DIY CentOS-6.5 installation oracle11g R2

Self-created:Step 1 Modify the host name [Email protected] ~]# sed-i "s/hostname=localhost.localdomain/hostname=oracledb/"/etc/sysconfig/network[Email protected] ~]# hostname oracledbStep 2 Add host name and IP corresponding record [Email

CentOS Compiler Installation MySQL5.7

DownloadAll versions: 5.7.10 herewget dependent packagesyum -y install gcc gcc-c++ ncurses ncurses-devel cmakeAdding MySQL Users

VMware cloning CentOS modifying MAC address

Failure background:After cloning virtual machine, even not the Internet, ifconfig view, found that the network card eth0 did not start, so ifconfig eth0 up eth0 network card, the results can not start, enter/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ Ifcfg-eth0

Linux CentOS Installation

For the purpose of learning, perform CentOS 7 installation on your own computer and record this step for forgetting.First, Centos downloadCentOS officialSecond, virtual machine installation  Three, CentOS installation Method-Minimum

Nginx Restart command Method (Linux,centos,ubuntu) Summary

Original: restartIf the server is running Nginx to upgrade, add or remove modules, we need to stop the server and make corresponding changes, so that the server will stop the service for a period of

Linux (CentOS)-haproxy installation and configuration

Haproxy:, turn off SELinux, configure firewalls1, Vi/etc/selinux/config#SELINUX =enforcing #注释掉#SELINUXTYPE =targeted #注释掉Selinux=disabled #增加: wq! #保存退出Setenforce 0 #使配置立即生效2,

The CentOS system has no Javac command.

Once you have installed the JDK on your own adjusting supervised Linux system (CentOS), you can only identify Java commands without recognizing Javac. It is still not possible to set environment variables based on the online tutorials.Later looked

CentOS installation and configuration Salt API

Installation# yum-y Install Salt-apiChange ConfigurationVim/etc/salt/masterDrop the default comment on our side. The default profile directory is/srv/saltDEFAULT_INCLUDE:MASTER.D/*. confCreate a Directory#cd/etc/salt# mkdir Master.d/# CD


1. Install VSFTPD. (Ps:procedure 1-4 under the circumstance that the firewall are closed and the iptables is inactive)1 Install vsftpd 2 sudo Yum Install vsftpd 3 # start VSFTPD 4 sudo systemctl start Vsftpd.service 5 # start automatic after

"Record" CentOS 6. 6 deleted boot partition recovery

Lab Environment: CentOS 6.6 Mini + VMwareFriends Encounter, prevention, oneself first Test:1. First use the CENTOS6 image to enter the Linux rescue rescue mode.650) this.width=650; "Src="

CentOS 7 installs Docker and common commands

CentOS 7 installs Docker and common commandsYum Install Docker #安装dockerSystemctl Start Docker.service #启动dockerSystemctl Enable Docker.service #docker开机启动Docker-v #查看docker版本Docker Info #查看docker具体信息Docker pull CentOS #下载centos imageDocker Images

New CentOS 7 Features

650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "style=" float: none; "title=" 1.png "alt=" Wkiol1ffqmxygy7daaamq21qexe954.png "/>650) this.width=650; "src="

CentOS 7.2 Considerations for setting up Yum

Recently, a few of the following tests were shared on the Yum local source test:About security mechanisms (firewalls and selinux):Under Centos7, the firewall is set under/USR/SBIN/FIREWALLD. Can be used: Systemctl start|stop|restart|status firewalld

CentOS increases swap partition size

From: View current partition status[Plain]View Plaincopy Free-m 2. Increase swap size, around 2G[Plain]View Plaincopy DD If=/dev/zero Of=/var/swap bs=1024 count=

Centos 7 viewing system version information

List Common CentOS system view System Information commandsPs:centos71.Unamelinux2.Uname-alinux localhost 3.10.0-327.el7.x86_64 #1 SMP Thu Nov 22:10:57 UTC x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 gnu/linux3.Uname-r3.10.0-327.el7.x86_644.Cat/etc/redhat-releasecentos

Route forwarding and NAT using a CentOS virtual machine

Using Centos7.2 's firewall to implement NAT functionalityTwo commands to implementecho "Net.ipv4.ip_forward = 1" >>/etc/sysctl.d/ip_forward.conf # #配置路由转发Firewall-cmd--permanent--add-masquerade # #配置伪装 (NAT)System installation using minimal

CentOS Build FTP Server

1. Installing VSFTPDsudo Yum Install vsftpd2. Configure vsftpd.confif You comment the). anonymous_enable=forbool Ftp_home_dirlocal_ Enable=yeswrite_enable=yes# Local FTP directory address local_root=/var/ftp3. Add an FTP user-d/var/FTPftp

CentOs Set Static IP method

When doing the project, because the local area network uses the automatic IP to obtain the way, leads to each time the server restarts the host IP to change.To solve this problem, you need to set up a static IP.1. Modify the NIC configuration edit:

CentOS 6.8 Installation Tomcat7

Because I use the centos5.8 minimal, first install the JDK, go to the official website to download

Three implementation methods of apache 2.4 virtual host in centos Environment

Three implementation methods of apache 2.4 virtual host in centos EnvironmentYou cannot use apache, Zookeeper, or virtual machine in the production environment!Method 1: Based on IP IP1: 80 IP2: 80 Method 2: Based on port IP: 80 IP: 8080 method 3:

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