Css priority issue Analysis


Four principles of css priority:Principle 1: it is better to specify inheritanceIf a style is inherited, it is never higher than the specified priority.Example 1:CODE: How large is the font size? Running result:. class3 {font-size: 12px ;}Example

How to call the parent window of the iframe parent window?

Problem: How to call the parent window of the iframe parent window? Upload images using AJAX Copy to ClipboardReference content: [www.bkjia.com] Ajax_upimage.html page Answer: Use parent on the current page to get the object on

CSS disables Chinese input methods (only English can be entered)

CSS styles can also implement some similar script functions. For example, if you want to say "do not enter Chinese" today, you only need to add the following code to the CSS style: Copy to ClipboardReference: [www.bkjia.com] ime-mode: disabled (Note:

Css solves the problem of automatic line breaks between English characters and Arabic numerals

Word-wrap controls the line feed. Optional values: word-wrap: break-word | normal | break-all | keep-allBreak-word: it is mainly used to control whether to forcibly wrap words. It has no problem with Chinese and English, but is invalid for long

HTML tutorial: TBody explanation and usage

When writing html code, you may encounter the Tbody mark, which is used for tables. Each page has two parts: head and body. For complex pages, many tables are used for page layout, and the table structure is relatively complex. Therefore, the table

Comparison of CSS compatibility between IE and Firefox

CSS has a high value for the compatibility of browsers. In general, there is a great difference between IE and Firefox. Here we will introduce the compatibility points.FAQs:1. DOCTYPE affects CSS Processing2. FF: When div sets margin-left and margin-

Html basics (II): Detailed HTML content

In the first lecture, we summarized the main framework of the Web page. Now we will study the internal rules of the web page in detail: Start with its body:When you enjoy a webpage, you usually first notice the background of this page. If there is

Same page for html + js form submission and Output

The help house (www.bkjia.com) Tutorial achieves form submission and output effects on the same page. This function is implemented using Javascript and can be widely used for confirmation during form submission. If you like it, just add it to your

Explanation of position and background-position attributes in Css

Css style sheets have been written for a long time, but some css style attributes still have some problems. For example, in the past, css styles were rarely used for the position attribute. It is also relatively unfamiliar. Different browser parsing

Secondary horizontal CSS menu with adaptive width

I got a level-2 horizontal menu for someone yesterday. After the test, we habitually tested IE6 and found that the width is not adaptive. Solution: float the target to make it adaptive. # Menu a {float: left ;}

Differences between HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.0 Strict, and Transitional

XHTML-this is considered the successor of HTML 4 and a combination of HTML and XML. By combining XML and HTML functions, XHTML makes Web content more accessible to phones, handheld devices, televisions, and other devices. W3C classifies XHTML 1.0

How many days of code running on the website + CSS style

In the tutorial of (www.bkjia.com), some websites are placed at the bottom or sidebar of the webpage, for example, "the website has been running for xx days." Some webmasters asked me how to implement it, in fact, this is not difficult. Let's share

Step by step teach you how to implement the bar chart of pure CSS

CSS is powerful in the Process of typographical editing. Below we will implement a bar chart together. First, build a specific framework. We use the unordered list as a whole, and we choose inline nonprime span, strong, and em to fill in the content.

The CSS solution cannot be correctly parsed due to IE6 Encoding Problems

  Fire Station building school (bkjia.com) NewsWhen I was designing a div + css webpage, IE6 suddenly failed to parse the CSS file normally, so I couldn't solve it for a long time. So I went online to the teacher and finally found a good article on

Display: inline and display: block of CSS

Bkjia.com CSS tutorialThe text in the CSS authoritative guide shows that any visible element that is not a block-level element is an inline element, and its characteristics are in the form of "Row layout.Float must be applied to block-level elements,

How to solve the problem of creating XHTML + CSS web pages

The solution to the problem during the creation of the xhtml + css page is that the solution should be a bit too much. At best, it is just some small suggestions for friends who just started to learn standard pages, if not, please forgive me. Of

Css tutorial: How to center DIV vertically

[Document of the institute of fire website construction] Today, the website has been improved and finally found a solution to vertical center DIV. CSS layout skills: vertical center of div with unknown height-fire jianting college

HTML tutorial: Research on the Input button function of type File

When you upload a file to a website, the Select File Dialog Box is displayed when you click the Browse button. Most of the time, we only need to upload image files. In the pop-up "select file" dialog box, only related image format files are

For more information, see HTML-based webpage creation.

As we all know, website creation involves all aspects of knowledge, including graphic design, HTML page creation, CSS style definition, client Scripting (JavaScrfipt/VBScript), and server-side scripting (Asp/Asp. net/PHP/JSP. In this article, I will

Create a website homepage with xhtml + css in two minutes

There are too many articles such as restructuring web standards for xhtml + css websites, so I will not repeat them. The simplest way to create xhtml + css pages is simple, but not necessarily some people know that .... at least not found in google

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