Gets the truth of the element, and the final function of the CSS style attribute value.

// Obtain the style attribute (name) function getstyle (ELEM, name) of the specified Element (ELEM) {// If the attribute exists with style, so he has been set (and is the current) if (ELEM. style (name) return ELEM. style [name]; // otherwise, try

Use CSS to implement webpage background gradient code

Use CSS to implement webpage background gradientCodeAs follows: 1. gradient from top to bottom Body { Filter: progid: DXImageTransform. Microsoft. gradient (gradienttype = 0, startcolorstr = # ffffff, endcolorstr = #000000 )";} 2. gradient from

Compile a CSS file with a good structure

Compile a CSS file with good structure Date: Source: translated Translation: Water mingsheng | webpage, CSS Nice looking, elegant and concise :) BecauseCodeIt is also a page structure with a certain charmOK. Now you can design the website structure.

Habitual CSS coding sequence

# CSS attribute writing Sequence// Display attributesDisplayList-stylePositionFloatClear // AttributesWidthHeightMarginPaddingBorderBackground // Text attributesColorFontText-DecorationText-alignVertical-alignWhite-spaceOther textContent # CSS

Implement compatibility of the CSS bold dotted border (dashed) Effect

ArticleDirectory I. Incompatibility issues with dashed coarse virtual boxes Ii. Use css3 to implement the border dotted box Effect of compatibility Iii. Demo code and final result display 4. A little improvement V. Conclusion

Use JavaScript + CSS to change the page style without refreshing

If you want to change the page topic, you can only place it in the page_preinit event. This event is generally executed only after being refreshed, which leads to lower efficiency and lower user experience. Next I will introduce the solutions for

A netizen's understanding of W3C standards, refactoring and CSS layout:

I have explained on many times that web standards are a series of standard sets, not just the "Div + CSS" layout. CSS web page layout is only one of the basis of the standard. The "Div + CSS" layout is just a common name. The goal of our

CSS interview questions

Abstract:1. doctype? Strict mode and hybrid mode-how to trigger these two modes and distinguish between them? 2: What are the elements in the row? What are the block-level elements? CSS box model? 3. What methods does CSS introduce? What is the

FF IE7 IE6 CSS support problems [tag webpages]

For more information, see ,! Important (limited function) With IE7! Important Support ,! The important method is only compatible with ie6. (note the writing method. Remember that the declaration position must be in

Div + CSS rounded rectangle [updated]

Today I saw the DIV + CSS implementation method of the Think rounded rectangle. He roughly did this. Accumulate or subtract from the margin 1.1 points of the margin. Relatively good results! I studied it ~   HTML part   This

Relative/absolute CSS (relative/absolute) Positioning series (3)

ArticleDirectory 1. Absolute: Element hiding Ii. Absolute and high-level Layout Iii. misunderstanding between the absolute attribute and IE6/IE7 4. Next highlights From by zhangxinxuAddress:

How do I structure the website CSS?

ArticleDirectory I. Preface 2. Some past practices I know 3. How do I structure the website CSS? Iv. Applicability From by zhangxinxuAddress: P = 944 I. Preface

Webpage competition, webpage Div + CSS compatibility tips

Difference between IE6 and FF:Background: orange; * Background: blue;     Difference between IE6 and IE7:Background: Green! Important; Background: blue;     Difference between IE7 and FF:Background: orange; * Background:

How can I write highly efficient CSS?

How can we write highly efficient CSS? There are a lot of small issues that beginners don't pay attention to. When these problems are concentrated, the problem will be big.1. * {margin: 0; padding: 0;} do not use global Reset:Since it is a global

When CSS Li or DD is floating, the image is increased by 4 PX.

When CSS Li or DD is floating, the image is increased by 4 PX. DD, Li, or a labels. After the image is inserted, the following values are added.4pxHeight (spacing), solution:1. Define an image as a block (display: Block)2. Fix the DD or Li

Implement various types of balloon bubble dialog box effects with pure CSS

ArticleDirectory 1. dialog box about pure CSS bubble implementation 2. "character method" and "border method" Iii. Advanced applications of border Method Iv. Description of the border Method 5. Use css3 to implement a bubble

Default CSS of each Browser

Default CSS of each Browser Written by yuren WharfHttp:// With the help of the Wanzi editor, I finally found the default CSS of various browsers. As long as we solve a special problem today, we rely on the default CSS

CSS style attribute label table in JS

It is often necessary to call CSS attributes of DOM objects when writing JavaScript code. Comparison between box labels and attributes CSS syntax (Case Insensitive) Javascript syntax (case sensitive)

Set scroll color in CSS

Direct sticking Code Pull, this only applies to IE Reprinted please specify Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)> Div{Scrollbar-3dlight-color:

CSS Filter Parameters

Syntax: Style = "filter: filtername (fparameter1, fparameter2 ...)"(Filtername indicates the Filter Name. fparameter1 and fparameter2 are filter parameters)   Filter description: ALPHA: sets the transparency level.Blur: Creates high-speed

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