect menus, but many of the items to be implemented have been limited by these self-contained components of Android, which makes it difficult to meet the

Android realizes read and write SD card _android

The reading and writing of SD cards is the most common operation in the development of Android applications. The following describes the SD card read and write operation mode: 1. Get the root directory of SD card Copy Code code as follows:

Android's HTTP Operations Library volley basic use tutorial _android

Used to use Android library to do get, post, and so on the API to connect and operate.But recently want to say look for the use of the library, should be able to do more with less.I was looking for three sets of more people.1.Android Asynchronous

Android Studio creates the first app_android

This example introduces the detailed steps for Android studio to create the first app for your reference, as follows 1. Create HelloWorld Project The first program written in any programming language will undoubtedly be Hello world, a tradition

Android Mobile Contact Quick Index (mobile newsletter) _android

Recently need to implement a mobile phone address Book fast indexing function. Fast indexing function based on first letter of name. Below is a mobile phone contact Quick Index effect, the overall code is not difficult, pinyin conversion place

An awesome Android custom load control _android

In the design of applications, we should love minimalism, simple is good, for many users, complex things are not popular.I want to achieve is according to different situations to show different loading effect, with Tiaogan, the effect is to draw

Android Socket Communication Detailed _android

Brief introduction of socket communication There are two main modes of communication between Android and Server, one is HTTP communication and the other is socket communication. The biggest difference between the two is that the HTTP connection

Android realizes two-dimensional code scanning and landing page _android

Before writing a two-dimensional code scanning demo, with the zxing frame, click to download, follow-up scan two-dimensional code appeared some problems, such as the resolution of compressed pictures, adjust the size of the scan window and so on.

The activity lifecycle of the Android Foundation _android

The son Yue: warm so know new, can be a teacher. Analects Learning technology is the same, for technical documents or classic technical books, to look at the full grasp of it, that is not very likely, so we need to go back and read it a few times

OnDestroy () invocation analysis in the activity of Android programming _android

This paper analyzes the OnDestroy () invocation method in the activity of Android programming. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Just a bug let me find that if the activity implements a callback interface and then uses this

Solution for the connection to ADB are down problem in Android programming _android

This article analyzes the solution of the connection to ADB are down problem in Android programming. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: 1. Error: Build FAILEDD:\workspace\ganji\build.xml:144:the following error occurred

Android App Third party Alipay payment Access Tutorial _android

Alipay's access is relatively simple to see the payment of the official website of the basic documents can be done, but remember that your backstage also want to make clear the process of Alipay, the most important. 1. Attention Matters must read

Android Four ways to update the UI asynchronously _android

Everyone knows that because of performance requirements, Android requires that the UI be updated only in the UI thread, and there are roughly 4 ways to update the UI in other threads, using four different ways to update a textview. 1. Use the

Automatic switching of Viewpager pages using handler in Android app _android

In many Electronic business Web pages and apps have automatic switching of merchandise to promote fast, feeling very good experience, just today to learn to use Viewpager, so also implemented a similar function of the demo. Here are two screenshots:

Android ListView How to Page-load data _android

Friends who are familiar with Android know that both the microblogging client and the news client are inseparable from the list component, and that the list component is the most important component of the Android data presentation, and we're going

Gson Analysis of Android learning notes 45 json_android

JSON, the JavaScript Object natation, is a lightweight data interchange format that uses a completely language-independent text format to provide an ideal data interchange Format for Web application development. JSON object: Objects in JSON

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