The generation and processing of Surfaceflinger (a) VSync signal in the Android GUI system

Generation and treatment of 1.1 VSync In the previous section Projectbutter we learned about the new features in the Android 4.1 display system, one of which is to join the VSync synchronization. From the theoretical point of view, we analyze the

Android 4.3 will support more buffer objects

Google has begun to secretly test Android 4.3, which seems to imply that we will not see Android 5.0 in the upcoming I/O developers ' conference. HTC's engineers say Android 4.3 will join Bluetooth low power Bluetooth technology, which allows

Android Service (iii) Bindservice and Remoteservice

Introduction of Bindservice Bindservice is the binding service that performs the logical flow of service services. Service starts with the Context.startservice () method, stops through the Context.stopservice () method, or through the

How Android prevents APK programs from being decompile

As Android application developers, have to face an embarrassing situation, is their own hard to develop the application can be easily compiled by others. Google also seems to have found the problem, starting with SDK2.3 we can see a Proguard folder

Analysis of analog difference between Android "real machine" and "simulator" touch screen events

The difference between Android and simulator is the eternal topic, the question of why, the puzzle. The simulator exists and has its effect, but do not believe anything about the simulator. Unless you're an Android pure top app developer or

Android Camera Camera Camera

A. Camera start1. An activity initiates the calling process:OnCreate ()-->onstart ()-->onresume ()OnCreate ():1. You can add the required layout files, draw the interface.2. Open the thread, start the hardware camera, call Cameraholder.instance ().

Android: Start the service, broadcast (top priority eavesdropping information) and forward it to others

3.1, service services Service similar to activity, is actually a no interface activity, and the default does not close with the program shutdown. Developer Custom service classes are typically used to perform some of the security software's

Introduction to Android Development (18) file 18.2 Save to an external storage device (SD card)

The previous section describes how to store files to an internal device. Sometimes, you need to store files to an external storage device, such as an SD card. Because SD cards have greater storage space, they can also be easily shared with other

Getting Started with Android Development (ix) user interface 9.3 Registering event listeners

Views also trigger events when a user interacts with a view. For example, when a user clicks on a button, you need to serve the event, and only in this way can you perform some proper behavior. If you want to do this, you need to register for the

Android Apidemos Example Resolution (9) App-activity-persistent State

Android provides a variety of ways to store data, the simplest of which is to use shared Preferences. Shared Preferences can store key/value pairs, shared Preferences support Access Boolean, float, long, Integer, string, most commonly used shared

The use of the Android Visual debugging tool hierarchy Viewer

There are many useful tools in the Android SDK Kit to help programmers develop and test Android apps, and improve their productivity dramatically. One of the visual debugging tools called Hierachy Viewer can easily help developers analyze, design,

Android Test Tutorial: Androidtestcase sample

Androidtestcase is a generic test class under an Android platform that supports all JUnit assert methods and standard setup and Teardown methods. If your test requires access to the resources of the application or the test method relies on the

Android Test Tutorial: ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2 sample

ACTIVITYINSTRUMENTATIONTESTCASE2 is used to test a single activity, the activity being tested can be started using instrumentationtestcase.launchactivity, Then you can directly manipulate the activity being tested. ACTIVITYINSTRUMENTATIONTESTCASE2

Android Test Tutorial: Servicetestcase sample

Servicetestcase provides a controllable test environment for the test service, provides basic support for the service lifecycle, and can control the test environment by injecting some dependent objects to test the service. The Servicetestcase class

Android Init process (ii) initialization language (INIT.RC) parsing

The software version used in this article android:4.2.2 Linux kernel: 3.1.10 The first phase of Init initialization is described in the previous article, which is dealing with various properties. In this article, we will analyze the most

Introduction to Android Development (i) detailed activities 1.4 Show normal dialog box

Sometimes, you may need to pop up a dialog box to get some confirmation from the user's input. In this case, you can override the protected method (protected) Oncreatedialog () in the activity base class. 1. Create a project: Dialog. 2. Code in

Android Simple Development Tutorial 13: Option Menu Brush Sample

The guide bee two-dimensional drawing brush (Pen) sample contains four examples, Lines, dashes, LineJoin, and LineCap. You intend to use Option menu (Main menu) to select different examples. First, make some changes to Guidebeegraphics2dview and

Android asynctask Asynchronous processing

The principle of a single-threaded model must be followed when developing Android applications: Android UI operations are not thread-safe and must be performed in the UI thread. Always remember two rules in a single-threaded model: 1. Do not block

Android APK Reverse Compilation

This period of time to learn about Android application development, since it is a Java development should be very good decompile to get the source code it, Google a bit, indeed very simple, the following is my practice process. In this solemn

Android Apidemos Sample resolution: Content->assets->read Asset

Android. The content package defines classes that are primarily used to access or publish data on devices, consisting of three of packages. Content Sharing (android.content) is primarily used to share some data with each part of the application,

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